UK Ambassador calls on Iranian government to de-escalate conflict

UK Ambassador calls on Iranian government to de-escalate conflict

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  1. Ironic she defends the right for UK overnment officials should safely travel in the course of their duties, when Soliemani gets killed? Hipocracy much.

  2. Hopefully its just a small group of sell out Iranians chanting for USA. Hopefully Quds force can put it to rest again. We dont need another IRAQ. keep Iran stable.

  3. So Iranian opposition partisans, western powers and mainstream media are calling for the Iranian regime to disband… nothing new here.

  4. @Emperor Palpatine. To answer your question. Get/watch the DVD. "Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party". It will tell you all you need to know..

  5. In addition to weakening the economy along with its allies, Trump began to think about how to disintegrate the unity of the Iranian people and their own Government. Strategy Sheep will surely do. Because the US doubted its military actions could succeed smoothly. That's the Coward of the USA Government.

  6. About time we blow Russia up 3rd time know what legion don't we need in to days modern world wondering if they will need aid after that🤬

  7. The butterfly effect, cause and effect. All leaders of the world today are held accountable for crime against humanity. One thing leads to another. Satan is full of deception. It has been the same since humanity started because of Free Will. If humanity can submit and accept the sovereignty of the God of host. There will be peace but that won't happen according to the scriptures. That is why we need a Savior. And I'm praying for that savior to return. We should stop boasting about our own nations and start boasting about the Sovereignty of the Almighty God.
    Remember free will has consequences.

  8. Wonderful!!…..
    Let's see what's happening in Virginia
    Revolution is coming, not a civil war as they want!!
    Corruption in the air, need more popcorn!!

  9. Lol Iran gets attacked then gets told to de escalate
    American and British war machine propaganda
    Needs money America it’s why it starts war

  10. Mr. President Trump, sending you love and respect from Iran!!!!! You are the Messiah! You are the Cyrus the Great. You are king of kings. please help us to throw Islamic regime out of our country pleaseeee. We want democracy we want freedom. Long live freedom long live president Trump!

  11. USA 🇺🇸 stands with the people of Iran! No matter what you see on tv, the American people stand with the Iranian people, the people of Hong Kong, and every other person that is living under a authoritarian government. Don’t stop fighting. We will persevere and we will not succumb to corrupt governments.

  12. The people of Iran have suffered since the 1980s when families sent their sons to America by the thousands to escape religious extremism.

  13. Fox, it’s “Pahlavi.” Proofread your onscreen legends, please. I remember the name, because I remember when the Shah was overthrown and our hostages were taken. It used to seem like so long ago…all of a sudden, it seems like just yesterday. God bless the decent people of Iran. I hope they will soon be free of this terrible regime and able to rebuild their society in peace and prosperity.

  14. The Iranian people helped to create civilization as we know it today. For thousands of years they’ve fought for their freedom & the people of Iran will persevere. the people of the US will always stand with you!

  15. Giuliani the idiot just admitted the U.S are arming MEK Terrorists from their base in Albania with weapons and cash to foment chaos and violent protest. Didn't work in Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela, Bolivia etc so just how insane is this Zionist Occupied Government .

  16. This woman not only skipped hair and make-up, she rolled out of bed, grabbed the first thing she saw to wear, and skipped brushing her hair and other daily grooming.

  17. Iranians were cool and calm… but the mainstream media still doing their best to ignite the tension,, luckily its never happening.

  18. they should blame the US goverment what are the doing in that part of the world, I remember bush holding hands with some arabian president or some rich oil guy.

  19. All it takes for Iran to give up is for the UK and America to send in a task force consisting of navy seals and the S.A.S. To eliminate all of Iran.

  20. THE WAY THE TRUMP SIDE commentators,reporters etc etc ARE HANDLING THEMSELVES in other videos is OUTSTANDING! .
    THESE, EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT MEN AND WOMEN have totally impressed me with clear consise statements, facts or what have you, with no bashing or lashing out of others and its awesome because its the first time i have seen this on video from either party!
    I am so happy they got above it and its contagious!

  21. Trump played this beautifully. Iran (like North Korea) is backed into a corner and the only option they have is to play nice now. Trump will then reward them with easing sanctions one at a time. Khomeni will have no option but to play along and be happy he gets to stay in charge.

