UM Post MSW Fellowship

UM Post MSW Fellowship

hi I’m Michael Kristovic and I’m the
assistant director of Social Work training here at caps I am so pleased
that you are here and interested in our post MSW fellowship at caps we recognize
the significant and essential role played by fellowships at the post MSW
level and we especially respect the role in the development of advanced clinical
social work practitioners who go on to lead within and beyond college Counseling
Center mental health we design our program solidly yet flexibly with this
in mind your own areas of interest and expertise become the centerpiece of a
professional portfolio and around these revolve advanced-level supervision
toward licensure placing you competitively and competently as you
continue your professional journey in clinical social work our program will be
meaningful and in-depth exposure to multicultural II a multi theoretically
grounded practice and therapy with individuals couples groups and crisis
intervention you’ll gain mastery of assessment intervention within a brief
framework and you’ll simultaneously develop expertise in the increasingly
critical and essential work of mental health outreach on college campuses
significantly your two in this fellowship will mean taking on the work
of doing supervision yourself while the enhancing and enriching your identity as
a practitioner in the process there’s a post MSW fellow you’ll join and capture
broader commitment to the provision of college mental health care as an act of
social justice social workers bring something important to the table in this
multidisciplinary environment and we hope you’ll consider joining us to learn
more about our fellowship check out our website including our training and other
pages to get a sense of all that we can offer you thank you again for your
interest and don’t hesitate to email me should you have any questions Thanks you

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