Ultimate Jet TV#1 – Our Monthly Business Aviation News on Video

Ultimate Jet TV#1 – Our Monthly Business Aviation News on Video

and welcome to Ultimate Jet TV “the” rendez-vous for Business Aviation for this edition, we’re here at Daher newly created service center we’ll going to bring you up to speed with all the latest Dassault Aviation had registered 42 net orders in 2018 for its falcon family This is the third consecutive year of improved sales for the French business jet manufacturer which will present full year and 2019 forecast this February The first G500 for international market has been delivered by Gulfstream Aerospace to Qatar Executive In 2018 the Gulf based VIP charter operator ordered two of the new large cabin aircraft. Textron Aviation’s flagship Cessna Longitude has received provisional type certification from the FAA Deliveries of the super mid-size jet should begin shortly Following in the footsteps of a Legacy 500 and 450 we’ve got a boost from Embraer on performance performance, range and cabine comfort This with the new Praetor 500 and 600 that offers optimized mid-size and super mid-size capabilities with an increase in thrust for both aircraft the main differences are the high performance winglets for both models and auxiliary tanks for the 600 Now the Praetor 600 is a true coast to coast mid-size that means NYC to LAX or Seattle – Miami this with performance up to .8 mach cruise speed at 45,000 feet and the only jet in that class with a true fly by wire technology The Praetor 600 is a true ocean spanning aircraft with a range up to 39,000 nm NYC to London both ways in any season both aircraft offer great comfort with optimized space new cabin interiors great connectivity and updated inflight entertainment system Daher opens a new TBM support base in the Paris region Daher has just opened a new technical facility dedicated to TBM support in the western Paris aera TBMs’ periodic inspection visits under a maintenance contract will begin in Q1-2019 the station provides a handling and customer care during the entire opening of the airport week-end and public holidays included, with a notice of 2h Bombardier Aerospace marked the entry into service of its flagship Global 7500 Bombardier plans to deliver 15 to 20 Global 7500 in 2019 Cirrus Aircraft has received FAA certification for the new version of its single engine Vision Jet Today’s G2 basic price is 2.38 millions US$ and some of the G2 features can be retrofitted to previous Visionjets After the 30 billions US$ acquisition of Rockwell Collins, United Technologies merges as an Aerospace focused company that comprises the newly formed Collins Aerospace and Pratt&Whitney Dassault Aviation & Luxaviation have announced this acquisition by Dassault Aviation of the worldwide maintenance activities of ExecuJet integration process will be phased in in 2019 That’s it for this edition, remember all of our videos are available on-line at www.ultimatejet.com, as well as on our Vimeo and YouTube Channels so please be sure to leave us your comments and likes thanks for joining us, we’ll see you again next time.

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