  22. Suleimani was the main force behind quelling protests in Iran. He was single handedly responsible for ordering the deaths of thousands of Iranian protesters over the past 10-15 years or more. Now that he is gone, there is no one in charge to coordinate the attacks on the protesters.

  23. Iran will break into civil war before they ever consolidate on a war with US. But, we'll be ready to shut these terrorists down real quick.

  24. Wow! The Brits with the same talking points as the US. They're probably sucking up after helping Obama try to take Trump out…..whatever it takes ….
    If the Iranians continue trying to take out Khomeni….the media will claim it was a "black-op" by Trump's CIA for regime change.

  25. “De oppresso liber“ – The vast majority of the people of Iran want the mullahs to go and have been slaughtered every time they speak out. It’s about time we send in the Army Special Forces and give them the help they need!

  26. 😏😏😏😏
    Everyone wants help from UNITED STATES
    But they look to back Stabbed President Trump…!!
    Let there own citizens deal with their own doing…!!
    Put America First and Stop funding them…!!

  27. This is just my guess… but I think they shot it down on purpose because there was someone (or several people) they didn’t want leaving the country. I heard a rumor that four top Iranians generals were on that plane and now with Suleimani gone they were going to defect. They thought they would be safe hiding in with a bunch of foreign civilians… The Ayatollah found out and ordered the plane be shot out of the sky before it could leave Iranian airspace.

  28. Rise up IRAN,,we in America, don't have a problem with ur people. It's ur government thats the problem, we stand woth u!!!!

  29. I think the reason why there was a lot of weeping of people in Iran, was because they were forced by the government.

  30. Just a reminder for President Trump 🇺🇸🗽has done to Middle East:

    He has eliminated ISIS under his leadership.

    He has eliminated ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi

    He has eliminated Soleimani for destroying so many life.

    He has allocated $50 millions helping Christian and other minorities group that are prosecuted in Middle East

    He is still standing with the people of Iran for their freedom.

    Iran people need music, art , freedom to love, dancing, excel in sports, excel in science, critical thinking, freedom to criticise government, peaceful live, jobs, and lot of beautiful hot Iranian ladies.

  31. Iran did not escalate the conflict. Why are you asking them to de-escalate? Can you not see that suggesting this is very insulting to Iranians. As for the protestors, you are daydreaming. When their numbers match the number of mourners of the slain general then you may have a snowball's chance in hell to have any influence.

  32. BTW, the same fundamental rights she is referring to (e.g., Right to freedom of thought, Right to freedom of religion, Right to freedom of expression, Right to peaceful assembly, and
    Right to freedom of association) are not permitted in the United Arab Emirates either.

  33. From America's next president Doha TRUMP
    Iran must be stop,Are the Islamic of rohanny is new Islamic .that enough to the voice of this man and political of erdogan

  34. History repeats itself. Officials of other countries now co-opting the term "de-escalate", the policy that directly came from PDJT. And the liberal historians will never admit that Pres. Trump is the foreign policy genius behind it all.

  35. We are not against the people of Iran we are against the dictatorship that oppresses the Iranian people. People all over the world need liberty.; God be with the Iranian people and stand strong against this dictatorship!

  36. No more URANIUM!!!, obummer/clinton sold RUSSIA 20%MINING company RUSSIA with approval from 5 countries SOLD Iraq 130TONS OF URANIUM

  37. Just start World War 3 already i am bored i wanna see nukes fly from every nation's i wanna see billions of nukes fly ………..

  38. Liberals wanted to blame Trump for starting a war..looks like he may have saved one and helped a country regain its control. Good luck Iran!

    Hoping for Trump's reelection from Canada

  39. What a JOKE!

    Imagine if an Iranian ambassador led a group of several hundred English students protesting against the British govt…. well that’s what the UK Ambassador did in Tehran yesterday- ridiculous and hypocritical behaviour, almost like we want a war with Iran.

  40. The people who tell you we DO have war money but DON’T have HealthCare Money, Tuition-Free Money, Infrastructure Money, or Green New Deal Money are playing games with you.

  41. Too bad some idiots are still going to believe Trump did something horrible. Im so happy to see Iran standing up for freedom, us as Americans must help their screams for help to be heard across the globe. The regime needs to be crushed at the source, for freedom and for peace in the middle east. May God be with us all in the making of history.

  42. No we didn't just woke up to fight the government, this has been happening for years now. it seems the USA is the country which just woke up and find out about this.

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