Upstanders—Employing the Full Spectrum

Upstanders—Employing the Full Spectrum

(upbeat music) – You have to harness
your employees attributes. Every good business does it. Every business that is
successful takes the right person and the right
job and creates a strong business from it. That’s what we did. Most car washes, I don’t
think the employees really care about their job. I think they’re there because that’s the only job that they can get. My people are there
and they care about it. I have guys that come in on their day off. I have guys that come in early and if you ask them, Tyler what are you doing
here in an hour early? You know what the answer is going to be? It’s going to be “well in
case they need me, I’m here.” We own a car wash and 85
percent of our staff is within the autism spectrum. – [Women] So tell me
about work today Andrew, how many cars do you think you did? – Like 30 cars. – [John] Andrew was
diagnosed at two and 1/2 and it was a very hard time. When your child is diagnosed with autism, the first level is
confusion, what is autism? What does that mean? Is this
why he has certain attributes? The first thing that happens
is you get this confusion, no it can’t be mine,
this can’t be happening. The next level is he’s
going to grow out of it. The next level is you start
to look for that special cure or miracle. As it moves forward and as Andrew grows up I started to realize that
Andrew is who Andrew is, and I started to look at
Andrew not as a 15 year old but I looked at him as a 40 year old, and that really started to
change my whole thought pattern. He’s not going to be independent unless I can help him to be so. – There’s still more chicken there. – Can I have more of that? – Push yourself. – I can’t have this. – I’m going to have to come
up with other solutions. So the first idea was,
oh what can Andrew do? So I started to look at some businesses and one day I’m sitting at a
car wash waiting for my car watching the zoo, disorganized
array of nonsense. Where one car is moving, one car is not, three guys on this car,
one guy one that car. But I am thinking to
myself, Andrew can do this backend process without a doubt. – People started talking
about these two guys that had come to town. New Yorker’s who were talking
to everyone in town really about an idea they had
to create a business. A majority of their
employees would be autistic and they were talking about
it being a car wash business. – Make sure he’s getting all
the way around Lou, okay? – [Michael] I think what
people have to understand is when you are someone who takes
care of people with autism, you are pitched every idea under the sun. So I was very curious to
really check them out. Nationally we have a real crisis. About 80 to 90 percent of
young adults with autism are either unemployed or underemployed. They came, we had a meeting. We connected and clicked right away. John the dad is this you
know bundle of passion. I knew that their heart
was in the right place, I knew that their passion was real. I knew that they were going
to make a commitment to our South Florida community. – [Tom] We are now washing
17,000 cars a month and we simply wouldn’t
be doing that if this was about charity. – [John] A lot of people
in the spectrum embrace structure. We use color coding, we use visual aids. We use a consistent work environment and a structured work environment. – [Michael] The reason they’re
such high unemployment with people with autism is the
fact that we look at autism as a disability that
requires sympathy instead of a really valuable diversity. Our employees with
autism are the majority. They are the quote on
quote normal employees. – [John] My guys make
money, they make tips. Now they’re bringing
home a check to a family who really needs it. Where are before they were a burden, now they are a wage earner. Are employees aren’t just employees, they are part of the family. They’re hanging out after work, they’re coming on their days off. – I started here 2015 and what
I like about rise and tide is that they help how
to stay professional, how to talk to customers. I have friends here now
that care a bout me, that care a bout me reaching my goals. Like Nick over there he’s smiling, that’s right and I made a
friend here name Tirelaley, Terrell, my friend Wesley and all the people who
work at Rising Tide. Actions speak louder than words, you gotta show that you
actually want the job. I was just surprised, I can’t
believe that I have a job now at Rising Tide. – [John] That sets us apart,
that’s why our numbers are as high as they are
and that’s why we are able to expand to wash number two. – How’s it going out there today man? – [Andrew] It’s busy – [Tom] What do you think about that? – Very great. – [Tom] I don’t feel the same pressure that I once felt where
well my parents are gone Andrew’s going to be
living in my basement. Why is it great? – I get a lot of money on a job. – Now I feel like well
Andrew’s got a life, he’s got his own group and his own tribe and his own future. – [John] This is my destiny, I found who I am in him. I never expected how important
what we were doing was, beyond us. Beyond our little car wash.
Beyond taking care of Andrew and those like him. I never realized that it
would have so much power to create hope, so much
information to create change.

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  1. Every child needs a father's love like John D'Ere has for Andrew. He never underestimated his talents. Thank you for sharing their story, Starbucks.

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