Twitter Hidden Features and Anchor App Updates

Twitter Hidden Features and Anchor App Updates

hello everyone it’s your girl Ms. Ileane and I want to start today’s show by letting you know what we’re going to
cover today the first topic we’re going to cover is updates to the anchor app is a podcasting app where you can do everything on mobile
but if your desktop oriented like yours truly you can also publish your podcast
from desktop so they’ve made a couple of updates we’re going to get into that and
we’re also going to talk about some updates to the Twitter app actually
little hidden features for the Twitter mobile app now I’m on iPhone but I think
some of these little hacks will help you if you’re on Android as well so let’s
start off with a little show-and-tell I want to show you this latest update from
Anchor and this is just a short clip to
demonstrate their new video transcription feature I remember the
days back in 2009 it’s so clear as like it was yesterday I first started
podcasting and creating YouTube tutorials I had no idea what I was doing
I didn’t understand the technology I didn’t know what gear I needed to use
worst of all I had no idea how to promote my content
if that sounds like you let me introduce myself my name is Ileane Smith and my goal
is to help bridge that information gap that’s standing between you and creating
your best content ever so now you can sit back and relax let’s get started so
that is really cool to see that they’ve made a change to the way those video
transcriptions look you know I gotta be honest
the other version of the videos I always thought it was a little on the lames
but you know it was nice that we were able to make those little videos but we
can now use a little bit more of a design that really reflects the brand of
the rebranding that anchor did a while back when they hired on a new graphics
artist and you know anchor has won awards for their design and the award
actually came from Google so I really think that this is a great thing and I’m
gonna do a little bit of a demo on how to create those and I just want to say
hi to some of my friends who are here in the audience today and there’s my buddy
studiogeek good morning how are you and that’s studiogeek32 for those who want to follow him on YouTube and also my dear friend Ruth
from what’s the four one one TV and she’s also here on YouTube so let’s just
get this all tweeted out okay I’m sorry I didn’t see that common sense
mamita hello my dear how are you you just look like you are ready to take on
the day I love that profile pic okay so I’m going to get this tweeted out
and make sure that my friends over on Twitter I’m using the power of the
stream deck as a matter of fact I forgot to mention that this podcast and this
episode of today’s live stream here on YouTube is brought to you by the power
invested in me and he can live so my friend over at Ecamm live are making all
kinds of updates to which I have to stay tuned for that we’re not going to go
into those today so let’s just take a look at the anchor desktop okay we you
could do it on mobile as well but I think it’s much much easier for me to
demonstrate this for you today one desktop so let’s hopefully we can
get you here up really quickly alright so you’re going to log in to your anchor
account and go over to your dashboard this first little thing that I want to
show you is actually much much more important than the update to the video
transcription so because I want to make sure that you get that value right up
front I want you to pay attention to something that you can do in your
settings so you’re going to go up to the top right hand corner and click on
update settings then you’re going to scroll down and the reason why this is
important because it’s related to your RSS feed and you should know that your
RSS feed is the lifeblood of your podcast and here under the Advanced tab
over on the left hand side here I’m hovering my mouse there so you see what
I’m talking about the Advanced tab this is your RSS feed it’s giving us the
option now to display our personal email address publicly in the RSS feed now why
is this important this is important because different apps
and people who are subscribing to your podcast or your RSS feed they will see
that you are the content creator of the podcast people can go through and find
out how to get in touch with you they can see that email address instead of so
what happens if you don’t turn that on what you what happens if you don’t turn
that on as there’s this email auto-generated email address that anchor
sets out that nobody is actually monitoring so this is just something
that they do in the process of creating your account and nobody monitors those
emails so if there’s any emails going and they’re just going to that you know
an inbox that nobody’s paying attention to but this way your email address is
there and this is also important when you’re trying to claim your podcast and
other apps not the ones that have been introduced by anchor so very important
make sure you toggle off that button in fact I’m going to show it one more time
just to make sure if you’re not if you were multitask and stop what you’re
doing cuz I want you to see this you’re gonna just toggle that button off I’m
sorry you’re gonna toggle it on to display your email address now I’ll give
you example if you go in here you’re going to see all this gobbledygook that
