US-China trade deal chances ‘not very good:’ Gordon Chang

US-China trade deal chances ‘not very good:’ Gordon Chang

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. Gordon Chang is under the payroll of the ccp's Dept of FoolYou, it's amazing that he could lied to the Americans for 20 years and still got invited ….lol

    IT IS


  3. Go and take back Jerusalem, and your life will be hunky-dory thereafter. This primitive civilisation will not evolve.

    China is just the new Jerusalem.

    Ha ha ha!

  4. Americans should not listen to "Pastor" Gordon Chang, they should hear more from Great Asia. Pastor Chang will only tell them what they want to hear, but Great Asia will tell the hard truths.

  5. Japan, Europe and other countries across the world are pivoting towards China. Because they need to hedge the risk, the USA risk.

    I bet Gordon Chang won't tell you this.

    Ha ha ha!

  6. Trump struck a trade deal with Mexico, a revised NAFTA. Then he told them he was not going to live up to the deal he agreed to. Why would China or anyone else expect Trump to live up to an agreement? Only a fool would Trust Trump. China would be crazy to reach an agreement with Trump. They should just wait until he is replaced and a reliable President replaces him.

  7. And gordon chang ,you are talking about rubbish,you know nothing about china ,you know nothing about chinese,you know nothing about business you are jyst wasting about your time to listen his talking rubbish.

  8. hahaha, Gordon is very pathetic, I feel really sorry that he’d been bullied so hard when he was young.

  9. Gordon Chang, the best you can do is recycling your boring story on the coming collapse of China. When is the release for your new edition?
    Fox business happens to be a bunch of fools who buy your stories.

  10. Gordon, did u know US still owes China tons of money? I suggest u write a new book on how to pay back China.

  11. China needs USA. But it is not used to a USA President who has balls. They will realize that they have to deal with the Orange Monster now. We never needed them but our government and business leaders handed it all to them. Our fault not theirs. They will adjust and things will move ahead. MAGA2020

  12. No deal is better than a bad deal. China may be slow to learn, as always, but they are good at mimicking whatever they can steal. President Trump will walk away from a bad deal, and that's what America wants. Screw what the loser liberals want, as always.

  13. Why are you guys talking to a guy who wrote a book that didn’t happen? Its been 20 years!!!

    By the way how can central america take the jobs when they don’t have the skills and the contract manufacturers are Chinese!!!! Stupid!!!

  14. Seriously finger crossed no deal- becareful what you ask for Gordan… you are misleading the American public!

  15. The US wants China to change her Economic Structure that has been successfully lifted over
    600 millions dirt poor Chinese to become Middle Class in 30 years.

    I do not think China will agree on that.

  16. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Gordon Chang has been wrong for decades, and yet Fox Business is still gambling their reputation by bringing this China hater onto their show. I'm surprised Fox Business hasn't gone out of business yet buying from this snake oil salesman.

  17. What about when USA stole all the German tech after world war 2 and took all the scientists and engineers to USA from Europe?

  18. this guy fails to note the real reason hey come… they come because the immigration laws afford them to take advantage of the lax US laws. the only solution is to start ejecting ILLEGAL ALIENS – period. they will stop coming then. we already are the most generous country. let them stabilize their own countries.

  19. What if Wang Chi Sun, China Vice President, attends G20 Summit in Osaka end June instead ? He has been traveling abroad meeting heads of state.

  20. Here comes another Trump Slump for stock market… Great, maybe he will further cut corporate taxes but it's harder to go further south than $0 for the fortune 5… buckle up

    You paid more than Amazon, Delta and Chevron combined in taxes last year. Suck on that Merica!

  21. What's the point of a trade deal. Just look at Mexico. Even after the trade deal has been signed, the US would still arbitrarily putting on tariff.

  22. Gordon Chang must have ten lives. With all the repeated failed predictions he is still the darling of Fox News. Amazing!

