US Supreme Court to take up Trump’s decision to end DACA

US Supreme Court to take up Trump’s decision to end DACA

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  1. This whole interview is a sham with these two socialist liberals. And someone tell this little idiot snowflake that President Trump offered a very good way to resolve this issue at the beginning of his presidency only to have the liberals and Paul Ryan knock his offer down. The poll on this is also wrong its the other way around, thank God i do NOT watch daytime or weekend Fox News anymore, they have become so MSM just like cnn and msnbc — bunch of lying sob's — NO THANK YOU. Hannity, Levin, Pirro, Ingrahm, Lou Dobbs seem to be the ONLY TRUTH tellers of what is really happening to President Trump. TRUMP 2020.

  2. The left is fine with collateral damage of killing innocent women and children in the Middle-East but they don't want people kicked out of America that are undocumented.

  3. Democrats have been busy on Russian collusion narrative for 3 years and have no time for DACA. Trump made a deal with Democrats for a wall in exchange to DACA's path to citizenship but Demorats did call nothing

  4. DACA is not a law. It's a immigration proceedure authorized by our country. To expect a court to make a judgement on a court case that does not excist, wants judges to change and or bypass our process of government to change what they cannot do is crazy. Like paying your light bill to your cell provider. Whats the argument, I paid money when services stopped.

  5. I heard most of them were not children but older adolescents like 16-17 when they came. They all speak Spanish and would have no trouble communicating in the language of their country.

  6. Look folks, Congress passes laws, not the President of the United States. So if the Supreme Court, shoots this law down, it saying only Congress pass laws. not the President. Because, it was Obama that signed it in to law, well it's okay he's a democrat. I don't care if it's a republican or a democrat, Congress needs to take their heads out of their a**es and do the job their sent to do. This crazy on so many levels.

  7. Let's not forget, Trump said 100s if not 1000s of times "Mexico is going to pay" for the wall. They are not paying. Does Trump think that reckless cruelty is a form of Mexican payment.

  8. End daca for sure enough of coddling these iligals sick of them taking advantage of this country because of the criminal democrats want voters.

  9. Trumps Tweet is right !!!! Being daca, the best decision the Supreme Court can do is end Daca voting in favor of Trump to end Daca and from there Congress will be pressured to pass permanent solution.

  10. DACA was never a law it was never passed as a law or signed as an actual law by any president. It was an ill conceived policy made to sound like a statute which it never was.

  11. If you ever need to ask yourself where someone's loyalties lay, look to see what's at the front of the hyphen;


  12. Illegal means illegal whether adults or children, besides parental responsibility for breaking the laws and involving their children in criminal acts.

  13. what does Caitlin know about the subject , she is young and has no experience in this. however Daca is illegal because anybody not born in the us has not legal status even if congress want to change the law they cannot after the supremes rule that DACA is illegal. the anchor should have brought a legal expert to talk legality of the DACA status.

  14. the polls are always wrong … 74% of Americans say kick their illegal daca asses out along with their criminal parents … if you let daca stay … they get to import all their family members as well

  15. I worked in a immigration office helping with fingerprints and other work. Many of the people in the DACA program every 2 years if I am correct have to renew their status and pay lawyers to help them with the paperwork and additional fees rounds up to around $700 to $800 so that does help the economy plus they are working legally now many were brought as children so I would never blame children for their parents actions that's crazy…. I've always wondered when trump says the USA unemployment is the lowest it's ever been if they factory all the DACA kids and young adults…. anyone have ideas?

  16. You set the example, if America can't even forgive children who technically never did anything wrong, by their own volition. Who deserves to be forgiven?

  17. How does a criminal tell people what is right from wrong when This person has been breaking laws most of his life and these young people will grow up to be honest educated people that will have good jobs and will contribute to American in will be a wise investment.

  18. David Dobrik is a DACA kid. He's from Slovakia. It would suck if he got deported because everyone wants to get latino DACA kids out.

  19. how many have become citizens ? how many of them are criminals ? how many have done something with their lives ? HOW MANY ARE WE SUPPORTING ?????

  20. If we all vote Trump in 2020, all the federal courts will have the majorities necessary to finally end this unconstitutional nonsense that puts our citizens last.

  21. DACA's claim to love America; Join Military for free education, housing, medical. It's a great way to learn a skill. For those College Graduates can return to their native homeland to make a difference or enlist into the military.

  22. DACAs will not join military unless it is a condition to citizenship. They have the right to refuse and America has the Right to Deport.

