UVM Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program

UVM Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program

(slow upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Dr. Polly Parsons. I’m the Chair of Medicine here at the University of Vermont and I want to welcome you to
all of our fellowship programs. We have an outstanding opportunity here at the University of Vermont. We work daily with world class faculty who are internationally recognized for their contributions
to research and education and have exceptional fellows, residents and medical students. Education is one of the core missions of our Department of Medicine and we’re extraordinarily proud
of our fellowship programs and the opportunities that
provides the trainees, both when they’re here in training and as they go on into
their future careers. (slow upbeat music) – The Hematology/Oncology Fellowship at the University of
Vermont Medical Center, we have two fellows per year
for a total of six fellows. – We also have one research, non-accredited year of transition between residency in the
hematology/oncology fellowship. That’s mainly to do clinical research or laboratory research. – This is a small program with
a lot of clinical exposure. We are very lucky that we
have one-to-one attention from the attendants and really intensive
teaching all the time. – [Man] We are the only
academic medical center in this region of New York and Vermont, but we have a quite large (mumbles) area. – I love the patient
population and the diversity. We cover not only Vermont,
but also upstate New York and a lot of areas. It’s a really nice mix and my patients are my passion, so I love it here. – We’ve opened up a fellow only clinic in which they take care of all aspects of oncology and hematology
care for their patients. They present them at conferences. They are really primarily responsible. – [Man] You are exposed from the diagnoses to the end of the treatment and you get a lot of teaching experience, a lot of satisfaction knowing
very well your patients. Continuity is something very important and I’m happy that this fellowship gives you this opportunity. – Even though we’re a small
academic medical center, we also do autologous
bone marrow transplant and we are fact certified and have been so for the past three years. The strength of our
program is the collegeology between our hematology
and oncology faculty. – If there are some services
which are not available at UVM, they help you get
them from other institutions. – Here you have the
opportunity to do a clinical and basic research,
depending on your interests. – [Woman] Each fellows
that come to the program is exposed to research with a mentor. We have a lot of faculty
performing clinical research and we have a lot of
PhDs in the laboratory that would be very happy to
mentor a young physician. – UVM is also developing a
phase one clinical trial program so we will be able to offer
the state of the art care to our patients in this very institution. – Our fellowship has
the perfect combination between clinical and research and the flexibility that you get to choose what you want and to
focus in your interest is really nice. – The faculty here at UVM is like a family so I feel like I am a part
of this bigger family. They love what they are doing so that makes your work easy. – The fellows of today are
going to be my physicians of tomorrow, so I wanna
make sure that they get outstanding education and
that I have confidence that they understand what they need to do to give great care to patients. I wouldn’t want less.

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