UWA Business School: Marketing Department

UWA Business School: Marketing Department

Marketing’s probably the fastest growing area in commerce. It’s quite a diverse subject and it opens a lot of different doors for you. You could end up in lots of different areas. I think the best thing is that it’s so practical. A lot of people think that marketing is just about selling products, but it’s not. It’s more about raising awareness. We actually go and pick a small business and we get to run their social media. So we do a whole social media campaign for them. My postgraduate [degree] in marketing is helping me to add more knowledge by the point of view of business and is also helping me to broaden my views of the world because we are living and acting in a global environment. UWA is a great choice that gives me a lot of opportunities for my future career. I decided to move to Perth and I actually lived on campus and this was really great for me because I got to meet loads of new people and I was able to really get involved on campus as well, they had a lot of activities. We’ve got connections with the major marketing agencies in Perth. We try and bring in people from industry too, to really let you meet the people you need to meet to get jobs. So I’ve actually been lucky enough to get a job in digital marketing while I was continuing to study at UWA and this has been really good for me because I’ve been able to apply what I’m learning at university in my workplace. My degree prepared me for my career by teaching me a lot of life skills and business skills to work with lots of different people, work in teams and taught me to think critically. I think it’s a great environment.

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