Updates on Legend of Xiao Chuo, The Joy of Life, and Xu Kai and Bai Lu pair up again

Updates on Legend of Xiao Chuo, The Joy of Life, and Xu Kai and Bai Lu pair up again

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update November 2nd 2019 edition. In this edition, The Joy of Life releases
a trailer, and Xu Kai and Bai Lu are paired up again, but first The Legend of Xiao Chuois an
upcoming costume drama starring Tiffany Tang and Shawn Dou. Set during the Liao Dynasty, the drama tells
the story of Xiao Yanyan, from the Khitan tribe,
who becomes the emperor’s consort and later, empress and the most powerful woman in the
kingdom. The Liao Dynasty was an imperial dynasty in
East Asia that ruled from 916 to 1125 over present-day Northern and Northeast China,
Mongolia and portions of the Russian Far East and North Korea. The empire was founded by a Khitan leader
around the time of the collapse of the Tang dynasty,
which makes this kind of ironic because Tiffany Tang’s last name is Tang and she plays
someone from the Khitan tribe. Anyways, it is said that she was pregnant
throughout the entire shoot of the drama and they had to try to hide her belly under
her costumes. We can’t really tell from this production
still but I guess we’ll find out later how it all looks. Shawn Dou plays Han Derang, Xiao Yanyan’s
childhood sweetheart who later becomes a powerful court official. Shawn recently starred in the modern drama
See You Again with Tiffany Tang so this is actually a renunion for the two. Hong Kong actor Charmaine Sheh plays Xiao
Yanyan’s sister. In years past, I’ve seen a fair number of
TVB dramas where Charmaine stars as the leading lady. As she’s shifted her attention to the mainland
market, it’s funny that her most prominent role so far is arguably the villian in The
Story of Yanxi Palace. She gets to reprise the role as a villian
in this drama too. Jing Chao plays the Emperor of Liao. He was recently in Princess Silver where he
played General Fu Chou. And here are the rest of the character posters. The cast all look great in my opinion. More updates on this as I get them. Joy of Lifeis an upcoming costume
drama starring Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin and Chen Daoming. It is based on a novel of the same name written
by Mao Ni who also wrote Ever Night. I’ve seen the trailer for the drama and it
is full of political intrigue and suspense which means I will be earnestly waiting for
it. It has a terrific lead cast and a solid supporting
cast of veteran actors. ..and yes, that’s XiaoZhan; he makes an appearance as well. Zhang Ruoyun plays the Prince of Chu, a progressive-thinking noble who’s intent on pushing through political reforms. But his ideas are constantly opposed by the
tyrannical ruler of Qing, played by Chen Daoming. Li Qin plays the daughter of the chancellor
of Qing and the Prince of Chu’s love interest. Wu Gang plays the ruthless and astute head
of the government’s Control Department. Here are some of the other character posters
the drama has released. So since August pretty much all we’ve talking
about are non-costume dramas; modern, military and republican era ones mostly. That’s on account of the 100 broadcasting
period which seems to be coming to an end now that we’re creeping into November. More and more costume dramas are releasing
posters and trailers. Hopefully that is a sign of things to come
and I can start updating you guys with official premiere dates soon. Joy of Life has been split into three seasons,
with the first one hopefully premiering soon. A couple of wraps to quickly mention here. Your Home Is My Business
starring Sun Li and Luo Jin wrapped filming at the end of October after a 147-day shoot. Based on the Japanese drama of the same name,
it tells the story of a successful real estate agency manager played by Sun Li
who comes to the aid of a failing branch manager played by Luo Jin. The drama is slated for 48 episodes and a
2020 premiere. Wang Kai has wrapped filming on the police
drama The Hunting. He plays a police officer who investigates
cross border economic crimes in this thriller which is based on many real life corruption
cases. The rest of the cast includes Maggie Wang
and industry heavy weights like Hu Jun and Liu Yijun. The Hunting is slated for 35 episodes and
a 2020 premiere. Hello, My Shining Love
is an upcoming modern rom-com starring Joe Chen and Jin Han. The drama tells the story of a romance between
a brilliant talent agent played by Joe Chen and fashion company’s stone-faced CEO played
by Jin Han. These two characters have their flaws – he
sleepwalks and suffers from OCD, and she becomes a compulsive kisser when drunk. As you can imagine, comedy ensues. The drama has kept a pretty low profile – no
official Weibo page or pictures yet. I will update you guys when they provide more
information. And sticking with new upcoming dramas, producer
Yu Zheng has announced a new project: A costume drama entitled Shang Shi
starring Xu Kai and Bai Lu. Set in the Ming Dynasty, the drama tells the
story of a woman who enters the palace and rises up the ranks using her culinary skills. While some will undoubtedly be excited for
this, it seems not everyone is happy with the repeated pairing of Xu Kai and Bai Lu. This will be the two stars third pairing. They were the lead pair in the costume drama
The Legends, and more recently in the republican-era drama
Arsenal Military Academy. Producer Yu Zheng defended his choice to cast
the pair and took to Weibo to express his feelings. Brave words from a man who’s never been known
to be shy to voice his opinion. And he’s right about one thing, he is the
producer, he’s the showrunner, he gets to do whatever he wants. But if fans decide that he’s getting too arrogant
for his own good and decide to stop watching his shows, then
by the same token he alone is responsible for his own losses. So what do you guys think? Are we seeing too much of Xu Kai and Bai Lu? Or are they awesome together and we just can’t
get enough of them? Let us know in the comments section below. And before I let you guys go, I want to give
a shoutout to Hillary Newton who recently become a patron on my patreon page. Do check out my Patreon page where for a dollar
or more a month, I will give one of you guys a shoutout and answer your question at the end
of one of my YouTube episodes. The link in the description box
below. This show would not be possible without your
support, whether it is through Patreon or simply by watching, liking and subscribing. Thank you for watching and I hope to see you
all in the next one. Cheers.

