UMass Cold Spring Orchard and Big Y Worldclass Market

UMass Cold Spring Orchard and Big Y Worldclass Market

[MUSIC PLAYING] Big Y World Class
Market locations sell crisp beautiful
apples grown at University of Massachusetts
own orchard in Belchertown. You can pick these delicious
crunchy apples right off our shelves. Our partnership with
UMass is good for us, for UMass, and for
our customers, who like to know where
the food is grown and appreciate
when it’s so local. The UMass Cold Spring Orchard
is a scenic fruit farm located right near
the Quabbin Reservoir. In 1962, the Fruit
Growers of Massachusetts donated 250 acres to
UMass Amherst to research and teach on the site about
the best ways to grow fruit. 35 acres are currently
devoted to apples. High-density apple orchards
have been the number one change in orchards
in the last 25 years. Farmers in
Massachusetts and beyond are benefiting from adopting
new growing and harvesting techniques, resulting in
higher quality food production and stronger, more
sustainable orchards. At the UMass orchard, we
grow 25 varieties of apples, including good old
favorite heirlooms, like Baldwin and Roxbury
Russet, as well as newer apples, such as Honeycrisp and Jonagold. In one of the newer style
high-density orchards, you can use a platform like
this and really speed up the harvest. And it’s safer for the
pickers because they’re not up on ladders. [MUSIC PLAYING] Empire is a delicious,
sweet eating apple, while Cortland is a great
choice for making pies, since they are juicy
and hold their shape. It’s amazing how apples has such
different qualities and colors. But all of them are so
tasty and so New England. Remember, when you
buy local apples, you are supporting your local
farmers, the local economy, and rural landscapes. And that benefits all of us. Enjoy a juicy,
crisp apple today. [CRUNCH]

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