Unlimited Data 4G LTE Fast Hotspot | No Contract | No throttling | Up to 20 Devices | Wirelessbuy

Unlimited Data 4G LTE Fast Hotspot | No Contract | No throttling | Up to 20 Devices | Wirelessbuy

hey guys EBPMAN here would you like to
have access to the Internet no matter where you are for all of your electronic
devices in your home well today we’re going to talk about a mobile router
brought to us by Wireless buy that solves that very problem today we’re
looking at the Nighthawk m1 let’s check it out so guys this solution from
Wireless buy is gonna solve various use cases if you were looking to have
internet access in your home maybe if you have a summer home or a winter
cottage that you want to go to or if you’re just simply traveling and would
like to have a hotspot for business purposes you’ll want to check out this
video because we’re talking about a unlimited data solution that has no
throttling for a very low price with a very good router so let’s go ahead and
take a look at the specs and we’ll talk about the use cases associated with the
solution from Wireless buy let’s get right to it
make sure you hit the subscribe button and tap the little bell icon to get
notified when new videos become available so now let’s take a closer
look at the router and all the features before we do the unboxing so what you
have here is the Nighthawk m1 gigabit LTE mobile router and as we take a look
at the features you’re gonna have a router capable of downloading data and
uploading data at the fastest possible speeds for an LTE router so this is
really good speeds as you can see here you do have an integrated data usage
monitor which again because Wireless by is giving you unlimited data with no
throttling it’s just good to know what your data usage is but you’re not gonna
have to worry about you know hitting any caps you do have super fast Wi-Fi and
the ability to connect up to 20 devices you also have the fact that you can use
this on a single charge because it has a robust battery all day especially if
you’re traveling if you’re RVing or if you’re you know just out in the park and
you want to have internet access in the hotspot for multiple devices you can do
that to the actual hotspot also can serve as a battery backup to any devices
and that’s also a great thing to have it has parental controls and you have two
ways of accessing the actual router you could either use the mobile app or you
can use your browser going through your app to access all the settings so let’s
do the unboxing now as we do the unboxing a couple
I just wanted to mention is that the internet service is being provided
through or via t-mobile and as we take a look at the router this is a really
hefty router it’s one of the best in-class routers on the market available
today so we’ll go ahead and put it over to the side and you’ll see that after
that what we have is user guide so if you’re interested in the user guide and
then what you have is a power brick and then a USBC cable so you have a modern
cable that you’re gonna be connecting your router to so now let’s take a
closer look at the router and we’ll talk about all the features that we see here
all right so first of all you can see that there’s a display where you can see
how much data you’ve used and how many days are left on your plan now keep in
mind that Wireless buy is giving you unlimited data with no throttling so
this is just a good indicator to so that you can see how much you’ve used it’s
also going to show how many devices you have connected now in our home work card
cutters so we have no standard television no cable television and
everything is coming through the internet so we’re talking about Netflix
you’re talking about Hulu you’re talking about all those services Amazon they all
work fine with us and one of the neat things about this is that you have two
bands on this router so if I press this button once what you’ll notice is that
it’s gonna switch and show you your 2.4 gigahertz band if you press it again
it’s going to show you your 5 gigahertz man so you have two bands that you can
work with now the significance of this is that if you are in let’s say a
college setting or even in an airport where there’s a lot of two-point-four
usage and you’ll find that anywhere you’re gonna find a lot of people in a
lot of connectivity switching over to five can make a big difference when it
comes to speed I tend to use five even on my phone when I use it as a hotspot
that’s what I go with so the fact that it has two bands and you can see those
two bands is a really good thing now as we look at this side here in the front
you have a USB port this USB port is used to charge another device or to do a
physical tether I haven’t used a tether feature but I have used it as a battery