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  1. Omg how could anyone hate that bai lu and xu kai acting together again .. like their chemistry is tip top and everyone loves it … I support that they could act with each other again as their acting really compliment each other 😊😊

  2. Thanks very much for the INFO Marcus
    November is a busy month with so many new drama to watch on my waiting list
    Current ones watching
    The love by hypnotic episode 26/40 (awaiting new uploading)
    My girlfriend episode 26/28. "
    My robot boyfriend episode 12. "
    Lovely sword girl episode 4/24 all episodes uploaded

    Cheers great, exciting and dramatic drama time

  3. You pronounce Khitan "ki-ten. (like the cat)" I have always heard it pronounced Ky-ten (rhymes with titan) At least in English. Obviously in Chinese its Liao ren or Qidan.

  4. For all fans of ju jingyi and Zhang zhe han
    To air in 2020
    Drama title the Blossoms of Ruyi Pavilion or the way of favours
    Drama plot developments
    Ju jingyi acted as Fu Rong a strong character lady who has her own idea of her way of life.having witnessed the failure of her elder sister's marriage she ran away from home to escape a arranged marriage by her wealthy family.
    Along the way she met xu jin acted by Zhang zhe han who is proud and arrogant
    Along the way in their meetings both of them helped to get rid of crimes and corruption in the country
    Will be looking forward to this drama

  5. Well, maybe they have great chemistry together, but, I think the way he said those things did sound a little arrogant and conceited. Of course, that is just my humble point of view.

  6. Xiaaaaao Zhaaaan 😍 So excited for Xu Kai and Bai Lu pairing up again! 🀩 Loved them so much at Arsenal Military Academy πŸ’•πŸ’•

  7. I like to see xu kai and bai lu again, They really have a great chemistry as a couple, I have seen bai lu newest drama lucky first love , where she couple with xing zhao lin,, but I stop at ep. 5 ..because I don't like that couple, no chemistry at all….

  8. I don't see anything wrong with xu kai and bai lu being paired again, they're just good. Keep it going marcus we are here to support you as your funs, the english is on point that's why i can't stand to miss any update, thank you

  9. The dramas look good as in like they have beautiful visuals due to costumes and settings….but what about the audio? Im so tired of horrendous dubbing work. Seriously…china needs to stop that dubbing crap. It's not normal. I find xu Kai beautiful. One of the most handsome chinese actors out there. Unfortunately both the legends and arsenal military academy have shit dubbing. I just could not handle them and drop them. Acting involves voice. How do you know who's a good actor when he didn't even use his own voice?

  10. My source stated

    Sword dynasty to air on 25th November 2019
    Qing yu nian to air on 27th November 2019

    Let's wait and see

  11. Xu Kai + Bai Lu is fine. I don't disagree with the pairing. What matters is the directing of the drama. I hope it has good, beautiful, yet natural scenes!

  12. Oh.. Joe Chen and Jin Han attract me.. Xiexie ni Marcus cuz i never heard anything about this drama before.
    Recently, i watch Kim Jin Han's drama "No Secret".

  13. So excited about Tang Yan new movie. I love Xu Kai and Bai Lu together so Im happy. I also want to see him in another drama with WJY who he starred with in Yanxi Palace

  14. I don't mind watching xk and bl again, but it would depend on the story. I wonder if they themselves get bored acting with the same partner?

