UTRGV Launches Sustainability Fellowship Program

UTRGV Launches Sustainability Fellowship Program

Today, UTRGV launched its Sustainability Fellowship Program. The students will receive a scholarship for working in collaboration with the university’s Office for Sustainability. Sustainability Fellowships Program is a new program that we have estalished to engage students in sustainability projects throughout the campus and into the community. The projects can cover a wide range of topics. As UTRGV Chief Sustainability Officer Marianella Franklin explained sustainability involves the ability to sustain quality of life by “making sure that whatever we’re designing or creating… actually benefits the economy and society and the environment, all at the same time.” I applied to be a fellow because I really wanted to have an opportunity to do research. And I’m studying Spanish translation and interpreting. And, unfortunately, or at least I thought there isn’t a lot of opportunities to do research in my field. And this just so happened to come up. Originally, I was like I have no idea how my degree is going to fit in. But the more I researched, the more I realized that it was perfect. We have with us about 12 students that have now been awarded this fellowship and will be working with our office and their advisors to work on sustainability projects throughout the year. I was happily surprised, because I didn’t know what to expect, so I’m just thrilled to see that these many students actually understand sustainability and have such a passion for sustainability. And we want to empower them to do some good things in the campus and in the community. You can learn more about UTRGV’s sustainability initiatives by visiting U-T-R-G-V dot E-D-U slash sustainability. (swoosh) (swoosh)

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