UNCSA students selected for Cirque du Soleil fellowships

UNCSA students selected for Cirque du Soleil fellowships

I think UNCSA teaches you
a lot of the foundations you need to move into
a company like this. But obviously, there’s a lot
of differences between a school musical and professional
acrobats from all over the world.
Working with Cirque du Soleil is a completely
different environment. Today I was able to see some
rehearsals for the first time and just seeing the
performers in those costumes made me really happy. Sometimes an internship is
just kind of sit and watch. Cirque is very much more of here, go ahead and do it. One Night for One Drop
is a one night spectacular event where we
raise funding and awareness and the monies raised are given
to One Drop Guy Laliberté’s foundation to bring safe water to the world. It’s our flagship event where
all these unbelievable artists from Cirque have donated
their time for many months; they practice to do the show
to raise money for the cause. And it makes such
a big difference. Typically, on a night like this
we could raise up to $5 million. I began to look
at schools that provided a high quality of
technician that we could hire and then train in
our safety and health standards and technical needs. I know that the fellowship
is successful because two years ago, we hired a
fellow, Dustin Vandenberg. And this year Dustin is
acting as the scenic designer for One Night for One Drop. In 2017, I had just graduated
and they got in contact with me like, “are you
interested in working with Cirque?” And I said,
“yes I am.” They really saw my
drive and my passion for this type of theater. And this type of entertainment. There’s definitely
a lot of things you wouldn’t have learned on paper, reading about Cirque and thinking
about a career with them. At first it was overwhelming, But they really welcomed
me with open arms and now I feel like a full-
fledged contributing member of the design team. It’s just a big family,
and if you do a good job they remember you. I just had an
awesome, awesome time. And I hope that I can
continue with the Cirque family after graduation.

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