Understand Profit and Revenue | App Monetization | Udacity

Understand Profit and Revenue | App Monetization | Udacity

As an aspiring entrepreneur, there are number of terms that you’ll
need to be intimately familiar with. Throughout the course, we’ll help you
talk the talk of a business owner in these short Terms to Know segments. We’ll start with the basics,
profit versus revenue. Now, we’ve already spoken a bit about
the differences between the two. Revenue is the total amount of
money your company collects. Now, profits are the most
important number for you to focus on as an entrepreneur. After all, it’s the only way for
your business to survive. If you’re a business that maybe makes
a lot of money, but maybe your expenses and operating costs are eclipsing that,
you can still go under. Now, there are even further distinctions
between types of profit, gross and net. These terms are some of
the most easily confused for those new to the world of finance. But see if you can identify
the definitions for each of these terms just by entering the
correct letter in the boxes provided,

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