  23. There is going to be a decoupling of the American Chinese economic relationship. America does not need China, it's the other way around

  24. It is funny! US treats China as if it was a thief, which they are not, and then wants China to deal? Listen, they won´t ever more make deals with US. Forget about it. Do you think they are afraid to loose american market? Their internal market is at least twice as large as the US for them. Should they worry about a 500 bilion dolars superavit they have with US?Not if you have 5 trilion dolars in reserves. And remember, US firms went to China to make business, China did not force anyone to move there. Apple went to China because this was a big advantage to Apple. And so the others, for the same reason. You acuse China of dumping and stealling intelectual properties. But this is not true. Why did you go to China? To produce cheap goods,right?. And you complain of dumping? Why did you take your technology to China? And this was not yesterday, it was at least 20 years ago. Do you really think they would not learn these technogies? Of course they would.You opened your production in China. They developed their own versions. They stole nothing. Do you think that bringing german rockets technology to US makes you thieves? Of course not! The harm is done, the world will no more have the light and fair market it had. Everything now will be geopolitical. Which is a backspace.

  25. Pull manufacturing from China and go to Mexico and south America where it should have been to begin with

  26. Basic fact is U.S. economy is the largest and china is heavily invested to make a profit off the U.S. economy and the U.S. does most of the purchasing so the terrifs cause more hurt to china and maybe force U.S. business to move back to and stay in U.S. and overall better for U.S. vs china … in basic perspective

  27. What you worry about, Trump Strategy is to Fortify America and Bring up a Vibrant Manufacturing Industry! The losers temporarely will be Dow Jones for a while, but will catch up quickly after everything settles down! Any Which Way TRUMPS WINS AMERICA WINS! All panelist Here are just selling PANIC! Get a hold of yourselves PEOPLE! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trump 2020!

  28. Gordon Chang is one of the straightest shooters out there. Love to hear his take on the news of the day.

  29. We dont need them and back when we used to build and buy american yes people we used to build almost everything here in this country everybody made good money and other countries wanted our products and paid more. The 78 corvette to name one thing was all American made. Now everyone wants cheap copies and are used to it the only companies making money off china is wallstreet not us. We can buy and trade with alot of other countries but make it even. China copies everything from everyone and sells us back a cheaper version. They make nothing on there own it is all copies

  30. China will wait for trump to be kicked out by Democrat. Corrupt Democrat will bow down due to internal lobby pressure to strike a deal. Corporations are the real owners of USA and they pull all the strings behind the scene.

  31. what happened to trade war is easy to win of Gordon Chang

  32. Gordon should go to China and take a look how advanced nowadays the chineses are.
    You can't fight the chineses. The U.S manufacturing is only about 8 %. Amazon, Ebay, Sears, Walmart…….ain't complaining. Their sells only go up. If China doesn't look good, you don't look good and thats happening right now in the U.S.


  33. This Gordon Chang has failed in his projection for DECADES! Whoever still listen to him made himself such a FOOL!

  34. Gordon chang intellectual property theft started long time ago since the eightteen century. This is not new to our world. The US also stole IP from european countries 200 years ago and worse they stole land not belonging to them. Perhaps you were not even born at that time. You are getting everything wrong. China wants a deal because both countries will suffer deeply. In a world of competition, all companies copy each other and that's what creates competition and innovation.

    Any IP theft should be dealt privately by the parties concerned in a court of justice and not by a stupid trade war where the consumer pays the price. The cisco and motorola case has already been settled in court between the parties concerned. So the trade war is just an excuse.

    The US made billions of profits due to the slave labour in china. So when you say that china is not being fair with the US is just non sense my friend. It was a win win situation for both countries. China gained technology expertise and full employment whilst the US made trillions of profits for the last 40 years. China came out of poverty. So is that not a good thing???Is it because china is a state capitalist country that it should be criticized publicly??
    Each country is evolving at its own pace with its culture. STOP TELLING OTHERS WHAT TO DO.
    But the US decided to spend that money on wars in the Middle east whilst china spent his capital on the infrastructure of his country. This is why china is in some ways moving faster than the US.
    I hope Gordon Chang sees the truth in the above. But who cares????

  35. At the end of the day, there can only be one top dog…it stopped being about trade when China decided to challenge the US.
    Controlled disengagement is the best case scenario…otherwise It's back to the old way of sorting out differences…
    It might indeed end that way….but no challenge can at the end of the day go unanswered….and it won't.

  36. Gordon Chang is usually wrong on everything. He's an idiot who plays checkers not chess. He's right about moving manufacturing to South America though.