looks like you know a bunch of code but if you see right here where I’m
highlighting it says that my itunes email and that’s my personal email
address okay not the one from anchor and this is a time when I want to remind you
about two taps two tabs if I know what I mean by two taps this is the origin of
two taps you know a lot of youtubers will say smash
that like button smash that says I don’t want you smashing anything we love our
iPhones we love our Android phones we love them we don’t want to smash them we
want to lovingly and gently that subscribe button tap that notification
bell and for those of you who are already subscribed just tap once to give
it a thumbs up I see two people have done that so far and tap it a second
time to share it on your social media platform of choice and if you use
Twitter by the way go ahead and add my twitter handle which is IL e a and e so
everybody know who’s giving these Twitter and anchor updates today all
right thank you so very much for for being here and for being able to do
those two taps okay and so studio K Q Street tweeting out my
string thank you also common sense mamita says it’s a great tip thank you
and we have someone else here use common sense TV channel thumbs up for Eileen
Smith thank you so much now Eileen Smith is the YouTube channel name but on
Instagram and on Twitter and on Pinterest if there anybody out there to
choose a Pinterest it’s just simply I mean I got there first someone else got
here first on YouTube and grab IOE but you know I ain’t hate Dorner she’s a
she’s adorable all of the islands are adorable I did it three weeks ago
okay I shared it now I mean thank you so much wow you’re awesome and common sense
by me taya has tweeted as well I just love you guys thank you so much
alright so let’s get to the other anchor update and I will show you how to create
those little movies that I showed at the beginning and use common sense has
shared to their community so let’s go back over to desktop here alright so
first thing you need to do is to scroll down to where your episodes are now let
me just give you a heads up I’m sorry you have to tap on the episode let’s
start with this you have to tap on the episode tab and what you’re going to be
looking for is any segment you know when we’re using the anchor app I’m coming
back on screen cuz I’m gonna make sure you guys understand this when you’re
using the anchor app depending upon how you create your episode you can compile
various segments together to create one episode so for example I showed you that
intro earlier in fact I’m just gonna grove that little intro again cuz I know
some of y’all just got here and I like to sentro anyway because it tells my
story I remember the days back in 2009 it’s so clear it’s like it was yesterday
I first started podcasting and creating YouTube tutorials I had no idea what I
was doing I didn’t understand the technology I didn’t know what gear I
needed to use the worst of all I had no idea how to promote my content Wow
if that sounds like you let me introduce myself my name is I
Smith and my goal is to help bridge that information gap best standing between
you and creating your best content ever so now you can sit back and relax let’s
get started okay so now with these transcribed videos I personally like to
call them audiograms okay you let’s talk about them a little
bit before we even show how to use them all right why do you want to use these
audiograms and what’s so hot about them okay in people’s busy social media feeds
they see things and you they’re scrolling through and you want to give
them something to make them want to stop and pay attention so the animation of
that transcribe video I’ll just call them audiograms because the transcribed
video is hard for me to say anyway the animation of the audiogram for one thing
if they if their device is silent on silent or even if they’re on desktop and
it’s silent they see the words going across the screen people are starting to
get used to seeing these because there’s so many different tools that you can use
to create these audiograms but when they see that little waveform
up at the very top that lets them know okay it’s somebody’s promoting their
podcasts well some people may or may not click through so your goal with the
audiograms is to maybe alert folks to the fact that
you have a new episode also to keep you top of mind as being a podcaster because
there’s people that are following you that may not even realize oh yeah I
forgot she had a podcast now my case people may say oh yeah I forgot she had
two podcast that’s the anchor show okay so you’re
really trying to stay top of mind you’re catching people’s attention and
if they’re actually do stop the scroll to see your anagram or your audiogram
I’m sorry they’re going to see maybe some of the words that come across the
screen that are going to like really make them you know what I need to listen
to this episode this is this is talking about what I want to talk about okay you
can make these in different formats different layouts so I’m going to show
you that now but I just want to make sure that you understand it’s not always
the concept of getting new subscribers it’s more about being top of mind that
you are a podcaster and making people wear that you have new episodes or
you’ve got this great episode RZA’s you don’t have to make them every time you
have a new episode you may have one that’s in your back catalogue that you
