United B787-10 Polaris Business and Premium Plus Review

United B787-10 Polaris Business and Premium Plus Review

– Welcome to the latest United 787-10. – Hi, welcome aboard. – [Sam] Hi. – Where are you seated? – [Sam] I’m 11 alpha. – 11 alpha, right this way. – Thank you
– You’re welcome. (upbeat synth music) – Good morning, I’m Captain Eric Goldbach and with me is my first officer. – Lori Medicus. – Today we’re flying the 787-10. It’s the newest model in the fleet for us and it’s been in operation
for a couple weeks. It’s an incredible aeroplane, the technology behind it is awesome and we’re carrying a lot more passengers, and the aeroplane itself,
there’s a few new features. One of the main ones is,
and it’s not activated yet is the traffic tools, where
we can track other aeroplanes and their specific flight numbers, and the airline that they
are actually working for. The other thing this is, it’s much longer. We carry over 300 people and it’s such a comfortable aeroplane. Today we’re gonna go to Newark. We’re flying 4 hours and 15 minutes. It’s about 15 minutes under our normally scheduled flight time. We’ll be cruising at 37,000 feet and we have a nice tailwind today. I’ve seen as much as 720
knots over the ground speed. That was the flight we
took the other day from, I think it was Shanghai. – So Captain tell me what’s
the difference like flying the dash 10 compared to 787-8 or dash 9. – Well it starts with the taxi out. We’ve got a much longer
aeroplane, so the taxiing around the airport is like a triple seven. That’s how much longer it is. The differences are pretty minor. The fuel load is about
the same as the dash 9. The flying characteristics
are very similar. It’s a little easier to land. We have a main landing gear
that tilts a little bit. So it softens the landing,
makes it easier for all of us. It’s just longer, carries more people and there are some minor differences within the cockpit for
us, but generally speaking it’s very similar to all the others. – Hi there, how are you.
– Hi there. – Good to see you. – It’s a good thing you called
me, today is my last day. – Where are you going?
– I’m going to retire. – Congratulations.
– Really? – Yeah, today is my last day.
– Today’s your last day? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – How many years, Papa Joe? – 33 years. – He brought us candy for his retiring. – Oh my god.
– Oh my god. – Are you emotional?
– Seriously? – We’re gonna miss you.
– No, I’m really happy. – Let me give you a hug. (laughter)
– Oh my God. – [Woman] Hi, where are you seated, sir? – Hey guys, I’m with candy man Papa Joe here at United Airlines.
– Yeah, I’ll show you why, here is the candy. – Here he is, everyone come down to LAX. Gonna come to Papa Joe,
he’s gonna give you all the Hershey’s and all the
chocolates and candies here. – Here ya go.
– So tell me what do you really do at United Air. – I’m a mechanic. – Oh, you are a mechanic?
– Yeah – Well you are a candy man as well, cool. – Well that’s what I am really good at. – Alrighty.
– Take a picture? (laughter) – He set me up. – My neighbor’s kids call me, Papa Joe, Papa Joe.
– 32, happy retirement, Papa Joe.
– Thank you (alarm ringing) – Welcome aboard, United flight
2418 to Newark today 787-10. There’s a very good engine view seat here – 11 alpha. Look outside. Don’t forget the slap belt here. (plane engine roaring) (upbeat music) – Here’s your Miller, sir. – [Sam] Thank you very much. – Hello, good morning. Did you have a chance to look at the menu? We have two choices today. We have a savoury quiche and
we also have a brioche souffle. – [Sam] Brioche souffle please. – Brioche souffle, that’s a great choice. – So currently the 787-10
is doing a domestic run. There are a lot of good
deals if you book early. Check out these good deals here. – So currently the 787-10 is
doing domestic trans-con between Newark and LA, and San
Francisco from February 14. If you book early, you can get a business class seat as low as $599. That is a great deal
and you can always look at the seat map to select your
favourite seat like I did. Just wanna show you what the
amenities have on this plane. I’ve got the Saks Fifth
Avenue Blanket here. And I’ve also got this nice
Saks Fifth Avenue pillow here. And also a little amenity pouch here. (uplifting music) Tomorrow is Chinese new
year, the year of the pig. So I want to wish everybody a very healthy, very prosperous year of the pig. Gong hei fat choi. (speaks foreign language) I’m bothering the crew
back in the galley in the middle here, here’s Kelly, she’s the galley operator right now. Busy plating up all our
breakfast, and Tiara is the server here.
