University Academic Fellowship Recruitment at University of Leeds

University Academic Fellowship Recruitment at University of Leeds

[MUSIC PLAYING] At Leeds we’re committed to
building on our reputation as a research
intensive university. And this is actually the
third round of recruitment to the University
Academic Fellow scheme. We’re looking for
candidates to join us from anywhere in the world,
and also closer to home from existing
staff that we have, to help us to further
establish ourselves as a Top 10 UK and Top
100 global university. The scheme is a
five-year programme. And at the end of
the five years, you’ll get a post as
an associate professor. During the course of the
UAF, I was supported through a dedicated training programme. One of the key things,
I think for me, was the fact that
we got a mentor. But it’s not like that’s
the only mentor you have. It’s a whole network of people
who will give you advice. The university runs
centralised courses in things like
management, team building, how to be an academic leader. Which perhaps many
people won’t have had experience of previously. Getting UAF at Leeds was a
real game changer for me. It gave me the freedom to
explore my entire research interests. And I don’t think I could have
done that with any other job opportunity, really. And across the
university, you’re really encouraged to think
about discipline hopping. It can lead to some
really exciting research projects and ideas. Not just in the faculty,
but across the university, within different
parts of the faculty. Quite quickly, I learned
that other people wanted me to be involved
in their science as well. And that was great. I absolutely love
Leeds as a place. I’ve got a young family. It’s a fantastic and vibrant
city to live and work in. It’s got an amazing
cultural scene. Food is great. You can drive at the weekend
and be somewhere beautiful and go hiking within
an hour of Leeds. And that to me is fantastic. It’s really a can-do place. It’s full of people with high
expectations and great beliefs. And the science is ambitious. There’s lots of
support available. The facilities are fantastic. I feel valued here. It’s allowed me to
develop my career as an independent scientist. And it’s really
going to springboard the rest of my academic career. This is the time to propose
a bold and exciting programme of research, to think about how
your teaching is going to be innovative and cutting edge,
and to really go for it. Do you want a long term
career in academia? Do you want to be at
an exciting university with great ambition
for the future? We’re already very strong
in research and education. But we have ambition
to be even better. And we’d love you
to be part of it. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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