UNCG students make an impact as Campus Greensboro Fellows

UNCG students make an impact as Campus Greensboro Fellows

Hi, my name is Breeana White. I’m a senior social work major at UNCG. I’m a Campus Greensboro Fellow this summer and an
intern here at Cone Health. Hi, my name is Dani Iqbal I’m a senior at UNCG
majoring in accounting and finance. I’ve been an intern at Volvo for over a year
and I’m a Campus Greensboro Fellow for 2019. I lost my father to cancer when I was
4. And then losing after losing so many other family members to cancer to
different things that could have been prevented or that I’ve seen a lot in
certain populations. Maybe with African Americans or people of lower income or
this or that. I believe health equity and health
education promotion is very important especially for at-risk communities
because lots of these diseases and stuff like that can be prevented and lives can be
saved. Over the summer here at Volvo I’ve been working within various marketing
groups. I’m under directly the park sales and marketing team. So I coordinate a lot of
the parts information that travels within the group on making sure
everything is online in all the systems and the data manipulation is done
correctly on our end. I’m basically the liaison for my team within the group UNCG has prepared me for the work I’ve done this
summer primarily through the people I’ve been around the people I’ve been able to
interact with. UNCG is such a multicultural multi-ethnic campus. In
here, working at a place like a hospital you see people from all different walks
of life all different types of backgrounds and things like that and
I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learned at UNCG in the classroom and
outside of the classroom here at my internship. Some of the courses that I’ve
taken over at UNCG such as business law and Communication Studies has really
allowed me to excel at my intern role here in the marketing department. I’ve
been able to speak with various different high level positions. You know,
contribute my ideas and knowledge within these various groups to help make the
company better.

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