UM Post Doctoral Fellowship

UM Post Doctoral Fellowship

I thank you for your interest in our
postdoctoral fellowship my name is Karen Henry and I’m the coordinator of our
fellowship here at U of M something I’d like to highlight about
our program is that we have the ability to specialize while you’re here is a
fellow and some past examples of specializations our trauma training
groups multicultural counseling and you are not limited to these specializations
we’re really open to you bringing in new ideas as well and part of the
specialization is that you get to take with you a portfolio and this portfolio
documents all of the things that you’ve done that pertain to your specialization
and helps you think in a unique way to be prepared for the job market when you
do finish your postdoctoral fellowship here for more information on all the
other aspects of our wonderful postdoc here you can look through the website
and to apply we do participate in the APIC match and so you would go to the
APACAS system and fill out your application there thank you for your
interest and contact me with any further questions that you might have

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