Vancouver: Where Lifestyle and Business Come Together | Vancouver Economic Commission

Vancouver: Where Lifestyle and Business Come Together | Vancouver Economic Commission

These days, it’s not enough to have a brilliant new product idea or killer business plan. To be a player in today’s competitive marketplace, you need to root yourself in a place that gives you the best possible conditions for success. A place that brings together the best people and resources in a dynamic, growth-oriented environment. And that’s what you’ll find in a place called Vancouver. We have the perfect combination of elements that let companies, and people, reach their full potential. It’s why Vancouver has become the fastest-growing economy in Canada… and why global leaders like Microsoft, Hootsuite HSBC Slack and Lululemon all call Vancouver home. You’ve may have even seen us before, as we’re the third biggest hub for film and television. We also rank #3 for greenest city, #2 for investment resilience, and #1 for visual effects. Over one quarter of Canadian cleantech companies are headquartered here. So are some of the most diverse and fastest growing companies in the knowledge economy. We’ve got some of the top schools in North America for developing world-class talent. And we’ve got accelerators & incubators that will make your business grow faster. We’re a top 20 global financial centre and are consistently ranked in the top 3 cities in the world for livability. We’ve got labs. We’ve got banks. And we’ve got farms. The fastest growing city, or the greenest city? A modern urban centre, or unspoiled natural playground? A great place to live, or a great place to work? Here, you don’t have to make the choice. The bottom line is this: everything that makes Vancouver such a great place to live is also what makes us such a great place to do business. It’s all here where lifestyle and business come together.

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