Updates to Microsoft StaffHub for Firstline workers & IT

Updates to Microsoft StaffHub for Firstline workers & IT

Coming up, we’ll take a look at Microsoft StaffHub and recent updates. StaffHub is purpose-built
for the firstline workforce to manage their workday and get more done. If you’re new to Microsoft StaffHub, it allows you to easily
view your work schedules and communicate with your team, and managers can quickly create, publish, and manage team schedules. They can simplify sharing of
content and training resources and easily add and remove team members, keeping access to company
information secure. Now let me show you the recent updates we’ve added to StaffHub
based on your feedback. StaffHub now incorporates
native clock-in and clock-out with GPS location awareness,
allowing team members to easily record their attendance at work. So here I’ve arrived at work and can easily see my upcoming shifts. Once I’m on-site, I can quickly
clock in to start my day by clicking on the Time Clock button. Once there, I can press the
button to start my shift. You’ll see the clock
start recording my time. I can also see this when
I go back to My Shifts. At the end of my shift, I can
simply clock out by clicking on the time, taking me back
to the clock-out screen. Press the button and my shift is over. This saves me time, versus a
traditional punch-card system, or the need to switch
between multiple tools. I can also look at my time card to see my recent work history. This is great for managers
too, as the time and attendance data is provided to managers
to track employee hours. From the manager console, I
can export that data to Excel. It even shows whether the clock-ins and clock-outs were done onsite. I’ll explain how that was set up. By going back to the manager’s
console and into Settings, you can enable Geolocation by
going to Time Clock Set Up, checking this box, and
entering your address. Now that I’m onsite and
clocked in, I can quickly see any tasks that have been
assigned to me and others. This new capability helps
make sure that management can communicate the most
important things to get done. StaffHub also provides the flexibility for any firstline worker to add new tasks and assign them to anyone on the team. As I go in to create a task, I start by describing
what needs to get done. For example, a customer just asked about a recent toaster recall. I’ll have someone in customer
service look into it. When I assign the task, StaffHub conveniently shows
who is on-shift right now. I can see that Christie
in Customer Service is, so we’ll assign the task to her. I can also easily add a photo to help communicate which model is in question. As I go back and look at
the tasks assigned to me, I see that my manager Isaiah wants me to run a midday sales total. If I have a question about
the task, I can easily chat with the person who created
the task and ask any questions. In this case, I want to
check in with Isaiah, and see if I should wait
until the 3 o’clock update. Once I have completed the task,
I just mark it as complete. While we continue to simplify
schedule and task management, we’re also making it easier to
connect you to corporate news to keep you up to date and in the know. Important announcements are often printed and posted in breakrooms, and
many times that information gets stale quickly and
is very manual to manage. By connecting StaffHub and
Outlook, you can now receive corporate announcements sent
from management through email and have them appear
directly inside StaffHub. For example, yesterday I
sent an email to the team recognizing the Employee of the Month. I simply wrote the message
in Outlook as I would any other email, sending
to an alias attached to the mod and group
associated with the team. StaffHub then connects the
employees to their groups so that messages to that alias can
show up in their StaffHub. And when I flip over to my phone, this is what the message
looks like inside of StaffHub. All this can be done without
the company necessarily providing an email address
to their firstline employees. Not only are we working
hard to bring the value of Office365 to the firstline worker, but we have also made it
possible for companies to extend the reach of their other
line-of-business applications to the firstline workers
through PowerApps. This brings the single
purpose-filled experience to everything the firstline worker needs into one place, StaffHub. The power of the PowerApp
integration is that right from StaffHub, I can send the user to a completely different application all through a single sign-on experience. This uses modern auth to ensure that the connection is secure. While the employee goes to a separate app, he or she never actually leaves StaffHub. PowerApps is one way we provide extensibility to other applications. We also recently announced
the availability of an API that will allow you to integrate StaffHub with existing workforce
management systems. We’ll continue adding capabilities
to StaffHub and you can try it out today using the
links shown and set up a team. Give us your feedback on
UserVoice, where you can also track the status of new capabilities. Thanks for watching.

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