U.S. Rep. DeGette on Fox Business News

U.S. Rep. DeGette on Fox Business News

part of the normal with that buck up comment expecting Congress to pass a bill this summer no matter how much
it costs
my next guest says health care reform is indeed crucial
Democratic Congresswoman Diana DeGette is the vice chair of
the Committee on Energy and Congress Congresswoman, good to have you on you know it’s the cost things thats
really proving staggering and I guess thats to be expected if you want to get everybody insured and forty six
or forty seven million are reportedly uninsured but this won’t even do that you know we were looking at taxing upper-income
folks, rich folks to the tune of five and a quarter percent to pay for something it’s getting big, are you worried about the sheer costs? you know we have as you said about forty seven million people
in this country who don’t have health insurance and the cost of them not having health insurance
going to the emergency room when they get sick forgoing preventative care and on and on Is really crippling our economy we have by far, two times as expensive a health care system as any
other industrialized country and we have one of the lowest medical results
in the world so what we’re trying to do when you say lowest medical results
in the world and people quibble about the forty seven
million figure but I’m not here to debate the figures and you’re saying that ninety percent of Americans
are covered and the idea is to then take care
of that ten percent who really are not now what I’m asking is whether the
ninety percent footing that bill are going to be happier with the results, are they? the ninety percent will not be footing the bill people who make over three hundred fifty thousand
dollars will have to pay a surcharge under the house version we don’t like that a lot either but we think that everybody deserves that health care and we
think if we get everybody into a quality health care system then what will happen is in the long term we’ll save money because our health care system will…
but how do you know? with all due respect Congresswoman even those big taxes on the very very rich are going to about pay for half of this now you might be right, you get some savings…
well you’ve got to look at costs here because you know this matters if taxing the rich you know
whatever isn’t going to get you there only halfway there and you’re saying that we’ll pay for this
with savings that will more than account for the rest how do you know that? well a lot of studies have shown that the most expensive way to provide
health care is to have people going to the emergency
room for their primary care we got forty seven million people doing that and what happens is the people who are on insurance the over ninety
percent of Americans like you said who have health insurance end up paying more for their insurance, they end up paying more for their doctors…
will that ninety percent pay less? that ninety percent overtime I think will
pay less because not only will we have everybody covered
but also we’re putting quality controls in place so that we can get higher quality health care in this country
for a better price…
you know Congresswoman I would love I would love to see
that you’re right if that’s the case here’s my worry, the last President
who was a republican had a Medicare prescription drug program who’s costs we were told at the outset would be about a hundred and fifty billion over the life of the program…
I was on the committee when they passed that bill…
you know you know what happened the price has more than tripled
so my point is that good intentions go sour you know why? because under that bill under that bill the President did not give the Secretary of
HHS the authority to negotiate with the drug companies just like private insurance companies can or the veterans department or many state
governments and so the pharmaceutical companies just kept increasing the price of drugs in this case we’re going to have competition under an exchange…
but how do you know, show me an example where the government has in the end
done things more efficiently than private enterprise I’m not saying the government is more efficient
than private enterprise but you’re saying that it’s going to exact cost savings over
what we’re getting what I’m saying is right now the private insurance market has a monopoly in most states and so what I’m saying is let’s good
old American competition work let’s have an insurance exchange let’s let people sign up and let’s have the insurance companies compete and oh by the way throw in a public options subject to all
the same rules to compete with that it’s not an option, ma’am
you’ve got a gun to some employer’s heads that don’t want to go along you don’t go along there’s an eight percent
payroll tax you’re going to have to pay that’s not an option that’s a Tony Soprano
threat absolutely not small businesses are
exempt from this number one and number two larger businesses can buy into this exchange for their employees and
if not they’re going to pay an eight percent surcharge but that’s
for large businesses and thats to help pay for this so everyone has health care…
what’s the difference between large and small? the small businesses right now
up to two hundred thousand dollars are exempt and then there’s a sliding scale up to four
hundred thousand dollars all right so you’re at that point which doesn’t
make you large by the way and you’re paying an eight percent tax because you
don’t want to go along, right? I think most of the small employers I
know in my district would be ecstatic if they made four hundred thousand dollars
in a year
I talk to the same small business owners and they’re ecstatic alright but not with joy…
and most of those small businesses in my
district by the way would love to have a way to get their employees’ health
insurance but they can’t do it right now because it’s
too expensive for them or their employees to pay for it alright, Congresswoman thanks very much Its good to be with you Neil

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