  15. Finally joy of life coming soon I here just for XIAO ZHAN only my gold it watching just his scene he even said he not main lead but support role even just that I will buy it because it XIAO ZHAN in it also he fliming this drama will shoot Untamed can't wait to see you xz

  16. Personnally I love xu kai and bai lu's reunion. And I love how the producer express his opinion about that.
    Can't wait for tang yan and shawn dou's historical drama. Thank you

  17. The one who hate xu kai n bai lu pairing definitely his obsessive fans who think they own their artists…they don't have to watch if they hate bai lu…there were millions who love this pair n yu zheng was right…xu kai doesn't need toxic fans

  18. Hi Marcus, Charmaine will always be that young girl with a small chicken voice I saw in The flying fox mountain of snowy mountain 1985(wow I feel so old πŸ˜‚) , she's so memorable there. She has come so far, so she can be a villian she's still darn good.

    Xiu Kai and Bai Lu again… 😏 My comment… If I don't have anything good to say, I rather just πŸ™Š shhh…and let fate take its course.

    Really a torrent of costume drama is coming out I'm just going to mark a few on my list and let my mood decide what I'll watch next… Ohhh but I love Wang Kai, he's so sexy in Ode to JoyπŸ’‹ and ofc NIF, who can forget him in NIF. ❀️

    Thanks for the updates Marcus. We are now spoilt for choice. 😁 Cheers and have a fantastic day πŸ₯‚πŸ˜πŸŒΉ

  19. Ah, the fans are alike the world over – the entitlement is real. Leave artists to do their thing and then vote with your wallet, don't harass them online.

  20. I will watch Joy of Life because Xiao Zhan have a support role in it, but I will only watch it once, but if XZ is the lead actor in a drama then I will watch it more than once just like what I did with the Untamed drama πŸ™‚

  21. Bai Lou and zukai….is amazing waiting for another drama from them….Go gogo international Fans is waiting……

  22. I feel like some fans need to chill…The producer See's what fits and what doesn't fit. I am glad he expressed his humble opinion on this. Whether they pair up 100 times or not what matters is the fact that they need to deliver their roles well and so far I have seen Xu kai and Bai Lu deliver their roles very well. They are my biased couple and I don't mind them being paired for the rest of their lives.

  23. I can't wait to see the Legenda of Xiao Chuo abd Joy of Life! I love costume dramas!!πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ‘β€οΈ So bring it on!!πŸ˜„

  24. I really don't mind when lead actors are constantly paired together. As long as they can make me traveled in the universe the drama tried to create I am sold. I watch Thai dramas too and there is that married couple who very often are paired up. Never bothered me as each time they managed to make me think they are different people. And that's all it counts really. They are actors after all. Let them do their job.

  25. Xu Kai & Bai Lu no matter how many times they've paired, i just can't get enough of them..they're cute together..Hats off to the producer..

  26. Xu Kai and Bai Lu are good together I really want to see more of them, pairing together. I love them 😍❀️

  27. Tiffany and Shawn in a costume drama!
    Another Li Qin drama! YESHHHHHHHHHH

    As for shu kai and bai lu. I think it is overstreched that they got paired again. Nothing wrong with it but it be nice for them to be paired with other actors/actress to gain more experience and synergy. And then in a later date maybe after 3-10 years, come back and do a movie/drama again. Fans would be thrilled.

  28. The fans always complain about cast choice then when it airs it's usually awesome, like Love and Destiny.These Producers know how to cast the right person for the right part.I am very rarely disappointed. The two have great chemistry I enjoy their pairing.

  29. Hi Marcus πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ
    Thanks very much for the info 😊
    I can't wait to see THE LEGEND OF XIAO CHOU 😍

  30. Bai lu and Xu kai is the Dream Team, i love them. I'm expecting my other favourite pair to start this drama "Meeting You was the best thing ", Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang, DREAMY.

  31. #xukai and #bailu keep on paring them, their chemistry is awesome!! Love this couple πŸ’‘πŸ˜Haters or going to hate, and we are going to keep watching anything xukai and Bailu!!πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  32. Whatttt?
    Seriously, for me I can’t get enough of Xu Kai & Bai Lu pairing. Besides Wu jingyan wth Xukai, the nxt most obvious choice is Bai Lu, of course! They’re absolutely great together n are fantastic actors … together, they’re phenomenal coupled wth such onscreen chemistry, incomparable really. So much screen presence together n it’s no wonder why the Producer/Director is obvious wth his choice. I m sure he’d placed his decision aftr much thoughts n who better than this couple everyone wants to see being couple (wink wink for real). Anyway yes it’s his prerogative too to cast any actors he like to play the leading role, some people are traditional n some prefer diversity but it doesnt mean he’s wrong n in this case calling him arrogant for sticking to his guns. Agreed tho the Director should take a more softer approach in his commentary.
    I say people should give the story n quality of the drama/acting significance n less fuss wth utter pettiness.
    Why don’t these complainers give acceptably good n valid reasons why these two actors should not be cast together yet again?

