UK NSCLC Radiotherapy Drug Combinations Consortium

UK NSCLC Radiotherapy Drug Combinations Consortium

so one of the areas that I treat is lung
cancer and lung cancer unfortunately has very poor outcomes in terms of
treatment outcomes for patients at present we’re seeking to radically
improve that and this is CTRad has led the development of two large studies
one is called the Concorde study and there is the Spitfire study. Concorde
seeks to bring together novel drugs such as the DNA damage repair inhibitors
which hopefully will make Radiotherapy work better to help improve outcomes
those patients with stage 3 lung cancer you’re receiving curative attempt Reda
therapy the Spitfire sorry it seeks to help
those patients who have stage 4 lung cancer and seeks to combine
immunotherapy with rid of happy for those patients to seek and try and test
out what is the optimal combination of Reda therapy and immunotherapy for a
very mechanistic point of view both these studies are in advanced
development and hopefully we’ll open in 2018 or 2019 and we hope that they will
represent a really large game change or a step change and for the management of
patients with both stage 3 and stage 4
lung cancer

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