want to bring attention to so it’s a great that you can use this audiogram
and you know there’s like five or six companies that off the top of my head I
can think of I’m not gonna rattle them off right now but that are making these
well I will I’ll give you two headliner headliners a good one
and then there’s also wave it’s wave with two V’s and I think I have an
affiliate link for wave but but and and they have added functionality you can
use you can change the color you can bring in your own artwork and little
things like that but just just understand the point behind common sense
mamita says can you list them yeah I gave you – I gave you my two favorites
or my two recommendations headliner and I believe that’s headliner dot app and
wave I mean let me make sure the way we’ve a
spell WAV ve I believe that Co yes and I do have an affiliate link which I will
put in the description you know but you want to get started with the free tools
just to you know put them out there to see if first of all if you like making
them you may find out that the the audio piece that you decided to make this
audiogram from maybe it wasn’t a great greatest choice of audio piece okay cuz
remember if you got the words going across the screen you gotta be saying
something that people want to you know hear right so that one for me was really
a promo that I would use just in general to promote the podcast and I use that as
an intro on some several episodes so I wouldn’t use that to say listen to this
episode I will put that out there on Twitter and maybe upload it as a video
for Facebook remind people y’all know I do have the anchor show podcast right
okay so before we even get into showing how to make because creating them is
really pretty straightforward I want you to understand why you would use them and
why how I think you can get more bang for your buck you don’t want to post it
every day you don’t want to have on one of these things in your social feed all
the time because after a while people will just ignore you and that’s the same
way with anything you’re posting on social media this is no exception
alright but you do especially if you’ve you’ve got this podcast I know my friend
Ruth was here and she was saying that she let me go back to her comment where
she says she just activated her email address on anchor thanks for the update
so now Ruth she may want to make sure that people know that I
know I’ve got that YouTube channel and y’all follow me on Twitter and Facebook
and things but don’t don’t forget we also have this as a podcast her
followers may not know that so this may be something she may want to publish or
put in her Twitter feed once a week or once every other week just as a reminder
okay alright so think about that before you just like every time you put out an
episode or every day you upload an audiogram I don’t want people turning
y’all off okay and I don’t want you turning them off okay so now let’s talk
about how to create them from desktop you can do this from the phone but I’m
not going to show that today alright alright so what you need to do is look
for an segment of your show that is under one minute under one minute okay
anchor won’t Stran scribe it for you if it’s over so here you see I this little
video icon when you see that you know that this is available for transcription
okay and use common sense I’m sorry I forgot that you had been commenting too
and saying thanks and saying ma’am how can I get a sponsor on an anchor you
have to wait there is no magic wand that I can waive I can make a couple
suggestions cuz that’s a good question so I’m actually going to interrupt my
flow because use common sense TV first of all I love that he was so polite or
she was so polite but this question and it’s gonna be a quick answer keep
putting out content keep putting out content because the people who are
coming in and wanting to buy sponsorships on podcasts they need to
know what your content is about and if you don’t have that much content and you
don’t have that many followers they’re not gonna want to sponsor your show
so with what’s gonna make them one a sponsor your show is oh that content is
exactly the kind I want to do a sponsorship for okay so there you go
keep making content and keep it on brand all right you know me I would make sure
that I’m creating PG content as well if you’re looking for sponsors you don’t
want to have you know just like on YouTube if you have content that’s not
PG friendly you’re not gonna get that much many sponsors okay and and mamita
says it’s valuable information and use common sense says okay ma’am thank you
you’re welcome my dear alright so and I hope you’re in us because you’re not in
the u.s. you’re not gonna get a sponsor right now they’ve keep saying that
they’re going to expand it outside the US they haven’t done it yet alright so I
wasn’t sure if you’re inside the US and I just want to I thought about that for
a second alright so here we go this segment here is less than one minute so
I have the little video thing notice how this segment is two minutes I
don’t have that little video icon alright now this was a calling from
someone else you’re not gonna see the video icon see that came from Raymond
Gerard he’s actually got the handle of Ray on Twitter so you know he’s been one
of the longtime Twitter folks all right Sandra centorrino called in I can’t
create a video from her content I can add it to my podcast but I can’t create
