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  1. Private land is in Homeland of USA and cannot be ignoring the Border Wall for Homeland the National Interest.
    But the private gives his/her land for free to be worried? They get their fair pay and it's a Government Homeland Border Wall project. Take the land USA.

  2. That’s right it’s called eminent domain they use it on streets and personal property all the time for the good of the many -not just a few

  3. Two very uninformed women, fake news against a duly elected President Donald J Trump. ????? idiots the poor would most likely sell and have a step up. Ridiculous reporting!

  4. This is easily remedied. Have any landowner refusing to allow the wall be responsible for any illegal aliens caught crossing the border on their land. Be it fines or jail time.

  5. They arent "trying" they are succeeding,and im glad…imminent domain is the United States Governments Legal Right to enact, for reasons involving National Security or just for stretching our infrastructure into previous un-accessed land areas that they see as crucial for our developing.The Land owners trying to Stop the implementation of the wall being erected, should have to house the captured mexicans jumping the border, after the border patrol gains fingerprints and extracts DNA of course (,to give them a taste of the criminals their assisting to come into our country), for the rest of us to deal with…I remember when BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMAS Bureau of Land Mngmnt was setting massive fires, burning out ranchers and shooting cattle in Oklahoma so Obama could seize their generations old farms that had been in their families posession for hundreds of yrs ,just so he could turn around and Lease all that captured Land to china….OBAMA is a Terrorist and should be tried and hung for treason…What Trump is doing on our southern border is a miracle and he should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for his humane way of implementing the laws that we as Americans are bound by…TRUMP 20 ???


  7. While I would fight eminent domain, I wouldn't want illegal trespassers crossing the border on my land either. Take the fair price and shut up for the good of the nation. The price will be more than the land is worth in Texas. Go build a home nearby where land is just as cheap. There's a LOT of land in Texas, people.

  8. I don't think the Federal Government even needs to declare eminent domain….. all land bordering the United States is owned by the Federal government !!
    That's a little known fact maybe they don't want you to be aware of.

  9. Anti-Trump host…build that wall President Trump…this host is and always has been an idiot…this is a loony left supported host…

  10. @2:00 – Typical leftists. Build the wall and deport all illegal aliens. Utilize eminent domain – just as done when building a highway and be done with it. Enough of the insanity.

  11. You would think that our land on the border would be Greatly Valued, oh any privet owner that will not allow America to build a wall is a traitors! Think about All the Blood Already She'd to get Us here!"

  12. We aren’t Tejas we are Texas .we defeated the Mexicans at the battle of San jacinto in less than 18 minutes with less than 200 soldiers in general Sam Houston army. The Mexican army was 800 more or Less. The news people when referring to Texas it is Texas not tejas ????????????????

  13. Before their were roads and the interstate. The land was privately owned.
    The only way we can have roads and needed border wall. Is thru eminent domain. The government does take your land. BUT!!! You are always paid above fair market value for your property.
    Unfortunately some people purchased land along the border with the ONLY intention of stopping the building of the border wall. Others want to receive a thousand times what they paid for the land.
    So go ahead cry. Scream that Saint Hillary won the election. Tell us how you hate our great President Donald Trump.
    Get you 30 minutes of fame crying on TV.
    The end of the day. You land will be used by the government for necessary roads, schools, hospitals or a border wall. You WILL BE PAID MORE THAN THE LAND IS WORTH.
    Go cry to someone who cares.

  14. Maybe those people who live close near the border have a reason? Maybe they cooperate with all kinds of smugglers?
    Or are they just grabbers, who want to exploit this situation???
    And why do they have (low value) houses, that are practically built on the border itself????
    Sell them out for a “reasonable” price and if they refuse, just kick them out! The border is too important for the country!
    And this interviewed lady expressed her bias with her remark: “a wall that doesn’t work”!! Probably another sick socialist, that crawls around near the border?

  15. Trump just blocked a bill that would have cut the cost of pharmaceuticals by half. Why? I thought that was one of his campaign promises.

  16. BORDER WALL…. how do they own property in mexico? borders have right of way for roads to enforce them….more fake news

  17. SOLUTION: Don't build the wall where people have land. Just build where they don't. Eventually those people who own the land will be begging for a remedy to that situation.

  18. The border should be a highway, anyway, so vehicles can patrol it. We need a bidirectional overpass with a pile of rusty scrap metal under it, stretching across the nation. Turn the Mexico side into a national park, require ID to enter or leave.

  19. It's hurting poor people more? Poor people who've bought land somehow over the border, seems like a small percentage of people. And I've been down there. There are VERY few people. And people in Texas, for the most part are petrified by what can come across that border. I was in El Paso and talked to people who hadn't been in Mexico in like five years, because they're right next to Juarez, where people were, at one time, being burned alive in drug-cartel crossfire. Yeah, just a few holes in this fishnet.

  20. There's a better solution. If they won't sell, Just wall off the land-owners on the U.S. side of their property, so that they are effectively living on the Mexican side of the barrier… even though their property won't change at all and are still technically on U.S. soil. Many of these land-owners ( not all of them) are probably getting a cut from the Cartels to use their properties for running drugs and human trafficking. Others have probably been threatened with violence if they don't comply with the Cartels.

  21. The govt is BUYING private land it needs to keep millions of invading illegal felons out of our country. Stop your negative slant against the Wall, the citizens support it! FOX News — Phony & Biased.


  23. No private land owner is going to stop the government from building the wall any more than they could stop the government building a highway.

  24. Americans should feel lucky they live in the U.S.A. because if this situation was in China the land would be seized and the land owner would be evicted with nothing.

  25. Take there the wall..or put up arrows..illegals..enter here..stop by the land owner and have a soda..a piece of pie..and a piece of his wife too..dont forget to say thank you?

  26. This is not about covering up and obscuring. It is about taking enough land to build the border. We don't have a country without a border. Both of these speakers clearly displayed their political bias in their comments. Another point: many property owners along the border have been there for a long time, but there are also those who bought land in recent years precisely to hold out as long as possible and get a big payoff from the government. In other words, speculators.

  27. Ok don't wanna play ball alright we'll build the rest of the wall and have the opening where all the illegals cross in YOUR backyard and as for YOU government pay them % over value.

  28. It's funny to see how much control Mexican government has over the powers to be in the United States. It's literally like the United States is bargaining with them in in the country and out of the country. Something isn't right. America is nolonger America, maybe that's what they've forgotten to tell the american PEOPLE

  29. I'll just say it. If all the Texans that lived along the border were shooting .308 rounds at Mexicans as they tried to illegally cross into USA, we wouldn't need a wall. They would stay away. Trust me.

  30. The Fox Host seems to be tripping. How do you know it is unfair? Fair is what it would would generate a sale at. In this case it is for national security not for developers. Our taxes are taken at the point of a gun.

  31. Where have Fox found these lefties globalists? I thought Fox was a good station??? And by the way;…..walls do work! So that is a myth invented by lefties globalists who want their country (USA) to be invaded by foreign people….(for some reason they want this….?????)

  32. The land can and will be taken as necessary. There is nothing they can do to stop it. That is the law, that is how it works, it's not a big problem as this segment implies. You buy land along the border, that's what happens and that is what you should have expected to have happen when you bought it. It is just like when someone buys land next to an airport and then complains after they move in that there are airplane noises. Well, golly gee, go figure.

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