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  1. You extremist leftists people are idiots. Get this trough your head, Mar a Largo and Trump Tower are pretty much secret service field offices and will continue to be long after President Trump is out of office after his second term. Secret service protection is for life.

    conservative Floridian gun owners going after the conservative Floridian president

    didn't the president read the sign;

    conservatism is a violent and deadly mental illness

  3. How much are we paying for the extra security at this place even when he isn't even there? I hope trump is sending his paycheck towards that. Instead of whatever charity he made up

  4. Ha !
    Shootings have hit Home for Trump.
    It's His turn to be shot at .
    Better him and Mor-a Lago
    than our Children in schools.

  5. police department, fire department, public schools, corporate bailouts, social security, roads, the military, etc….. you want socialist to leave to a socialist country lolololololol. what about the USA?

  6. This is only the beginning. I have a feeling something is about to happen. It doesn't involve corrupt politicians in office anymore. Oh wait…Traitor trump is in office yet.

  7. How much does it cost to have constant around the clock police presence at trump tower and mar a lago? Do the cities get compensated by the federal government in any way?

  8. The media has drove these people crazy!
    TDS is a real mental disorder! When will they put this in the medical books so they can find a cure!

  9. Everyone defending Ghislaine Maxwell's groomer Donald TrumPEDO is an endangered species. Hope Senators all understand what they signed up for. RICO RACKETEERING PROPERTY ASSET SEIZURE LAWS COMING, and paupers they shall all be.
    At best. Respiration questionable.
    Self deport Trumpliklans…tick tick tick … see if America is bluffing. Polls said 70-75% wanted to hear witnesses.
    It was more that.
    Be very scared. This ain't Bone Spur Dennison country, this is AMERICA…USA USA USA!!

  10. Throw rocks, hide hand. You know, like children do; and you catch them every time because they're not good at it? Yeeesss like thaaat. πŸ˜‰
    Does anyone research before reposting? Guess not when you're gullible or at the very least you have so little respect for the public that you think they are unabashedly, irrevocably stupid AF.

  11. Chai-knees opera-tivvs attempting to in fact thuh prez-uh-dennt… just like they did the last two times. (Incorrect grammar is meant to throw the @|go.)

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