a video from it alright so all these ones that you see that are no 58 seconds
but it’s from Raphael alright so I can’t so the only one that has the little
video icon is this one so I click it on and in this case I had already created a
video from this one and I do want to come on cam real quick to say good
morning to modern day tech thank you so much you’re free you’re smiling bringing
your smiling face and you’re lovely ah thank you and don’t
forget to taps wants to share it out and wants to like it up okay guys guys
thumbs up please our host working hard yes I am and you know why this is work
but yet at the same time I so much enjoy it hmm all right so we’ve got the
transcript already created for this one and what I would do is go in here and
edit it okay if there was like for example this one says your girl miss
Eileen well actually miss ms/ms period ms period not sure girl miss Eileen here
with something alright so then you save it and in this case it says done oh no
it’s not done yet so it takes a minute to generate so we’re not gonna sit there
and wait for that but I want you to notice that it has the three different
formats the square which is good for just about everything you can put that
on Instagram you could put it on Facebook the wide which I like to use
this wide one on Twitter but you can also use that on Instagram now and
Facebook and then the vertical now the vertical one would be good for your
stories for your IG TV and all of that okay so you see there that you have
those three different formats I just say download all three of them once this
finishes generating my video why not why not download all three of them they’re
not gonna take up much space on your computer what you need to do though when
it’s actually time to download it you’ll see it gives us a goofy name change it
to a name that’s gonna make you remember what it’s about because if you like me
you got hundreds and hundreds of files okay let’s face it thousands of files on
your computer you gotta have a name and put it in a folder so you know that’s
from the anchor because you probably already have an anchor
podcast or a podcasting folder somewhere right on your computer stick with me kid
I’ll keep you organized you don’t want to have that messy desktop that I used
to have okay now I know it’s done because so now I know it’s done because
it started playing all right so let’s go back over here and you’ll see what I
mean here so this is the square one and see what I mean about the name of the
video video nine ten that’s not going to help me so I’m just going to say this is
the video I used and the demo because I don’t even have time to listen to and
see what it’s about right now okay so and you would go ahead and download the
square one and download the vertical one so you’ll have them what is your content
anyway right you want to have it in your hip pocket at all times okay so now I
got a bonus tip I got a bonus tip for those of us who were creating these
videos back when they were using the old format which the oh it was kind of corny
it was lame okay it was lame I never liked it you know full confession all
you have to do now to create that use that same segment let’s just say it
what’s the intro cuz I did this that’s all I know cuz I went back to my intro
which I had already created a video for then bonus to pay attention pay
attention and watch the screen when you click on that little movie icon now all
you have to do is hit reset you hit reset and this it’s gonna let you know
that you know you sure you want to do this and I’m going to say reset to the
original which means that now I still have to go back in there and edit
any errors like guys would change them miss Eileen look in fact I had to change
the even the way they spell Eileen they spelled it wrong how dare you anchor I’m
not your girl miss Eileen you know it’s really a computer that’s doing this or a
machine and a girl miss Eileen here so now that I’ve reset it then I would
go ahead and say save it and then it goes into the making the trance the
audiogram with transcribed video the audiogram again so that’s a bonus tip
for those of you who’ve already created those ugly looking ones now you can
create the new snazzy-looking once inside anchor and you might want to mix
it up because I already gave you two apps you can use to mix it up with
headliner app and the wave with two V’s app and I do believe that Eileen dot
link slash wave okay and use comment since he’s had he’s hype he’s like okay
download to my file right yep download it on your computer
mm-hmm and you know I just happen to have an anchor folder and if you don’t
have one I suggest you make one or one that says podcast whatever that way you
can you know if you’ve got more than one podcast or whatever if podcast is
something that’s a trigger word for you just do it that way okay so let’s come
off of this and by the way I was using the anchor
smart background music in that if you’re wondering why that sounded so good that
was because I was using the anchor background music and I just literally
looked through that music and just kept going through until I found one that I
thought was really cool because I like cool jazzy type music you know even
though I want people to kind of be excited and be up and bright but at the
same time I want you all to know that yes you’re okay now you’re cruising with
Miss Irene right I don’t want all that you know most podcasters love to have
