UWA Business School: Management and Organisations Department

UWA Business School: Management and Organisations Department

Human Resources is important because there’s
a human element in everything we do. Without people, businesses just aren’t businesses.
I don’t think work needs to be a mediocre thing. It should be something that you’re
passionate about and enjoy and Human Resource Managers help deliver that sort of experience.
Management and Organisations are, I would say the essence of life in a sense. So the
hospital you were born in, the education institutions that you attend, the sporting teams you belong
to or participate in, by understanding what Management and Organisations is about and
how to make them better you can make a contribution to society and understand all the different
organisations you’ll interact with. Management and Organisations course structure
is quite diverse. So it allows students to do a whole range of different topics that
will match their career goals. As a HR professional already working in the
industry, studying the Master of HR and Employment Relations really helped me get through my
career, advancing and then getting more development. So for me it added a lot of value.
The resources were fantastic. We have access to a lot of very valuable online and paper
based resources. And also the professors, the lecturers are very knowledgeable. I have
gained so much from just attending the classes. I really like university life for a few reasons.
Well there’s the social aspect that everyone loves because you make really great friends
but also the amount of autonomy and control you have over your own studies is also fantastic
and the way you can collaborate with peers and friends, you learn a lot more than you
think you would. I would say involve yourself in all of the
extra-curricular activities that are offered by the faculty. There are a lot of great networking
events for you to go to to build your skills and form connections that could even mean
a job further down the track.

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