Unluckiest Moments in Sports History Part 2

Unluckiest Moments in Sports History Part 2

Let’s go back to the 11th and Padraig Harrington his second shot playing with Mike Weir I’m gonna go check this one out Oh No Come on Referee! One bounce it appeared to me that yeah bounce right in the cup and then bounced out of you up Sure in and out. Oh Man that well, it’s a birdie. Let’s watch it again first bounce Yeah, it’s exactly what it did make it bounced out of the cup didn’t ricochet off the flag it It bounced out of the bottom of the cup They’re not 110, so strong never starts so fast and then you see the group just pull it to the left-hand side here and Bam, well, that’s the track worker stepping out of the groove at the last possible moment Wow, that’s really really bad Look at that! That ball was down That ball was down and jumped right back onto the table. This Is unbelievable watch this! Wow, that was nice fault, I don’t think you know, we’ll need a replay of that I think the black 8 ball hit the back of the pocket and it was repelled Straight into the middle straight into the pocket you don’t see that every day that it,s a just cruel! This is it the last 100 no 146 on the clock Queens is kicking again We have Nile AdWords to the front DC you in seconds Paul peppered. It’s neck-and-neck Oh, oh my god neck in a genie Mac. We have to bloody Paul from them! He will have to get true to the final based on that I have never seen that in athletics He was tied up spider-man true something Adam! Okay, here is something from the sunshine Tory. This is Josh wick That is the most painful penalty that I have ever seen on a golf course Yeah, he’ll be he’s penalized for that Yes out. He is now singing soprano to the puck Spirit isn’t a lot of people. Stop breathing on the duck’s back All bye When you think you’ve seen it all something else happens you believe this Barney Broder went to slide his stick out From his locker and he draws one and he dropped it And it hit a stick Kara back to the legs and you can see his reaction That is one of the most embarrassing moments ever. Watch this. I don’t think I could try that 10 times in practice and never even executed on the right angle and he does it here in Game three of the Stanley Cup Finals Everybody’s come down to check this out looking for Perfection 300. Oh My god Holy cow. Did you see that? He was working on 300 on a demanding lane condition and the rack came down right before the ball Hit the pins and there’s a mechanic already on it What is going on here I’ve never seen anything like this before Where the puck made its way right through the glass in the most strange way Believable. This is a camera behold in the plexiglass were at the bottom of the stairs right there where the cameraman sits and he’s puts His lens right through there. The puck went right through there by that pretty young lady There can a guy some guy right smack in the moat But he did not spill any ginger ale look at this. This is unbelievable The ball and Bowl Shimon who shot a puck sent a towel over to the foot and it just disappeared for recovery Wow You couldn’t if you tried to do that a hundred times Look at she see she saw it coming and she went she went this way So there’s only down by six Kobe honor roll Kobe Bryant just took a shot and our cars junior x-mode shows you just how far down this ball was before I decided To come back Alice. This is amazing. It’s in there. Isn’t it? All of a sudden book? hits the side of the rim and

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  1. OMG!!..The track runner was unholy!!.Haaa!..And get rid of that kid Brodeur.He'll never amount to anything..


  3. I appreciate that you show more than just the most popular sports like Basketball or Football, it's a nice change from other channels

  4. I feel like getting hit in the mouth with a hockey puck is probably bad for your teeth. Would the NHL compensate you for that, or is that in a disclaimer on the tickets?

  5. 2:33 why was the crowd celebrating when the devils were at home?

    Edit: I just realized the ducks were at home, but why were the ducks wearing their away jersey

  6. The track is actually a track in Tula more ireland where I compete for my county but it’s only 200meters and is usually very cramped

  7. Fire the moron who left a broom on the skeleton course. That could've injured or killed the rider. Not to mention totally unfair and absolutely an avoidable fuckup

  8. the broom and the track one are absolute bs lol, that was outside interference. might as well just throw a banana peel from the audience and say whoopsie

  9. I did one of these.
    I was bowling with my coworkers at stateline NV, after hours. 12 pack and 1$games after 9pm. Bowled a 180 so far. Down by 3 pins. 10th frame. Last bowler.
    I guttered both.. 🙁
    Hugh, Victor, Jack.

  10. these people are just fucking idiots, pool and golf are not sports. i might as well say i'm typing here and my typing speed is a sport you dumb twats lol

  11. I really enjoyed this video thanks for the free entertainment. Really looking forwad to your next vid, keep it real on the DL ya boi Bob Ross

  12. I can't stand sports sometimes. Like the track one got me mad, and it counted still?? That's not unlucky, that's bullshit. Same with the sliding one and the broom, (not sure what that's called.)

    Guess if I want someone to lose I'll just start throwing shit at them, huh?

  13. The guy literally got hit in the face with a puck and did not spill his ginger ale that's a true Canadian right there

  14. What’s weird about that last clip? Kobe jacking up in and out line drives was status quo 3 out of 4 games

  15. If we believe in luck, then we believe that it is something beyond our control. Many of these results were caused by the player, and were thus not bad luck.

  16. Hello there, I am just starting my YouTube journey and I would really appreciate it if you could swing by my channel and check it out. Any pointers would be amazing! Thank you so much to anybody that does have a quick look. I am really grateful!

  17. As a judge who's run off pole vault competitions for over 20 years….the fault lies with the PV officials that allowed that to happen. The bungee is used for warming up and the bungee coming off is not unusual. It was bad luck that it flew in the direction of a runner and wrapped around his leg. But it could've been prevented if the official was doing his job.

  18. That one in hockey about the girl, she had NO idea what happened, she only reacted to what she felt! XD

  19. Those Steve Nash Suns actually have a couple years lost due to awful luck. Robert Horry checks Nash out of bounds in the 2007 playoffs and Suns somehow got a tougher punishment than the Spurs. Suns lose the series due to those suspensions. Friggin' David Stern.

  20. The stupid ass billards players might not have that happen to them if they weren't trying to slam in winning shots with completely unnecessary force.

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