  37. Communist China waiting for socialist democrats in 2020 to make a deal. I think Trump will have something to say about that… 😩

  38. Congratulations to Gordon Chang, recently promoted to Deputy general of the Strategy Deception Bureau of China!

  39. One thing you have to give to Gordon Chang is his SHAMELESSNESS! All the years of false repeated predictions is what he is known for.If he were Japanese, he would have done the harakiri (Honour Suicide) to salvage some respect. If he is Chinese, he would have gone into hiding in some remote cave to “save face”. Like Trump, he is trumpeting around like a clown!

  40. The leaders in Beijing hv been very smart to close door to US firm for
    decades. An act to retaliate US tariff imposed to China recently.

  41. Friends Why you guys still put person like this on a interview, it would be nice if you buy his idea. But you felt what he hate was raising, and whether he could be incapable on a right judgement or consultation, just a joke both in capable and keep telling less results driven, beside some key wording selling like CCP human right worst!!! My question Do you believe in this? or no one cared

  42. Gondon Chang can still talk? He has no shame telling over and over but nothing happen. This guy just get his pay and careless about his reputation

  43. BS!! China will make a deal, it’s in their best interest as well as the United States. President Trump will prevail. MAGA!

  44. Heading for a new cold war…most countries don't appreciate how China steals their IP. Most of the world will line up against them.

  45. Gordon Chang is an idiot. He should try stand up Comedy, I think he’ll do well especially when it comes to predicting China down fall. 😂🤣

  46. Why does the media insist on calling it a trade war when China has been spoiled rotten for 30 years? I trust Mr. Trump to guide both parties to reasonable positions. Markets will evolve.

    The military buildup by China suggests it may not be interested in reasonable positions, which is why the subject is brought up, the people involved are not blind.

  47. The US allowed China to grow too much before we took a stand. Thanks democrats. No deals. China will NOT keep any agreement. They never have and never will. Just place the tariffs, and go from there. China can improve for a month, then ewe can react. If they go backwards, we can to. No deals, based on China's record of honesty and keeping agreements. China will crash, and we can go from there. In fact, the more China fights and becomes arrogant, the worse off they are. The problem is the CCP. US citizens need to return home and bring their famalies. It would be safer, and our job market is growing. Companies remaining in China will be nationalized. China is a communist country, and that is the way it works. That is why they have a partner company with patent rights. Chinese Apple will sell knock offs at a much reduced price. Apple can take a hike.

  48. I think that Trump is 100% correct. It's a 10 year squabble, before China's economy collapses. As industry 4.0 and the 4th industrial additive manufacturing revolution kicks in over the next decade, that will also add weight and momentum to this shift. Exports from slave labor driven nations will be expected to crash to lower than 50% over the next decade. China's exports are already faltering. US exports showing signs of growth. The west is already relocating is factories to other smaller Asian countries. Basically counties that dislike what China is doing, which will boost their wealth and power. Sounds like a plan. Basically anything that redistributes the balance of income and hence the balance of power in Asia, is a very very very good thing for the long term. Basically that means Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and other smaller Asian nations stand to benefit from this massive shift away from China. That is a good thing for balance of income and hence power redistribution in the region and would help reduce the threat to the USA and the west, from one very large country that's increasingly becoming belligerent in it's regional and global posture. You have to understand that this isn't just about the economy, imports and exports, but fundamentally it's more about the global strategic balance of power now and going forward for the next 50 years at least. It's a re-balancing of strategic navigation to help ensure the status quo and national security is not compromised any more than necessary in terms of dealing in a world of international adversaries.

  49. lol the data show usa jobs half as expected and china export import is surplus, so who gonna collapse firts, china or usa???

  50. Rules of comparing oranges and apples could become laws if properly understood, not comparable as it stood. China / US have different sights on management of the children, eye transplants won't fix.

  51. Well done, Gordon. That's how to act as a top secret agent for China in the National Strategy Fudge Bureau (NSFB).

  52. this Gordon Chang guy is famous in China right now ….according to his words China should crashed already 20 years ago …SO in capitalism countries MEDIA PAYS MONEY to a guy like HIM to SAY STUFF THEIR AUDIENCE WANNA LISTEN LOL what a great systerm

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