UVM Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Fellowship Program

UVM Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Fellowship Program

Hi, I’m Dr. Polly Parsons on the care medicine here at the university of vermont and i want to welcome you to all of our fellowship programs we have an outstanding opportunity here at the University of Vermont work daily with world-class faculty who are internationally recognized for their contributions to research and education and have exceptional fellows residents and medical students education is one of the core missions of our department of medicine and we’re extraordinarily proud of our fellowship programs and the opportunities that provides the trainees both when they’re hearing training and if they go on into their future careers are in the program is two years we have one fellow in each year and we emphasize through clinical training with a background of basic science our entrance scholarship consists of five faculty members and we’re a small division and were able to give really personal care and instruction to our enterprise fellow were completely dedicated to teaching fellows one of the things that i love about this program is that it small and what that means that and find me something there’s people always there to touch base with and even in the short 10-minute being here it’s already gotten to know a lot of its fast that I work with pretty well our catchment area includes most of the northern half of the state of Vermont this allows our fellows to communities for diverse apology with regards to energy and conditions you see a huge and diverse peoples in the cases but also it takes the patient encounter books and clinic in the hospital one of the biggest benefits of our program is the exposure our fellows have to pirate ultrasounds and thyroid biopsy our fellows during their orientation received extensive training from national leaders in ultrasound and then really from day one they’re starting to use ultrasound on their patients with thyroid conditions we have technology come to our clinic to assure the fact that we get adequate specimens and our biopsy and the fellows do several hundreds by of these before the end of the training and extensive training and also sounds the faculty scary unsolicited and influence integrate that is getting right into learning how to use it we emphasize in our program good clinical training but we have the option of fellows going on to do basic science as well that our fellows will have their own panel of patients that they will follow during their two years this allows the fellow to really learn how to manage different conditions over a period of time and when some of those nuances that you can’t read in a textbook that you can’t find in the review article but just you learn by taking care and getting to know these patients and their families over a period of time when you leave our program will be a very well-trained clinical endocrinologist who have experienced the of that array of different pathology bolts in the outpatient setting as well as the annotation setting i’m really excited to add continue my training and endocrinology here and feel like it’s been a great start and I’m looking forward to see what the future holds and I know that machine and get yours can be fantastic and it’s gonna definitely helped me feature we really pride ourselves on the fact that we’ve had excellent fellow throughout the years and we’d like to welcome you to our month

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