– Hi. Hey, and it’s your first time, like me, – Yes.
– United 787-10. – Yes, it’s my first time. We’re all very excited to be on the plane. – So far so good? – Yeah, it’s beautiful, I love it – Ready for breakfast Sam?
– Yeah, absolutely. – So what we do is just, try and make it look pretty so our passengers enjoy. – [Sam] What’s this meal here, this is? – This is the south-western omelette. It has a potato and sweet potato hash and it has a chicken sausage. Mustn’t forget the scone. – This is our healthy cereal option with some fresh fruit yoghourt and we also put a scone on there. It’s usually Cornflakes sometime
it can be Rice Krispies. – [Sam] What kinda sauce is this? This is a savoury one or this is like? – [Kelly] No, it’s actually a cream sauce, it’s a cream cheese sauce
– Oh, cream cheese. – [Kelly] And it has a
berry compote, as well. (plane engine roaring) – Here you are, sir. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – We don’t have to set up
from 350 to 180, it’s automated and that’s what I like. We don’t have to guess. We don’t have to rotate meals. Now the ovens are automated, it’s an even cooking
temperature throughout the oven. – Kelly is actually preparing my meals. Not often you get to see how your meals prepare in the galley,
but this is my food here. – Ta-da! – Ta-da! (upbeat music) – Here you go. (upbeat music) – Not a huge breakfast
guy, but I actually really like this brioche, sweet and soft. (upbeat music) – So I just came down to the premium plus, which is the new premium
part of 787-10 on United. Here is Moe and I wanna ask you how did you find this seat here? – We did some good research online and heard of their new premium plus. We actually purchased the upgrade. – Oh you bought an upgrade here. – Yeah and the membership. The yearly memberships that you can own buy economy
– oh the economy and economy plus membership. So we got those and you can
take eight people on it. – This is a good deal because before they used it for international
flight for domestic trans-con, they gave it for free. So you are very lucky you got here, sitting here for free.
– Yes, I’m very happy with it. – Alright, great.
– Feels like business class. – Alright, if you give me
your seat I will try it out. Is this your daughter? – [Moe] That’s my daughter, yes. – Hey, how are you?
– Say hi. Let me try it out. Hey, this seats recline pretty good, it’s fairly decent here, good leg room. Moe’s family owns this whole place here. They took 16 seats out
of 21 in this cabin here. – Yes – On the way to LA you had 18 out of 21
– We had 18. It’s almost like flying private Sam. – Like all the family, this is amazing. You know if you have a big family you can have a whole cabin to yourself here. – You gotta book in
advance but it’s worth it. – Say cheese. Hi – Everybody in economy plus
gets this meal for free. It’s blueberry pancakes
with turkey sausage and pineapple fruit with
grapes and a Chobani yoghourt. – Now meals are free in economy plus – Yes it’s great, yes.
– And premium plus. – Okay, so only in economy do they
still pay for their meals. – Yes exactly. – Okay. – Okay, now you have to pick up the trash. – Pick up the trash of course. – Now you have to separate the recycling. – Cleaning bathroom?
– Yes, that’s right. – Wearing this apron you have
to start doing dirty work. Now I become the flight attendant, an honorary flight
attendant on this flight. – What are you doing standing
around go do work. – Go to work. (laughter) Serving water. – [Kelly] That one only
has enough to gargle, you need to put more in that one. – [Sam] Oh, which one? – [Kelly] Just over there. – [Sam] This one, yeah,
this one is not enough. – [Kelly] I could not gargle with that. – Oh I see. – [Kelly] Here goes Sam. (aeroplane engine roaring) – No thank you. This is a cool apron you know. It has these two little
flight attendant pockets here. Inside they put their goodies
like tissues and napkins. Tea cream and sugar? – Yeah, thank you. Beautiful, it’s nice to not have to work. – [Kelly] You’re hired. – It’s very good you’re hired. – My husband passed away seven
years ago and it was sudden. It was unexpected. I wasn’t, didn’t have any notice. He wasn’t sick, it was
a very sad situation and so the people that got me back to work were the flight attendants. – Here yeah. – The people I work with and financially it was very difficult after he passed away and there is a foundation
called Couse Foundation. – Couse Foundation.
