U.S. Air Force: Capt Zarah Davis, Social Worker

U.S. Air Force: Capt Zarah Davis, Social Worker

I was a clinical social worker for a
local hospice agency. I was also a clinical social worker working for a
local home health agency. I wanted to join the Air Force because I wanted to
hone more in on my clinical skills, be able to focus more on anxiety, depression,
PTSD, more mental health diagnosis. My mother is a retired lieutenant colonel,
my father’s retired lieutenant colonel. My parents were very proud of me that I
joined, in fact my grandfather swore my mother in, and my mother swore me in. When it came to commissioned officer training, your first morning there, they wake you
up, crack of dawn, they’re banging on your door just to give you the taste of what
you’re missing because you’re not enlisted and they march you out to the
parade ground and they have a blue line out there and they read you this
unbelievable inspirational message and then they have you take a step forward
meaning crossing into the blue, so crossing into the Air Force. Me and my
husband got married prior to joining, so that that way he could come with me and
have the benefits. You get to travel, we have seen, you know, probably almost
every side of the United States there is. I’m looking forward to going overseas
too. We get full paid health care, we get extra pay for our housing and they offer
you housing on or off base, so I have probably the biggest house I’ll ever
have in my life. Being a social worker, we don’t get paid very well in the civilian
life because of many many different reasons. So normally you make quite a bit more money being in the Air Force. They offer
you many training opportunities to go to pretty much whatever conference you want
to go to, at least annually, to make sure that you stay current with your
continuing education credits. They also want you to be current on all the new
therapy modalities, so I’ve been trained in cognitive processing therapy, prolonged exposure therapy, conjoint couples, post-traumatic stress therapy. We have a
lot more free range in how we take care of our patients. We’re not worried about the
cost of what it takes to test or worried about if they have a medical conditions
that it’s causing their mental health condition but they don’t have insurance
to go get medical treatment first. We’re just able to say this is what we think
you need to do and we can do it. On top of that we’re fully trained in a lot of
different therapy modalities that you would normally not be trained in being
in the civilian side. I love working with military population. It is the most
rewarding job I’ve probably ever had. They have so many unique stories, so many
things that they have to go through that you just kind of help them along that
journey to get to, hopefully, to a better place, to also help their family as a
whole. It is the most rewarding thing. My name is Captain Zarah Davis. I’m a
licensed clinical social worker in the United States Air Force.

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