backup to my tablet or my phone and it works really well you’ll notice also
that you have your USB C port and then you have an Ethernet connection now this
easier net connection is an Ethernet in so if you’re in a hotel setting and you
want to continue to use your router but actually route the internet from the
hotel through the router for security reasons you could do that as well now
let’s say you’re in a very area and for whatever reason you’re not
getting good connectivity one of the things that you could also do with this
router is attached an antenna so what you’re seeing here are the context
points that you can actually connect an external antenna that you can maybe
mount outside or you can mount it on on your window with the glass suction cup
all right on this side right here you have your power button and that’s all
there is to it now many of you may be curious as to
what kind of speeds I’m getting in my home so let’s go ahead and do this so
I’m connected to the router I am in speed test and I’m gonna hit go so we’re
just gonna see what kind of speeds were getting what are our download speeds and
what our upload speeds are remember this is gonna vary based on where you live
also you know what kind of noise you have in your neighborhood how many
devices you have in your house but as you’re seeing here I’m getting a hundred
and seventeen looks like a hundred seventeen megabits yeah a hundred
seventeen megabytes and then from an upload there it goes 17 18 19 and see if it stays at 19 yeah
it looks like it’s gonna stay at 19 so that’s not bad again unlimited data all
on this plan it’s going to be 117 download for me 19 up it’s pretty good
alright now for those of you who may be curious about streaming things like
YouTube let me show you how that would work so I’m gonna just add my channel
now I’m gonna choose one of the most recent videos that I’ve done and here
you see how quickly the video is coming up and is being served and again that’s
all coming through this router so it’s pretty fast we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna go back and we’ll try another video just to give you a sense and
choose this one on some other bands and you can see how snappy that is we’re
gonna pause this one get into another video we’ll choose this one right here
and you’ll notice how it comes up and it’s going to start playing we’ll do it
one more time just you can see the speed we’re gonna try this mystery box one and
you’ll notice BAM it’s working so very very fast connectivity and again it’s
gonna satisfy the needs of your home either mobile mobile home or your
physical home alright so now let’s take a closer look at the app so I went ahead
and I logged into the app and there are two versions of this app there’s a
version that’s available on Android and a version that’s available on iOS and
they both have the same features so as we take a look at the
app itself as soon as you log in you’re gonna see how much data usage you’ve
used what the session has been like and that’s what you see there the actual
network as well as your battery level but your plan right which like I said
you don’t have to worry about that you do have your network name as well as a
pastor to that network and then you’ll notice at the bottom that you have two
bands you have five gigahertz and a 2.4 gigahertz this will support both bands
running at the same time which is really important because in your home there are
devices that may not support five so having both bands going is important
because then that gives you maximum compatibility so now let’s go ahead and
check the Wi-Fi area so no Wi-Fi area you’re gonna see that you have 2.4
gigahertz 5 gigahertz or a dual band in my case I would advise that you have
both going because you do have devices in your home they’re going to support
one or the other yeah so it’s this is gonna give you
maximum compatibility here you can see all the detail that you would expect in
a router but for your primary your secondary as well as some other settings
that are pretty standard when you’re looking at you know just routers in
general you can see your devices and you’ll see the device names and then
what you could do is go into this little support area so the app is pretty
straightforward and very simple so next let’s check out
the website so we can see where we can find this router so we’re here at
Wireless bhai’s website and you can notice this is the router page and
you’ll see that the router itself is $219 so that’s $219 for this router and
then you’re looking at $79 a month no contract unlimited data no throttling
for up to 20 devices that’s great deal what do you think
about this router what do you think about the capabilities let me know in
the comment area below and as always thanks for watching

