Two business lessons from a near death experience | Jim Collins | WOBI

Two business lessons from a near death experience  | Jim Collins | WOBI

when I was in high school I must have been maybe 16 or 17 years old and I went rock climbing in Eldorado Canyon where I near where I grew up in Boulder I’ve been climbing about three or four years and I went to do a climb called t2 now at the time t2 was a relatively difficult climb and I went at it with a kind of an arrogant lack of preparation and I hadn’t prepared for being able to do certain kinds of finger cracks I figured I’ll figure it out when I get there and I also didn’t pause this is I think about boldness and discipline I didn’t pause to really double smack double check all my systems okay so I’m on the fourth pitch I’m about 400 feet above the ground I’m going across this slanting crack system that I’d had trouble that I started after all the way through my forearms started to engorge with blood and lactic acid which means at some point even if you’re on a big hold your hands are gonna melt off and I’m about to fall I’m 400 feet above the ground but it should be okay because there’s protection I’m tied into the rope I may take a fall but I’ll get caught for some reason and to this day I still don’t know why my brain triggered that I should look at my knot and I looked down at my not my knot had come untied I had made the mistake of jet I’m never really thinking about the best nut for certain types of situations and I tied him with what’s a bowline now the advantage of a bowline is it’s easy to untie if you write the disadvantage of a Boldin is it’s easy to untie it had come untied as I kept moving across and it is just hanging in my harness I’m seconds away from falling only now I will die I will die if I fall off my forearms are melting and the not had come untied and so I called down to my partner I said why not come on time what is he gonna do he can’t do anything you just watch me fall to my death and I there was an old fixed Pete up in the rock that would put there from the first descent an old soft iron Pete on and I looked at it and I probably had 15-20 seconds before my hands went on rat if that maybe 10 I took a runner and I clipped it into the Piton I clipped the Pete on into my heart that runner into my harness and just went please hold and I let go and it helped I put it in a backup I grabbed the not be tied it went to the legend didn’t convulsed and I can’t I was very calm at that moment when I got to the ledge I went into convulsive shaking I was sick to my stomach for days because of the the whatever happens chemically what I learned from that is two things the first is that when you’re in an unforgiving world the gravity is unforgiving it doesn’t care it never takes a day off ever and if you make one mistake it can kill you if it’s the wrong kind of mistake and what I learned is that sense of yeah I want to do adventurous things I want to climb rocks I want to be in Yosemite I want to do things that get my adrenaline going I but I need the discipline to always do all the right preparation to always think about the right nuts to always be cross-checking my systems so that I can do those bold things and stay alive in an unforgiving environment and as you and I spoke about earlier today I think that’s the rest of I think we are all heading into an unforgiving environment where we’re gonna have to be both bold and disciplined the second thing I learned what if that piton had not been there we might not be here together it was just by chance that that Pete tom was right there and once you realize when you rewind the tape of your own life is that there are these crucial moments where if the luck had gone the other way you might have gotten killed and so what you have to do is to always be X putting those extra disciplines in place because I was lucky to live and what I took from that is I never want to have to be lucky to live again I want to live because of my discipline not because of my walk

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