Use the B-I Triangle for Business Success -Robert Kiyosaki

Use the B-I Triangle for Business Success -Robert Kiyosaki

– [Narrator] Another thing that sets the Rich Dad company apart, is that you know those
‘E’s, ‘S’s, ‘B’s, and ‘I’s. E for employee, S for
self-employed or specialist, and B for big business
entrepreneur, and investor. Well this here is called the B-I triangle, and it’s what my rich dad taught
me when I was a little kid, when I wanted to become an entrepreneur. So what I advise is keep your daytime job but start a part time business. You know more multi billion dollar and million dollar businesses have been started on kitchen tables. So keep your daytime job, keep the cash flow
coming in from your work, but if you want to be an entrepreneur, this is called the B-I
triangle, and out here, very simple, I’ll go through it. There’s eight parts to a B-I triangle. There’s a mission, your team,
leadership, there’s product, legal, systems, communications,
and cash flow or accounting. If you’re gonna be an entrepreneur, this is what you need to
know to grow your business. The reason so many businesses fail, I think nine out of 10 fail
in the first five years and of those that survive, 90% of them fail in the next ten years. And the reason they fail is because one or more of the parts of the
B-I triangle are missing. So it’s not what you know,
it’s what you don’t know. Another way of looking at it is this. I went to military school, the first thing they teach you
is the importance of mission, on being a team player, and leadership. The next thing when I meet somebody that wants to be an entrepreneur, they come up to me, “I’ve got a great idea for a great product “or great product I have a great idea.” Well if you look at this, product is only the smallest
part of the whole B-I triangle. Just because you have a
great product or great idea, doesn’t mean you’ll be successful. Legal here is this, like for instance when I
designed the CashFlow game, I had to have the board patented,
trademarked, and all that. That’s legal, comes next. Next are systems, I have
to have accounting systems, production systems, distribution
systems, marketing systems. So it’s almost like an
engineering type of point of view. Communications is marketing and sales, and next is cash flow, which if you’re very successful
you have lots of cash flow but if one or more of the
eight pieces are missing, the business has less cash flow. So this is what the B-I
triangle represents, it’s just kind of a
reference guide for you. Keep your daytime job, but
start your part time business. And that’s what makes the Rich Dad company’s
education different.

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  1. I love you sir
    You're a Great mentor.
    But I want to know why songs and other useless stuffs videos got many views and likes comparison to this type of useful and knowledge don't

  2. Great advice as always, I needed a guide like that because I'm designing a business system. Hope you can make more videos related to strategy or advice for companies and startups. And is good to see you have a new editor or a new edition format. Thanks for all the decades of knowledge.

  3. Great stuff, Robert, but I’d personally like to see you delve into each topic on a microscopic level. It’s good broad strokes information, but I’d really be interested in seeing what each of these things specifically look like.

  4. Pyramid (Trinity, Hexagonal, Bee/Honeycomb) = Stability Structure = Universal = Creation of All since the beginning of life. Wonder why all volcanoes are in shape as pyramids/triangle? As when they are in action (explode) they create new life. All, first letter A is symbolism of Pyramid/Stability.



  6. thank you for promoting that wealth and money= happines, not friends, nor family, culture, tradition, just money and wealth that is all you need. bullshit. bullshit and again bullshit.

    what if you live for tomorrow, what it paying taxes is all you can do? can you see how life is for the majority of us? or are you blind? people are diying because they don''t have anything to eat… and you speak about taxes, incomes???

    please come to a poor country and see how it is. diagrams??? noooo…. nothing is shure, everything is corrupt. and you want to come to one of this countries…. to give lessons? what? you want to take some money? from people that are already poor? nice. good luck. intelligent. thank you for this contribution for this world. i have a business.. wise words.

    i can live. this is my reality, i don't put money aside. of course not, just if i would steal from people poorer than me and unluckier, could i do that ( like the politicians). thank you for promoting that wealth= happines, not friends, family, culture, tradition, but money and wealth. and you know what? i am one of the wealthy people of my country… that means i can survive. that's it. you are on the wrong way. reconsider all of your life choices, you filthy pig.

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