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  1. Hmmmmmmm
    I think i will stick with the ATT plan for 35, or even the truly unlimited ATT Enterprise plan for 60. 80 for this one? nope

  2. We’d to see what my carrier. Arizona has comparable. I have unlimited data and can use my phone and iPads as personal hotspots now

  3. The new Librem5 phone by Purism comes with a Librem package where you can do all your phone usage either through wifi or through a minimal data package. Data packages start at about $25/mo.

  4. It's throttled, you have unlimited data, but only 20 GB of it is at 4G LTE speed then they throttle you down to 3G. So you may be getting 120 mb/s download speeds, but after you use up that 20 GB you'll be crawling along at between 1 to 3.7 mb/s.

  5. wtf r people complaining about. i hav xfinity home internet $70mo 70Mbps. this pocket has over 100Mbps plus u can take it anywer. that is the shit. jus wondrin how reliable the device is

  6. For my summer home. Best line of the video and i just started it. Also bro nice custom not so deep v shirt with youtube logo looks legit

  7. So, I buy the unit from Wireless Buy, it arrives and I set it up. I download the app, and the app tells me your plan is not compatible with this device. I email Wireless Buy, and told, "your line is not active, as it's pending for activation on TMobiles end. That should be done soon, and you will get an email as soon as it's ready." So, soon and ready….WTF does that tell me, jack sh!t! You think these @#$%& people would state that some where before you click buy. But, we live in a world where no one gives and F. They havee 48 hours or I call Amex for charge back. VERY misleading. Unsub EPPMan.

  8. $35 att unlimited data plan on Ebay. You pay the seller attunlimited from Hawaii a one time fee for setting u up with a legit $35 att unlimited data plan. Buy ur own unactivated att 4glte sim card and follow the instructions in the description. It's legit and no throttling or slow downs either. I've used over 500GB some months with no throttling or slow downs. I've been on this plan since Nov 18 and I love it.

  9. $79 a month + you have to buy the device for $219 is a good deal? Haha. I pay $70 a month and I don't have to buy that device.

  10. Basically, it's a commercial for that router. Many of these videos fail to mention that you must be with a certain carrier. Just a hoop, work with a certain code or they've been receiving unlimited because they have grandfathered plan

  11. I just bought this a few days ago and got the Tmobile Unlimited Plan as well. I'm getting a 35 ms ping speed, 1.5 mbps download and 3.3 mbps upload. I live in a populated area so I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I checked the Tmobile coverage map and it's excellent in my area. I bought it to cut the internet cord, but my bf and I game via console and laptops. I wanted to test out downloading a game. I'm at 17 GB out of 25 GB for Warframe and it has taken about 4 1/2 hrs to download just that. Any advice?

  12. I feel like I'm missing something….good internet, wherever you go, as long as it has power? At a similar price people pay in my area….I'd like to consider this….

  13. I've got the ultimate Wi-Fi hotspot forget about no throttling and no data caps how about this the data for the hotspot is being sent from your phone to the other device like file-sharing so which means the carrier and network thinks you are moving files from one device to another over Wi-Fi locally so which means you have unlimited top speed 100 megabit connection speed you just need an Android device and any unlimited data plan then you can connect all of your internet capable devices iPhone, PC, Laptop or any other device and enjoy top speed all month long. Download free trial from my Wrestling Entertainment YouTube channel The Dark Destroyer.

  14. It's misleading.
    It's not unlimited at all when you hit that 50gb you are going to get throttled.
    For all of this you might as well get permanent internet in your home.
    79.99 Gets me truly unlimited internet.
    I've used over 12tb of internet data within a 30 day period and paid 79.99
    With this device once you hit 50gb you are slowed down.
    Not worth it.

  15. 219$ for device
    80$ for data
    No throttle
    Unlimited data
    That’s still way too much , but nothing’s free in this world . & I get it everyone got to have money but these companies are charging the high for WiFi 👎🏼👎🏼❌

  16. I have att very bad service I pay 60.00 a month 25 gb but they slow down to 13 I keep tell them they don't do anything it's time to switch.

  17. Why am I getting shit speeds with T-Mobile in my area I’m just trying out the test drive kit but sprint is a lot faster

  18. Thank you sir for this video I bought this modem and all I can say it works great.. I'm a truck driver and I use it on my TV and other devices while on the road and T Mobile has the best fast internet.

  19. How good is this for traveling? I’m about to hit the road as a trucker and I’m looking for internet while I’m driving to stream podcasts.

  20. You can get cheap shity undeniable inter net for 50 bucks a month 80 bucks a month for this device is a good deal I need this

  21. If TMobile is allowed to merge with Sprint this may be a good deal..but for now, Verizon has the best HotSpot options going. TMobile does not have good coverage in my area at this time.

  22. Idrk what half of this means. I just need hotspot that I don’t need to plug into anything and that I can take anywhere. And it would be nice to know how much it costs and if I have to pay monthly how much.

  23. It's probably worth it for people that travel and with an external antenna installed on a pole (higher than the tallest part of the roof) it might be good for people living in rural areas.

  24. That’s a very expensive router considering its limited usefulness. They are screwing Americans the way Internet service providers do.

