Understanding Exercise and MoTrPAC: Informational Video

Dr. Jakicic: MoTrPAC is a very important study in
us trying to understand how exercise physical activity and sedentary behavior
actually impact molecular and biological and cellular mechanisms of the body.
Dr. Rogers: And what we’re hoping to gain by learning about what changes in the body is gonna
help us to be able to better prescribe exercise.
Dr. Collins: This aims to try to go down
that road towards much more specificity to say what’s good for you as an
individual as opposed to some more generic recommendation.
Dr. Rogers: A study of this
magnitude has never been done which means we need a lot of research
participants to help us answer our important questions.
Dr. Jakicic: In MoTrPAC we’re
actually looking for two different types of participants one very interesting
group is a group of people who already exercise a lot they already train the
other really important group are the people right now who are not exercising.
Dr. Rogers: And get them to start moving and see what was the body like before they were
moving and then what happens to it after. Dr. Collins: We would undoubtedly find individual
differences and what works for me in terms of a combination of cardio and
weight training might be very different than what works for somebody else we
want to discover that. Dr. Whitson: I’m Peggy Whitson NASA astronaut. I have the six hundred
sixty five days in space which is a record by US astronaut. I have more time in space
than any woman. This particular research project is intentionally taking all of the
different specialties and trying to integrate them together. It will give us
a more clear understanding of the problem and how to solve it.
In order for them to be successful, they need a wide variety of people to study
because the human body is very variable and we need to have lots of research
data in order to make any significant conclusions. From my perspective on orbit
it was phenomenal experience to be able to contribute. Get
out there and participate research is always a good thing to be involved in.
And it’s very fun.

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