UWA Business School: Economics Department

UWA Business School: Economics Department

Economics really is the discipline that allows
you to understand how society works. So it’s a pretty big tool to have. From my perspective, economics is a social
science. It’s all psychology on a grand scale, on
steroids. I chose to study economics because I really
enjoyed it since year 10. I really enjoyed how it was the study of human
behaviour and how applicable it was to our real world. So something that really surprised me about
studying economics, was just how broad it is and how many areas it applies to because
really it’s the study of decision-making, human behaviour not just limited to just supply
and demand and markets and I think that’s what really, really struck my interest. Students in economics will graduate with a
range of skills both quantitative skills in terms of statistical analysis but also importantly,
critical thinking skills which are very important in terms of what employers want nowadays. An economist can do a range of jobs but essentially
their job is to analyse various situations and that can range from analysing a very small
say market situation with a firm in a market all the way up to global issues of real importance. So I currently work at Deloitte within the
analytics and cognitive consulting practice. I got some exposure to Deloitte after the
Consulting Day at UWA. I chose to study at UWA because of its reputation. I was actually considering going to another
university but I liked how flexible the degrees can be at UWA. We get the best students here at UWA and that
is a real privilege as us teachers get to work with them.

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