Two minutes in the life of a Challenge Employment Specialist…

Two minutes in the life of a Challenge Employment Specialist…

Hello! My name is Carlene, and I’m an Employment
Specialist here at Challenge Workforce Solutions. I’ve been working at Challenge now for about
two years, and time has truly flown by. As an Employment Specialist, I work with clients
on mock interview skills, cover letters, applying to jobs. I support with job coaching and I also support
clients with maintaining employment in the local community. There have been so many rewarding and wonderful
memories that I’ve gained throughout my career here at Challenge. One of which was when I worked with a client
who had a lot of significant barriers: his speech, a lack of confidence with interviewing,
and transportation. We worked intensively in job development and
worked on all these and more. He actually went through about six interviews
where he was told by the employer, ‘I’m sorry, but we went with another applicant.’ It was truly inspiring to me though because
he never gave up, he never put his head down, and never quit. We kept pushing through and by his seventh
interview I do believe he was offered a position. He was so excited and in that moment it really
reminded me why I do what I do here at Challenge. There are some incredible things and wonderful
aspects of our environment. We have a great team and I often say, ‘teamwork
makes the dream work!’ And I can confidently say that we have an
incredible team. I love coming to Challenge every single day
and seeing everyone. It’s so positive. And I will end by saying: where there’s a
challenge, we can find a solution. Thank you so much!

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