this loud guitar music and I like it I like it for other people but I don’t
think it’s for me so whenever I can I try to find something jazzy and cool
alright so you stay on brand and anchor has got all the tracks my goodness I got
a hundred tracks I probably stopped after listening to about 30 of them I
was like okay I got stuff to do but I think it’s fantastic that they have so
many for us to choose from okay all right so now this is a great segue
because I want to segue over into someone who is podcasting on anchor and
this is gonna also lead me into talking about I’m gonna hang on y’all I minimize
my window is so small I can’t see but I’m typing this is going to segue me
over into the Twitter stuff okay so I’m going to go to Eileen Eileen dot link slash geek out in this podcast get out
with Matt navara geek out with Matt nivara okay hang on before we go into
geek out with Matt Navarro I see that one of my dear live broadcast watchers
is here with a question for me so let’s put it up on screen as soon as I figure
out how I can do that I move things around so once I move things around I
don’t know if I’m gonna answer this question right now I am so sorry to ask
a question outside the topic but you recommend the stream yard in your video
but you use canvas and stream lab which one is better okay first of all I don’t
even know what canvas is so forget that I don’t use canvas I use ECAM ECAM live
ECAM live which I all the links actually in the description right now you’ll see
the links for everything ECAM live only works for folks who have Mac computers
so if you don’t have a Mac you can’t use ECAM which is why I because I want to
always help you guys so this is why I started promoting stream yard because
you don’t have to have a Mac for stream you’re it’s a browser-based live
streaming software but in my opinion ECAM live is the best and stream yard is
the best when you want to bring on a guest ok so there you have it but you
can use ECAM live as a virtual cam inside a stream yard then you’re really
you you went in and a lot of people like to use it with zoom they don’t use
stream yard they’re zoom they’ve been using zoom forever and ever I don’t use
zoom you know I know how to use it but our friend and
who comes in here sometimes he is the zoom master and so if you want to know
more about that so there you go and so I get a love you out of that one thank you
so much ma’am love you all right so now let’s talk about my boy Matt nivara and
if you don’t know who Matt nivara is oh my gosh just know if you’re interested
in social media you have got to follow Matt navara and you’ve got to subscribe
to this podcast and I’m gonna give you the link that’s going to give you all of
his all of the options to subscribe okay so it’s gonna take you over to pod news
all right so it’s Eileen dot link slash geek out now I am in Matt’s Facebook
group and actually let me tell you how I first got introduced to Matt nivara I
got introduced to him through social media examiner when every day you know
every week they do updates on what’s going on in social media they do a live
stream and they would always say we found out about this from Matt nivara
and Matt knew Varys and I was like well I just watched nivara cuz everything
that happened y’all say y’all found out from Matt nivara hence I started
following Matt nivara really paying attention and yes he does break a lot of
news and let me give you a little bit more background about him Matt nivara
is social media industry commentator and consultant previously worked with The
Next Web and for the UK government he’s a self-confessed geek and the roof says
Matt Navarro somehow gets social media news before everyone else yes because
he’s a reporter and he’s Twitter verified you know don’t even verify
people anymore Matt navara has a Facebook group that he
is inviting folks to join so but before you do that I want you to listen don’t
go off and join his Facebook group right now right now I want you still focused
on me because I want to tell you about this
podcast his first episode he did a trailer episode but his first official
episode came out on the 5th of this month September okay and first he has a
co-host and that’s Martin SPF Bryant br yaa I’m not sure what the SPF s I’m
sorry Martin SFP who I’m just getting to know I’m just getting to know SFP and
that’s why I said it wrong the first time
Martin SFP Bryant but he sounds like a very delightful chap and they’ve got
great audio quality and all that good stuff and so that’s the co-host of the
show and the show is sponsored by Pinterest high-five Matt Navarro you get
all kinds of props on that because first of all I love me some Pinterest and
second of all you got a sponsor before you even started your podcast so what
the what so he’s already halfway there right he’s already got a sponsorship
he’s already got a nice following not just that he’s got a lot of huge numbers
but he has a targeted following which he’d nachos over in a Facebook group and
now he’s nurturing with the podcast I’m so glad he’s doing this because you know
you never want to build your house on rent at land right I’m not sure if he’s
got a website or if he’s going to have a website I’m gonna hope that he does
eventually but for now what he’s doing is with the podcasts he’s able to corral
this audience and even though he is talking about the face
he realizes that you know you don’t put all your eggs in one basket Matt and he