  33. XK are a bunch of idiots, so glad and happy with the producers. BL/XK have a great chemistry and are great together πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

  34. It is odd how I always hear about people saying that they totally ship/stan pairs and want to see them in more shows. *gets what they want* COMPLAINS!!! πŸ™„ blows my mind. I really like their chemistry in screen.

  35. All the dramas of Xu kai and bai lu are gaining popularity and doing great in drama industry . They look perfect with each other and hope to see them in more dramas 🀩🀩

  36. I love the fact that bai lu nd xu kai is going go b paired up again go producer! Netizens shud calm down these actors are great nd definitely pulled off all their roles together

  37. There is nothing wrong to pick the people he enjoys working with , especially those actors are great professionals. I love to see this two great actors working together. Great chemistry and excellent performance.

  38. Drama the lovely sword girl
    Available at Dramacool with English subtitles posted to episode 12
    Total 24 episodes
    Seen to episode 6

    Drama plot developments
    Shengyou was sent by her father from another clan to marry into gong clan to avoid being killed by the ghost dormain clan who wanted to take over the wulin
    Her husband is yuanxiu who was abnormal.yuanxiu has 2 younger brothers who are normal and highly skilled in martial arts
    Actually it was a secret clan who made use of the name of ghost domain clan to destroy all the other clans
    Also involved in the drama plot developments are 2 secret manuals one in the ghost domain clan and the other in gong clan

    An interesting, exciting, humorous and dramatic drama with quick interchanges of scenes

  39. People have nothing better to do than pick peices out of things I like them together so I will wait patiently for this to air

  40. is it obvious in this comment section how HOT bailu and xukai pairing. so that's the answer on your question.β™₯οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  41. I'm really glad that XuaKei and BaiLu are doing another series together, they have great chemistry and bring each production to life. They are brilliant. πŸ™ƒβ€

  42. Thank you Marcus for always referencing an actor’s past works. It helps me become familiar with works the actors may have done which I am unaware of or because they look so different in the other drama, I don’t realize it was the same person. πŸ™‚

  43. Omg Xu kai and Bai lu 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 i'm looking forward for their next custome drama , love this two character

  44. Love Xu Kai and Bai Lu together and they can hold their own too when apart. The producer is right. You just gotta do what rings your bell. They have a winning formula with the two of them. I think this is another situation created by jealous agencies and the so call fans hate is just a minority.

  45. Omg…bai lu and Xu kai….legendary couple….. Amazing…..they can be love location..i love it….❀❀❀❀

  46. Xu bai and bai lu they both good on acting omg who said they don’t like them ❀️acting together omg I was crying when the legends ends I want to see them together a gain ❀️

  47. Drama lovely sword girl
    Review episode 10

    A sudden change in the drama plot developments.when yuanxiu rescued his wife you er from drowning it triggered the vital points in his body resulting a complete recovery to his normal self a man of great intelligence, capability , highly skilled in martial arts and so on
    But his wife you er was bitterly disappointed that he lost his memories of the past which they spent their happy time together
    Now they are both like complete strangers though already married.it was so humorous from episodes 1to 9 and now episode 10 became complete strangers
    At the end of the episode you er had overeaten and vomitted
    Her dad thought she is pregnant
    Notes the faster yuanxiu recovered his normal self will be good for the drama plot developments.luckily at episode 10.now balance 14 episodes to finish
    Great drama

  48. I'm just reading the comments and liking.. I want to see the new upcoming dramas.xui kai n bai lou is one of my fav actor/actress they are good together Thank you for the UD @MARCUS.GIDBLESS

  49. Love Xu Kai and Bai Lu together. They have killer chemistry together. These two actors can act natural together so who really cares how many times they get cast together. I agree with the director.

  50. Drama lovely sword girl
    Seen to episode 12

    Highly interesting events as you er did all sorts of things to make her husband yuanxiu recalled the past.cos now she felt he is a stranger to her since his recovery to a normal person she desperately wanted him to remember the past
    Actually he did remembered the past but he was trying his best to start afresh with her but she had a different approach which was not to his liking
    As at end of episode 12 they both divorced and she left gong family but at the end scene he came for her
    Highly enjoying this drama

  51. Xu Kai and Bai Lu's pair is one of THE BEST pair that I ever came across on dramas. Their chemistry is undeniably strong and those who disagree couldn't be more stupid to deny their bond

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