UND, NASA and PBS SciGirls Talk to Astronaut

UND, NASA and PBS SciGirls Talk to Astronaut

Houston, this is station we are ready. All the girls, their families, friends,
siblings, they’ve all come here to Clifford Hall at UND. They
created their own interview questions. My colleague Caitlin Nolby and I got all
these questions together, and we sent them to NASA astronaut Christina Koch.
What’s really awesome is that she is one of three American astronauts onboard
the space station as we speak. She’s the only female astronaut, and
she’s such a good role model, especially for this SciGirls program. Astronaut: Being on your head almost all the time, because here in microgravity … ” Speaker: It is very important,
especially for America, to get all girls and boys equally in love with STEM.
That’s where our innovation is, critical thinking, problem solving. This is our
second call to the space station. UND hosts tons of really awesome hands-on
space stuff that students, no matter their age, can participate in. It’s a lot of fun and space is here.

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