Unlimited Possibilities | BCom | Sauder School of Business at UBC, Vancouver, Canada

Unlimited Possibilities | BCom | Sauder School of Business at UBC, Vancouver, Canada

[music] ANDREA: Here at Sauder we have the largest
commerce undergraduate society in Canada which will give you unlimited possibilities to get
involved. There are over 700 volunteer positions so you’re sure to find something that you’ll
like. There are a number of things on campus that range from sports, to social activities,
to academic events. Whether it be a cause that’s really close to your heart, there are
unlimited possibilities at UBC.>>ALEX: You have so many opportunities to
try new things be it by getting involved with a club, running a conference, or trying your
hand at figuring out what sustainability means. A lot of the time Faculty members act as mentors.
You can find supportive staff and alumni that could also help you find what it is that you
want to do and find what your passions are.>>ANDREA: At Sauder, there are so many possibilities
for you to find work experience whether it be with a marketing firm, an advertising agency,
whether it be investment banking or even real estate. There are so many ways to find the
resources you need in order to find the industry opportunity that you want for your career.>>ALEX: The career centre puts a lot of work
into trying to find the right opportunities and provide students the outlet to try and
find what they want to do be it by summer work, by getting involved in a community project,
by trying many different things over their time at Sauder when it comes to work and then
converting those into successful work opportunities later on. [music]

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