  25. Do I have to pay even when I’m not using it? Like I’m not always home and the only time I would need to use it is when I’m home. Due to the nature of my job, I’m away from home for like 2-3 months at a time. My question to you is, can I just pay the monthly subscription when I need to use it or do I need to pay even when I’m not using it? I hope my question makes sense

  26. See this would be kind of awesome for your car. I already have unlimited no throttle in my home and I have a Nighthawk. My family runs on walmart staight talk unlimited no throttle for cell phones so we are set. But, this still is pretty cool too if someone's plan happened to lapse, because you could go from house to car seamlessly. Just not for 79 a month.

  27. Honestly grab a VPN, a Nighthawk router and put your POS router from your internet service provider in bridge mode and use walmart straight talk and you're good to go. Dont need this

  28. Can anybody truly verify that they NEVER throttle? I have a hard time believing that in a time when the small print is smaller than ever….

  29. Have a hard time believing in no throttling.. att did have it back in the day with unlimited 4g an no throttling with hotspot . but the canned that plan..

  30. Your claim of unlimited data with no throttling is FALSE. I just got off the phone with WirelessBuy and I was told that after 50gb I am subjected to tower deprioritization like with every other wireless carrier. If you have factual data, not anecdotal like "I never knew anyone who was throttled", please present it. You are flying directly into the wind with what the actual company told me today at @ EST. Show me some document somewhere from WirelessBuy or T-Mobile that says "If you use this router will not be throttled" and I will buy this right now. I don't want to make a lateral move. I have Verizon now and they subject me to throttling at 50gb. Now, do they ALWAYS throttle me? Nope. It depends on how busy the tower is. But for you to make the claim that this is NEVER throttled is incorrect. Please do prove me wrong.

  31. Maybe for someone in the middle of Podunk somewhere this would be a good idea. Or if you wanted to take high speed internet with you. But, symmetric fiber gigabit internet can be had for $65, without the added expense of a $220 router.

  32. The price of $69 for this internet speed with no throttle is great. Is mind boggling that people are complaining about that. But then again I live in houston tx. If I wanted the same speed with let's say Xfinity or Att, the price would be over $100. I think this product with the price and its portability, is good.

  33. $80/month sounds like a rip off unless you live in the woods and is your only option. Comcast gives me better pricing and speeds so really this would be a waste. Could see this being used with an external antenna for an RV though.

  34. I get my service at $35 per month at lesser speed but its more than enough to stream and download on multiple devices.

  35. Just got done chatting with logan at wirelessbuy and this is exactly word for word what he said "Good afternoon, there is no hard cap where you get throttled. It is still a cellular plan so the carrier can deprioritize the line after 50GB of usage if there is limited bandwidth in your area" So it may be "Unlimited" however T-mobile still has the ability if they want to slow you down at any point after you use 50gb in a single month, and i bet that happens more so than not which is unfortunate!

  36. I just want to take the time to say thank you to everyone in the comments section, I haven't laughed this much in a long while and I needed it,you guys are amazing ❤🤣

  37. Mines just arrived, I'm at work tho. pretty stoked, can't wait to try it out.

    Update: I tested the speed several times already. I topped out at 180mbs download and 55mbs upload. I tried playing 1440p videos on my phone and the loading is 1/4 of a second and at times is instant, even with skipping 10 min. Forward or back. When I watched 1080p videos, it would play instantly, skipping 5min or 10 or however many, it would still play instantly. I'm using the 5ghz bandwidth on this router instead of the 2.4 ghz. Speeds in houston for 4g LTE is pretty good. Go check my channel for the speed tests. I have 3 different results. So far I am very satified with this product, especially since they lowered the price to $69 no tax. for monthly payments, No contract.

  38. So AT&T offers this on their leasing program for like $8 a month. Does that mean then I have to abide by AT&T's possible limits?

  39. I have a question, this is the same one att offers and they say you can change the upnp setting in order to change your nat type to moderate or best case open, can you do the same with this device? If so i will gladly say yes as long as coverage is available.

  40. at $219 then add on the $79.99 a month
    at a $300 plus/ plus tax at checkout.. I think ill pass
    even with the $10 discount…Lol

  41. I so needed this on my 30-day road trip!!! I was recording about a hundred gigabytes of content per day. After the first day I was throttled to 600 kbps on my Verizon hotspot!!!! 😭

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