is the person they bring on BBC and all those other channels like when there’s
something going on in social media and they need an expert to come on in the
news it’s Matt and I know cuz he’s posted into Facebook and that’s which
I’m in the group right and I do believe he links to the group on his Twitter
account as well so let’s see if not I’ll have to give you guys that link yep he
does he links to the group on his Twitter so alright oops sorry I didn’t
show you all that okay so I click the Twitter link is right on that page I
gave you the link to already and then when you see a sweater profile you see
right there it’s a Facebook group and of course you have to you know apply she
doesn’t just like say a biking come on in there every now and then he might
have to kick somebody out cuz they’d be acting up but it’s a great group for
those of us like myself who need to be on see how I tap I even tapped when Matt
navaros podcast I don’t know I’m just kidding okay so the first episode okay
you’re like when is she gonna segue into Twitter now because his first episode he
bought on Sara hater and forgive me if I’m pronouncing her name wrong it’s h8i
de r hater who works at twitter yes she works at twitter and they had a
fantastic conversation about you know features of twitter why twitter does
this why they don’t do that how they think about this
and the other and I’m not gonna you know recap the whole episode because I want
y’all to go listen to it right okay this is my point here but I am going to give
you a little sneak peek of some Twitter pro hacks not Pro hacks they’re pro
power user tips of how to use the Twitter app now this time I am gonna be
on my mobile device let’s see if we can get that going yeah we did it and I
think it’s positioned where I wanted to be cuz and and I hope so cuz I can’t
move it alright so the first Twitter hack if you have multiple accounts
attached to your Twitter okay and I you know more than likely if you have
Twitter you might have more than one account you know you can sign in with
more than one all right let’s see what Ruth says here let me get that comments
window up cuz I love when Ruth says I you know I love Ruth because Ruth is
action taker you know I can give you all tips until I’m blue in the face but roof
is like I’m on it I’ll do it yup I have Matt navaros podcast on deck
to listen to while I am working okay that’s what I’m saying because you know
you know you need that that Twitter information and I’m sure he’s going to
be bringing on more people because he’s connected to these insiders okay all
right so here we go you have more than one Twitter account I actually have
three connect it up in here okay at the very bottom left the very bottom
you see that little home and you see how it looks like it’s got a little blue dot
there that means I probably got a notification you know one of the three I
could see I do have one notification alright but forget that notification
bell look at that little home button now I want you to do
we’re going to tap again but this time we’re gonna press and hold no smashing
just press and hold and it brings it up I can switch yeah I can easily switch
back and forth and I also can see that is on my basic blog tips account where I
have the one notification so I could go to my free podcast host account I can do
all of those very simply and easily right from pressing and holding that
home button who know who knew that’s like a easter egg nobody knew that was
hiding there okay oh okay sorry I have to be a church but I will catch the
replay when I get back and have a great day and please say a prayers for us
commonsense mamita thank you so much for joining and I’m glad you’re going to
church thank you miss Eileen for the updates and just started my black happy
daughter podcast two weeks ago anchor is so much fun yes black happy daughter I
love that my daughter could have that podcast name too because she should be a
black happy daughter I thought I was following you on Twitter but done now oh
okay good good good you know sometimes you think your father I know what was
fine whenever I says house I wonder if you get somebody gets unfollow it could
be just you accidentally clicked on something yeah that happens to me too so
I cuz I know mean you’ve been connected all over the internet for years now
thanks so make sure I follow back if I’m not if I haven’t so anyway that was the
first little hack all right you press and hold on that home button alright so
now we’re going to go into well I won’t do them in the same order she she gave
them and I’m going this next one I kind of think that some of y’all notice but
I’m not sure but right there at bottom next to the home button it’s the
search did you know that was the search that little realm thing it’s supposed to
look like I guess like you know like looking at things under the microscope
and a lot of apps use that kind of icon but I because Twitter just kind of
updated everything people may not realize that that’s a quick way to get
to search ok so you could go ahead and search for stuff and then it tells you
your recent searches there too so that’s good because you may be searching for
somebody because you keep forgetting a Twitter handle that happens to me a lot
I keep forgetting certain people’s Twitter handles like for example I
search for this guy here Mac Rappaport he’s he’s a fun guy to follow he has
really fun there’s a lot of conversations and fun but his Twitter
