UNL College of Business Transfer-In Session

UNL College of Business Transfer-In Session

Welcome to the College of Business! We’re so excited to have you join us in our new Howard L Hawks Hall. Since you are transferring into the College of Business there are a few things that you
need to keep in mind the purpose of this presentation is to help guide you on the
policies, resources, and choices you will have while fulfilling your degree in the
College of Business. Please feel free to take notes during the presentation that
you can reference later on. To begin, it is important to realize that business
advising and student engagement will be an important resource to you during your
college career as a business student. We are located in Hawks Hall CoB 125. This
is where you can come meet with an academic advisor. Common topics we are
happy to help you with include, but are not limited to: changing your major,
registering for classes, transferring credits, reading your degree audit,
learning specifics on grade requirements, and much more. Within the College of
Business we expect our students to know and understand their degree audit, which
can be found by signing into your MyRed. You can use your degree audit to assist
you in preparing your class schedule and to ensure that you graduate on time. You
should meet with an advisor regularly each semester to confirm that you are on
the right path with your courses and remember to bring your degree audit with
you when you meet with an advisor. The College of Business has a strict GPA
policy – you must have a 2.5 GPA to be admitted into the college. Once you have
been admitted, you must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA to be able to take business
courses, avoid registration problems and also be eligible for graduation at the
end of your academic career. If you fall below a 2.5 GPA you will not be able to
register for or take the required classes that you need for your major. It
is important to be ahead of the game when it comes to registering for courses.
Business courses fill up quickly, so plan ahead and meet with an advisor when
planning for your next semester. Also, be sure to register for classes as soon as you can during priority registration. Prerequisites are strictly enforced
within the College of Business. That includes both GPA requirements
and prerequisite courses. The College of Business does not round up for GPA, so be mindful of that when you are registering for classes. If you meet the prerequisites for a business course but are given an error message during registration you will either need to meet with an advisor within Business
Advising and Student Engagement or complete and submit the prerequisite
override form that can be found on the College of Business Advising and Student
Engagement website. All permission code overrides must go through Business Advising and Student Engagement. For your information the College of Business does not override students into closed courses. Professors do not have the
ability to grant you permission into a closed course. It is extremely important that if you wish to change a course to pass no pass that you first speak with an academic advisor to make sure that this is okay. You may only take a total of 6 credit hours of elective courses as Pass/No Pass. If you have a minor outside of the College of Business you must follow the grading rules for that particular minor. There are specific policies within the College of Business regarding course grades for example: Math, Accounting and Finance all require
grades of a C or better in order to advance to higher level courses within
the subject area. UNL courses or the grade of C – or below may only be taken at a University of Nebraska institution which includes UNL, UNO, or UNK. Transfer courses from outside of the Nebraska University System must have a C or better to count toward the UNL business degree. If you have any questions please
visit with an advisor and Business Advising and Student Engagement. There are also rules that need to be followed regarding the amount of transfer credits that can be counted toward your business degree. If you want to transfer classes
in from another institution, it is highly recommended that you visit with an
advisor in Business Advising and Student Engagement. The College of Business also
has a large selection of global immersion opportunities that you are
able to apply for. We encourage you to look into studying abroad because these opportunities will enable you to: strengthen your cross-cultural skills,
enhance your language competency and communication skills, increase your
independence, self-reliance and self-confidence and develop your
competitiveness in the global workforce. With 16 programs sponsored by the
College of Business, there are also countless other programs available
through education abroad for more information contact our Global Immersion
Department located in Hawks Hall COB 125 Now we will go over some of the
resources made available to you through the College of Business. We will begin with the business Career Center located in Hawks Hall COB 141. The Business Career Center is here to assist you in developing confidence and
professionalism to help you achieve lifelong career success. They offer career coaching to students all year even during the summer months. Topics that can help you with include resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, interview skills, finding internships, and finding job opportunities. The next resource we will go over is the Teaching and Learning Center located in Hawks Hall COB 14. You will find supplemental instruction, study groups and facilitated
course mentoring as well as other workshops and resources for student
learning success. The next resource we will discuss is the Clifton Strengths Institute located in Hawks Hall COB 115 The Clifton strengths Institute offers up a place for students to identify and maximize their talents to help guide their personal, professional, and leadership development through the use and application of strengths-based sciences. Now, to come back to Business
Advising and Student Engagement… Remember to see an advisor at least once a semester to ensure that you are on the correct path for graduation. Appointments can be made with the advisors through MyPLAN, which may be accessed through
Canvas or by calling Business Advising and Student Engagement at 402-472-2310 You can even stop by Hawks Hall COB 125 and we will set one up for you Business Advising and Student Engagement accepts walk-in appointments Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m.
and 4:00 p.m. on a first-come first-served basis. One of the many great
resources we have available for you is the ability to participate and Walk-In
Wednesdays – where we have more advisors available throughout the day to meet
with students – which means shorter wait times. However, we encourage you to consider scheduling your appointments with an advisor to avoid a wait all together. Walk-ins are expected to take 15 minutes or less so if you believe your question will take longer than 15 minutes we suggest you make an appointment and remember always come prepared for your advising appointments by bringing a printed degree audit in PDF format or have a laptop with your degree audit pulled up on the screen thank you for watching this presentation should you
have any follow-up questions please make an appointment with an academic advisor. Welcome to the College of Business and have a great day!

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