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  1. these figures are fake – the truth is that real jobs continue to disappear and American standard of living continues to fall for the 99% – due to AI and automation – and the only thing Trump can bring back from China is robots to replace more US workers.

  2. Pelosi and the Democrats aren't happy. Booming economy and impeachment going poorly…no wonder they're snapping at people. Imagine not being happy to see people back to work and earning more. Shameful bunch those Democrats. It's almost like they're against the country.

  3. Seasonal jobs that's all they are that's only reason they release these reports around major season to make it look like its improving when in truth it only add a hand full of permanent jobs. The only way this would be accurate is if they released it a month after holiday seasons what the actual growth is but they don't they like lie to the American people

  4. It is wonderful news. But the Jobs are temporary. Artificial Intelligence and Automation are going to rip through the economy in 5-10 years, especially with 5G. A McKinsey report states around half of the US workforce or 73 million jobs are in danger of displacement by 2030. My question is why aren’t we talking about that?

  5. If you're an average American ask yourself – "with record job numbers and record highs in the stock market, am I better off than I was ten years ago, or am I simply in much more debt?"

  6. A bit weird. A 79 year old woman refusing to put through USMCA & not happy with a record breaking economy & stock market. Now trying to impeach a President for nothing.

  7. Radicalized left wing MSM in quandry on how to hide these numbers from the public….When people see how good Trump has done they will vote out the Democrats, the house will lose 50 seats…..

  8. Nancy Pelosi says the Country has been going downward since TRUMP has been in office. Antiquated out of touch politician…

  9. President Trump has made America great again best President the United States has ever had ,.God Bless President Trump. TRUMP 2020

  10. Re hire the miners back at double or triple their salaries. And take some of the billions of dollars of foreign aid . And invest in mining for Gold anywhere in the World . Do the smart thing ! And support the dollar . We know there is an effort by some , To undermine the dollar . And that is a clear and present danger!

  11. I don’t care if some doofus group of leaders make fun, as long as they know he means business, and they know he does. So Trump want to stand in a chair and cluck like a chicken that ok, it is better than Obama apologizing for our existence. Results are important and we know who is against results and prefers criss ,do we not.

  12. This is fantastic news but lets not just assume that Trump will win in 2020 We all must get out and vote if you have no transportation ask someone to give you a ride to the polls. The survival of this nation depends on re-electing President Donald Trump. Trump/Pence 2020

  13. It's funny how all the president's do a deportation sweep of South Americans and a bunch of jobs just so happens open up. Obama did it, Bush, now Trump. I'm not saying that it's all the reason our economy is doing so well, I'm saying Republicans and democrats do the same things. But also, in their own way. Thank you Obama for fixing our economy. Thank you Trump for strengthening it.

  14. Great JOB President Donald J. Trump. There's a reason that the "Do Nothing Democrats" want you removed: you make them and their wonder President Obama look like they did nothing for 8 years except take selfies at Hollywood fundraisers.

  15. And yet in Pelosi's district the homeless outnumber the employed ? A beacon of hope in a hopless world. Bawhahahahahaha

  16. Yeah, um as FOX News website pushes as "#1" story Bidens senile ranting and lies re the economy. Stick to his hairy legs, roaches and put downs of Marine vet retired farmers – who WORKED and SERVED, not robbed, his country – will ya?!!!! Fake news FOX!

  17. The leftards as Pelosi proclaim the Civilization at Stake, even Trump's economy is up only to help the rich to exploit. But when Trump's Economy goes up, Obama, Biden and Democrats come out to claim credits.

  18. Yeah! FED prints more money to help Americans buy more Chinese goods for Christmas so that China can fund the US government by buying our debt.

  19. Bull crap ! Trump get the dam illegals out DACA and baby anchors and all those Barry santero let in out ! Then talk job's and wages till then more of the same old bull ? …

  20. What about the trade with China and the farmers that are suffering here in America? I am sure Fox News doesn't like to tell you the details

  21. You can't judge an economy by how well the MEGA RICH are doing.
    Trump is a Belial a self serving dealing lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon.
    Trump is an abomination unto God man and the presidency.
    Trump would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven as we can see.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  22. this is a big part of the reason they need to get rid of Trump. a prosperous nation does not need to be taken care of by the government. people working and jobs coming back to the country will ruin the chances of Socialism taking hold here. Trump has ruined the dream of complete control over government dependent unarmed subjects

  23. Trump and the gop will end a economic expansion that started under obama 10 years ago tax cuts for the rich and deregulation of wallstreet help create the last bush great recession we never learn from history

  24. How many baby boomers retire every month. Is that deducted from the total of the new jobs created. Do we keep track of how many leave the work force every month? With 300 million plus population there has to be thousands that leave the work force every month. These new jobs must be covering some of that…


  26. President Trump has kept his promise to make America great again, while Democ-rats are doing NOTHING but dividing the country.

  27. Ha! They don't mention 75% of those jobs are part-time which means your azz will never get to middle class. Permanent fiefdom.

  28. Only happened 16 times under Obama. In fact there were 1,194,000 MORE new jobs created in the last 34months of Obama’s term than first 34 months of trumps.

  29. the "right" jobs. we both know population increase so way more unemployed then 20 years ago. you want to refuse to admit old people are the ones needing jobs or help.

  30. When will Pelosi, and the other do-nothing Dems, stop trying to sabotage this economy, and pass the USMCA trade agreement?

  31. That's amazing. For everyone. Great job Mr. Trump. Truly amazing. With everything against this president. Imagine if all the politicians did there jobs what it really look like…

  32. Most of these jobs were taken from immigrants, can u really say there's more jobs now? And what's with thanking trump, alot of dirty work has been going on with him more than these immigrants. What American people need is to create there own jobs and stop pointing fingers to those who got money when you don't, we have earned that money with taxes added no matter what, u think they get welfare hell no so if they got a family out in the street you think America is going to care there just going to send them back and make it worse by putting a family in a dangerous area like the street or a jail cell u call a room smh

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