UMass Amherst Momentum

UMass Amherst Momentum

[MUSIC PLAYING] By every measure, the University
of Massachusetts Amherst, the Commonwealth’s
flagship campus, has joined the ranks of the
finest public universities in America. Over the past five years,
our national ranking has climbed more than 20
places, faster and higher than any other university
in the country. And we have our sights set
on rising even further. Because if Massachusetts
is to remain competitive, both nationally and
globally, it must have a flagship
university that is on par with the best in the country. We’re fortunate in
Massachusetts to be home to some of the top
private colleges and universities in the world. But the fact is UMass Amherst
educates more Massachusetts residents than the state’s
top 8 private research universities combined. And while in-state enrollment
at those fine institutions has steadily declined, the
quality of our students has reached historic heights. The Commonwealth’s
flagship campus has indisputably become
the destination of choice for the best and the
brightest of Massachusetts. Even more remarkably,
we’ve achieved this unprecedented
rise while staying true to our values
of accessibility and affordability. Beyond the academic
numbers, we are proud that the newest
class is our most ethnically and
culturally diverse ever. And today, we are very pleased
to say that UMass Amherst is one of the top recipients of
National Science Foundation research grants in the state. The ever expanding
scope of this research fuels the Commonwealth’s
economy in areas as diverse as the life sciences, data
science, cybersecurity, nano manufacturing,
and alternative energy. To put it more
succinctly, every dollar that the state allocated
to UMass, Amherst last year returns $7 to the
Massachusetts economy. All of which is why becoming
a top 20 public university isn’t our goal alone. It should be everyone’s goal. The Commonwealth
of Massachusetts doesn’t just need a
top 20 flagship campus, it deserves one. As America’s education
state, we pride ourselves in preparing our students to
take on the world’s biggest challenges while living,
working, and creating jobs right here at home. UMass Amherst will be a
top 20 public university because of its unwavering
commitment to excellence. We’re proud of our
accomplishments, and you should be, too. But now is the time
to build on them, to keep the momentum going. The Commonwealth
of Massachusetts deserves a top 20
flagship campus. And we’re not going to
settle for anything less.

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