  23. supeeme cpirt had not choive bit to declare daca unconstitutional and President has aithority to end it else of they say it is legal than they have to allow the president to wnd it with another executive order whereas iy would hive the Executive branch … this will have to be resolved through the process from congress on up …

  24. there's a true idiot in this thread that states "I'm a Trump Supporter but I believe they should be GRANTED citizenship" anyone want to REFUTE that one???

  25. "Dreamers" We're all dreamers, but what about the dreams of Americans that are being flushed down the toilet by the multinational elites who only like immigration because of the cheap labor and reliable votes for Democrats? These "dreamers" cause normal people all kinds of problems.

  26. Well that should take about 5 mintues. obama NEVER HAD THE RIGHT TO PASS HIS OWN IMMIGRATION LAW. IN 1808 CONGRESS ALONE has the power to set immigration law PERIOD END OF STORY DACA WAS NEVER LEGAL!!!!!

  27. Trump basically said it will benefit the recipients of DACA if a good compromise is made for some revamped immigration laws, they might actually have a path to citizenship. 3d chess.

  28. It's about time to wake the dreamers up. If we just remove all illegal immigrants, problem solved. Traffic is bad enough without millions of third-world impostors.

  29. No fault of there own doesn't mean they are legal citizens. We should take care or our American children first. Period

  30. Swedish offer cash 3050 Euro to migrants volunteers return their homeland, while the US could sail them each 1000 $ because of them poorer to hosted asylum x 3 times then 28 countries in Europe

  31. Yes, President Obama assumed "extraordinary powers" when he created DACA without a law passed by Congress. This case is going n o p l a c e.

  32. Right. Their presence would contribute to their native countries but it seems they would rather go for the easiest path of the american way of life. Breaking the law cannot be rewarded. The cartels could bring millions of unaccompanied minors to the southern border and the delusional dems would say get them in all of them After some years, delusional dems would say they are part of America they can't leave. Thus legalizing human trafficking. Open borders democrats are the enemy of America.

  33. DACA kids should be taken back by their countries of origin & their government should provide for them. Where are these 700000 'kids' parents? Wherever they are they need to retrieve their children.

  34. How they stay here Illegally?? I cant walk down the dayuuum Street without Some Racist ?Asking me if im on Probation or Parole!??‍♂️

  35. DACA shouldn't be mad at trump. He tried to make a deal with the Democrats but the do nothing Democrats didn't want to work with him. So blame the Democrats.

  36. Everyone knows Trump supporters want to get rid of DACA as a step to making America white again. Maybe if your women had more babies instead of swallowing them, you wouldn't see your numbers decreasing ?

  37. This young lady they are listening too and corresponding with isnt even old enough to remember Clinton/Lewinsky "scandal" . So why are they putting her face and perspective on something so much bigger than her little brain has even had experience with. Im always open to new ideas, but there a reason the saying "Listen to your elders" is around.

  38. It is time to support only legal immigration for people who will follow US laws and deport EVERYONE who is here illegally. You cannot enforce some laws and not others. They are not suggestions they are laws. DEPORT ALL illegal aliens, DACA, Visa over stays, residual parents of DACA recipients who have remained in the country and those who have stormed the border and been released into the country waiting to be denied entry. Mass deportation to demonstrate that the US is a sovereign nation and that our laws will be followed.

  39. America owns a Godless neurotic president with no sense of right and wrong … hopefully the foggy intellects of you maga kaga groupies will start to distinguish between honor, dignity and truth, and the candidate you support

  40. Who did this poll?? I am a non-party Independent and I am for getting rid of DACA. We are under no obligation to take in so many from other countries at our expense. Enforce our laws. Every so-called dreamer should have made an effort to become a citizen by now.

  41. Your current congress is the poorest excuse for people's representatives that have ever existed there. They have done NOTHING USEFUL.
    Build the wall!

  42. The Supreme Court should take into concideration the DACA people that has applied to become Americans Citizens. If the DACA people have not at age 18 applied they should be deported. The reason for immigration is to become American Citizens. If they do not want to be or have not applied they should be deported. NO IF, MAYBE, or BUTS. Becoming an American Citizen should not be withheld for non payment of fees. IT should be free to become an American Citizen. Charging for this service is against THE CONSTITUTION OF THE USA.

  43. I don't know what Trump is so stuck up about regarding immigrants. His grandfather was one so was his mother. He seems to enjoy torturing them which is a crime against humanity. Sick puppy.

  44. How does their parents bringing him into this country Against the law. Make the people of the United States responsible for paying for them and taking care of them for the rest of their lives. I believe our president is 100% correct in what he is trying to accomplish. And that is taking care of Americans 1st.

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