UCSF Public Psychiatry Fellowship

UCSF Public Psychiatry Fellowship

(melancholy music) – Just living here in Oakland, I’ve definitely seen there’s a lot more people who are houseless. New encampments are
popping up all the time. People think that someone first has a serious mental illness, and then becomes homeless, but the main reason people become homeless is because we’re in a housing crisis. And then if you’re out on the streets, you’re very likely going
to experience trauma, and that’s where a lot of behavioral health conditions can come. (piano music) I’m a psychiatrist at the Trust Clinic. But then one day a week, I also go out and work with
our street health team. The whole philosophy of street medicine is to meet people where they are at. – So public psychiatry is really giving psychiatric services to
safety net populations. The need for public psychiatry is huge. There’s a nationwide workforce shortage for psychiatrists, but
particularly in the public sector. And so within my public
psychiatry fellowship, what I try doing here is really giving them some of the tools that they need to start building services that target needs of
particularly vulnerable groups. Our program attracts people who are really dedicated to social justice. And some of our fellows have implemented street
psychiatry programs. – She listens to you. She listens and gives you feedback back. I’ve had a lot of psychiatrists who all they did was sit there and let me vent and all they do is take notes. She takes notes too but she feeds back… She has good bedside manor and that’s what makes it, for me, so special having
her as my psychiatrist. I suffer from clinical depression, PTSD, and a few little of quirks that I have to manage everyday. There just so many
hazards to being outside. There’s a lot of danger
at times being outside. If you’re depressed and you don’t know what’s going to happen, say even an hour from now, it can bother you. The biggest thing is managing your stress. – You know if you are houseless your life expectancy is 10-15 years less than if you were housed, so all the more reason
that you need to have good access to medical care. This is our medication bag and here is just a
really simple formulary. Really the things that
are the most popular are the Fluoxetine Prozac. If has a long half life, so if you’re on a medication that has a long half life even if you miss a couple of days you’re still getting the benefits from that medication. Working with folks who are houseless was just a big motivator for me entering medicine and, so its hard work but it definitely feels
like a dream come true. I believe healthcare
is a basic human right and so playing a small role in making sure they’re happy and healthy is such an honor. (upbeat music)

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