UT Business Analytics Professor Julie Ferrara Shares Her Love of Mountain Biking

UT Business Analytics Professor Julie Ferrara Shares Her Love of Mountain Biking

I don’t know if there was ever a time I
didn’t love the outdoors. So I grew up in Middle Tennessee on a 60 acre farm in
Macon County Tennessee. And the connection with mountain biking and my childhood
growing up is that you know when I was little I had a bike and our house was
kind of on a hill and I would back my bike up our driveway as far as I could
and I would pick up my feet see how far I could go on these creek gravel roads. When I came back to Knoxville
looking for some different activities to do I loved running but I couldn’t keep
running as much, so I found mountain biking and what I found was so
interesting with that was it just reminded me so much of my time in Middle
Tennessee on a bike in the woods just exploring out in nature. I get to take women on their very first
mountain bike rides and that’s such a wonderful privilege to take women who
are very nervous about riding a bike in a tiny little dirt path over roots and
rocks in the woods and I get to see the empowerment and the joy they get when
they accomplish that. So I have a ten year old daughter and I’m very happy
that she’s growing up in Knoxville. I always tell people that Knoxville is big
enough so it has everything that we need we’ve got wonderful outdoors we’ve got
all the amenities of a big town and it’s just – I can’t think of another place
really that I would want to raise my daughter the Knoxville Tennessee. When I initially came back I came back
to be closer to family but what I found that I enjoy the most and what I get the
greatest benefit from is being around today’s young adults, they inspire me
they keep me young they keep me motivated to keep me creative when I
have these students in my class that are mostly juniors and seniors and I see
everything that they’re eager and excited about and all the hard work that
they put into it it just reinforces me that our future looks really bright.

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