Update Policies About Transgender Workers

Update Policies About Transgender Workers

Transgender employees are increasingly seeking
legislation allowing them to have rights and protections at work, something they’ve historically
lacked. When updating company policies, of course
be sure to follow state and local laws, but look ahead to other laws that could be on
the horizon. Some of the laws in California that could
soon appear elsewhere include requiring anti-harassment training, calling people by their preferred
names and pronouns and allowing people to use the bathrooms that correspond to their
gender identity. Also, experts suggest having employee transition
plans, or a policy in the company handbook that helps the transitioning person through
the process, as well as helping their co-workers foster a culture of understanding. While companies that do not comply to rules
on sex discrimination run the risk of legal action, being inclusive of trans workers is
just the right thing to do. Another bonus of inclusion: having a welcoming
environment that impacts retention of talented employees. For more on this and other stories, visit

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