Ultimate Jet TV#2 – Our Monthly Business Aviation News on Video

Ultimate Jet TV#2 – Our Monthly Business Aviation News on Video

hello & welcome to Ultimate Jet TV, now
in this edition we’re gonna take you to new heights some 2,000 meters to be exact, we’re here in Courchevel, in the Altiport, this is
where we’re going to show you the uniqueness that this spot has to offer we’re gonna discover all that there is and also we’re gonna take a look at the
only airline that’s offering commercial flights in and out of this idyllic
location, indeed, it’s Alpine Airlines that we’re seeing land just behind me,
right now Embraer delivered a total of 91
executive jets last year the Brazilian manufacturer producing 64 aircraft of
its Phenom family and 27 large aircraft including 14 Legacy 450 German special
mission and VIP charter operator FAI rent-a-jet AG has welcomed its 7th
Bombardier Global Express MSN 9016 into the fleet Gulfstream Aerospace recently
announced the opening of its new sales office in Vienna and new sales team
appointments in Europe, this part of the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance the
customer experience Now, when you think of Alpine Airlines, the word
extraordinary does come to mind that’s because this airline is the only
one in the world to operate commercial flights in and out of Courchevel Altiport. Last year there were some 700 commercial flights that carried in
some 1300 passengers on board behind me there’s an Aviator TP 600 as you see it does make the extraordinary flight in Jean-François thank you so much for welcoming us here at Courchevel I’d like to
ask you what makes this spot so unique? we are unique because we are snow clearing runway, the only one in Europe located at 2,000 meters Tell us again, why so unique Special qualification is mandatory for pilots to land in Courchevel for example, site qualification or mountain rating for airplane, we have here Pilatus PC-12, the star at Courchevel for the runway, the particularity is the
landing on 557 m with steep runway and a gradually off 18% it’s very
difficult and very special runway. so that’s why the pilots really have to be
up to the test? Yeah, of course Boeing is back in the supersonic commercial
aircraft business, this with its Aerion Project Boeing will provide:
engineering, manufacturing and flight test resources, as well as strategic
vertical content to accelerate the technological development and design of
the aircraft, scheduled for its first flight in 2023 VistaJet had another
record year in 2018, they say that the operator signed new contracts of its
flagship program membership grow by 31% and number of flights
increased by 25% and finally, Luxaviation, once again, met
strong demand for ground services at this year’s World Economic Forum in
Davos, this adds ExecuJet Zurich FBO On this year’s edition, the company handled
a record 54 large aircraft well that’s it from us here at Ultimate
Jet TV we do hope you enjoyed it remember you can leave your likes and
your comments at our Vimeo and YouTube channels well, I think I’m gonna get off this runway and I’m gonna hit the slopes we’ll see you again next time

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