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  1. Finally, I've been waiting for a new video and you deliver an exceptional one. Thank you as always for the insights.

  2. Do more videos on start-ups
    1.finding startup ideas ..I mean discovering gaps in the market
    2. Business model innovation
    3. Getting funded
    4.execution and all

  3. Not true.
    Taxi has push button ordering app now
    And accept cash.
    UBER is a CON and screwed its drivers
    And uber has a BOOKING FEE which customer pays for in "back charging " on ur credit card.
    It's a total con

  4. Honestly, I like the presentation, content, and 3.50mins view offering high-quality information for the start-up to learn from. In future presentation, please share DEFENSE strategy option and view success stories. @Kabir_MG

  5. You could have added, how uber able to give that much incentives to drivers, coupons to customers.. how do they make profit after all this

  6. The Uber business model was designed to profit at the expense of the drivers who provide the transportation service needed. The technology of the app is marvelous, but even that, Uber stole the technology and unjustly enriched from it without compensating the inventor. As a matter of fact, Uber is being sued for stealing the app technology. Was the Uber business model good for consumers? In part, yes, but it is just a matter of time until Uber monopolizes the transportation industry and the consumers will be crying over the past and the good days when they did not have to use Uber! You do not believe me? Just remember the prime time pricing of Uber and how Uber would not hesitate to charge you $300 for a ride on a Halloween night! Technology alone would not solve our problems. We need ethics, morals and decency in business practices and Uber has so far failed terribly in its contributions. History will remember Uber as one of the worst business models ever crossed our timeline. After all, Uber was an assault on our business and legal culture, which assault undermined labor rights and fair competition. Uber in sum is the manifestation of “money talks and bs walks!”

  7. @Startup Xpress

    unfortunately the market is not some sort of blind justice that has a power of its own to balance itself out. This is what classic private capitalists say and it sounds like believing that the devil could be a great deity for mankind to worship. There is a difference between free market and the freedom to confiscate others’ freedom through uneven bargain power and phony privilege. People forget history too quickly. It was not that long ago when mining companies enslaved the workers and made them pay for their axes. The workers did not make enough money to buy dinner and they slept in tents out in the cold mountains! When a system produces a minority of 1% that owns and controls more than 40% of the wealth, there is something wrong. Uber is far from being perfect the least to say. Perfection here is not an issue of debate. Pushing legislation? Yes that is very obvious and that’s the only future Uber relies on. It is not fair competition nor is it compliance with the law, so is the mafia way of doing business. Just because the consumer seems to be happy with the low fares albeit at the expense of the driver where Uber has nothing to lose, wait until there will be so many unemployed drivers who could not consume a thing, let alone use transportation services. If there were true free market as you said, drivers like you and I would be allowed to be their own solo driver and would be allowed to hail their passengers like in many other countries, but while the system prevents you and I from being our own ventures, it allows Uber to be and drive competition out of the market by operating under a different set of regulations that the competition is not privileged enough to enjoy. Uber is not an ethical company and it is not operating in a free market. They call themselves a TNC, not a taxi business! Are you kidding me? Ask any passenger if she knows what a TNC is. People call Uber to get a taxi service not realizing that the drivers ARE the taxi service! Do you need more deceit than that? And who gets the credit and most profit for the least amount of work? Thanks to technology, which will make the wealthy wealthier and the poor only poorer. Great game!


    Please visit the link above to learn about the harms of misclassifying workers as independent contractors under the guise of free market or sharing economy. The harm is multifaceted and extends to not only workers, but also to law abiding businesses which must subsidize the freeloaders. What is called a free market of the sharing economy is actually nothing short of regression to the plantation system where there existed no rules to play by and where the one with the most lobby power and more funding wins.

  9. I want to add Arabic subtitles to this video so I can show it to my students..Can you open the community participation for the video?

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