– Couse, C-O-U-S-E, and flight attendants
donate their own money straight from their
pay packet every month. – And this foundation helps people to get back on track,
especially the industry. – That’s flight attendants reaching out and helping their own. – [Sam] You can adjust the window sheet on the entertainment screen. The entertainment system
on the 787-10 is the best out of all the United fleet in my opinion. A beautiful, large touch screen
display is at your finger tips. There is a relax mode. You can customise the
music and imagery together, which is pretty cool to me. (upbeat mellow music) By the way I really like this knob here. You can turn this knob to go fully flat. This is also a good
position to watch the TV. And now I’m going fully flat. It’s actually really narrow
when you go fully flat. So there’s a good trick
to get more comfortable, it’s to twist, so this is really good if you’re a side sleeper. – Are you interested in a sandwich today? – [Sam] Sure – We have the turkey with
cheddar wrap or a hummus and cucumber with tomato sandwich. – [Sam] I will have the second one. – The second one (upbeat music) (plane engine roaring) – [Announcer] Welcome to Newark Liberty International Airport. The local time is 3:44 p.m. (upbeat music) – Thank you, bye now.
– [Sam] Bye, see you. – Thank you, have a nice day.
– Bye. – Normally when we do our
walk arounds, we kind of, work our way all the way
around the aeroplane. Checking on the gear and
anything that is safety related. (engine roaring) So normally we come out
and we’re just looking for the broad strokes as
far as maintenance issues. The mechanics are gonna
do a walk around also, and we’re just looking for the general inspection of the engines, make sure there is not damage
there or any kind of fluid leaking underneath the engine. Most of the holes and
the things for the packs, we look at that, making sure that there is nothing
clogged or anything blocking. We’re gonna come here and check the gear, checking the brakes. Making sure there is no flat
tyres, that kind of thing. You’ll notice that we don’t
have many hydraulic lines on this aeroplane now
because it’s highly electric. So you see like the black
cables, they’re electric and we got very few hydraulics
lines running through here and you can see that. Make sure there is no damage along the leading edge of the wings. Making sure there is no fuel leaking. You never wanna get in his way because he is dumping the lavatory. (upbeat music) – Welcome to the Polaris
Lounge in Newark Airport. There’s a beautiful view with full dining here. – [Man] I’ve seen you before on YouTube. I swear to god when I get bored at night and I put YouTube on all night, and then I look at you –
he goes to all these places. – Jack, right? – I’m on YouTube. – This is Polaris bartender, Jack. – Would you like something spectacular? – [Sam] Yeah – What do you like to drink,
what’s your favourite? – [Sam] I will go buy your special. Whatever you can make. – This is bartender Jack’s
special at Newark here. – This is our delicious Lemon spritzer. – Lemon spritzer. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, be careful. – Oops, I spilled it again. – That’s how good it was.
– Yeah that’s good, good. (laughter) – Spilling all over. And here is my beautiful waitress Karen. – Hi, how are you? – Karen was looking
after me in the lounge, in the dining area and she brought me a, what is this Karen? – This is our home made banana cake. – Home made banana cake With our home made dark chocolate pudding. – Dark chocolate. (water running) (dinging) (popping)

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  1. It is really nice to see United crew encourage such video making. They didn't know my presence in advance but they were quickly moved by my enthusiasm onboard. The nice crew have no issues of me filming in the galley and sharing their life stories. Captain Eric G really made my day! He was deadheading back to LA after we landed at EWR and offered me a walk around of the 787-10 with an escort!

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