handle is in New York actor but I would never remember it’s NY actor actually
but I knew that I wanted to find something that he was talking about and
so anyway that’s good to be able to quickly get over to search ok so here’s
the last one I’m gonna show you and then I’m gonna I still have more to tell you
but that’s the last one I’m going to show you the last one I’m going to show
you is you know if you’ve noticed here I’m using the dark mood and it took me a
while to get used to this whole dark mode business cuz you know us old folks the boomers seniors whatever you want to
call us AARP members we like things white with black writing we’re not into
all this dark mode stuff but at the same time I guess part of this idea of dark
mode is that it’s easier on the eyes and all that so after a while I decided ok
I’m going to give it a try on at least one app and so what Alison’s laughing at
me yes your mommy and your daddy and don’t find out
if they use dark mode or not allison allison i got to make sure i’m
subscribed to your channel too so I decided I would try it on Twitter okay
so let me go back to home alright so but if I ever changed my mind what I need to
do is go to up at the top my little profile right click that on and bring up
the screen here and this is where also I see my other accounts there but if I
ever wanted to turn that off and bring back the light little light bulb let’s
see if I can get a point I can’t get a point going cuz everything is backwards
here but is right here it’s pointing in I’m pointing in the wrong direction so I
won’t keep trying that because that’s not working it’s a light bulb click it
on and boom we’re back to not being on dark mode but now I’m starting to get
used to dark mode and this kind of looks like you know too pale for me so so
there you go you can easily switch back and forth to dark mode and light mode
with the little light bulb icon right at the bottom left but you have to click on
your profile first that profile icon alright
not so much being on your profile okay so you go to home but then the profile
icon alright so let me put things back to dark and I have a full tutorial about
using dark mode and all the other new features for Twitter desktop and I will
put a YouTube card over here somewhere oh so rusa she likes dark bow because
it’s easier on the eyes yeah I finally caved at least I’m using it on this
I you know pretty soon iPhone is gonna have dark mode right I do believe I
don’t know if that’s out yet but I’m willing to experiment with it because
I’ve used it on Twitter now for about three or four months maybe and I’ve
realized that it it didn’t kill me I survived so so those are the three tips
press and hold that then the search button and then the
light bulb just toggle dark mode all right so here’s the next thing that I
want y’all especially the super power users Twitter
has this prototype app that they are using
that’s Twitter without all the vowels so it’s T W TT r t w TT
R and I’m gonna put a link here Eileen dot link / t w TT r if you want to apply
to get in to this little you can apply to go to that link and you can apply but
you gotta you know you got to be logged into your Twitter and Sarah talks all
about well she won’t tell everything about the app but she talks about the
ideas behind it why they’re doing it what they use it for the little nickname
that they have for bonus points if anybody knows what that little nickname
is let me know and you get some bonus points I don’t know what you’re gonna
get for the bonus points but at least you get some bonus points and I’ll know
that you listened all the way to the end of this broadcast so yes so there you
have it those are the updates I think I’m most excited about
for Twitter I’m most excited about being able to click on impress and hold that
home button and being able to switch accounts that’s major for me because
that little notification you see that little dot that little notification died
it drives you nuts and then you’re like well what happened to somebody retweet
me does somebody shout me out well what and now it’s just so much
easier and I think just even the act of pressing it just reminds me of my little
two taps cuz you know nobody talks about two taps everybody waits almost ash you
know you don’t smash it it just reminds me of my whole thought process and
behind you know just coming up with the two taps I don’t think the Twitter link
is working oh okay TW t TR that’s what oh yeah cuz I typed it in wrong HTTP not
HTTPS shoes how my power used is supposed to get over there I mean if you
type it and wrong alright so this time I’m not gonna talk on typing TW t TR so
that’s IL e a and e dot link slash t WT t are alright and that’s gonna take you
to a little survey oh and this is only on iOS I’m sorry I forgot to say that
earlier this little experiment that Twitter is doing is only for iOS users
right now okay I didn’t get my acceptance yet but y’all know when I do
y’all horn I don’t know if where there’s any kind of okay I’m shocked I missed
that yeah cuz there’s so much hat there’s so much that happens Ruth so so
much it’s almost impossible to keep up that’s why having these little tips like
joining the Facebook group if you’re a Facebook user if joining Matt’s Facebook
group because not only does he come in there with the breaking news
you’ve got all these other social media managers that come in and great
contributors that come in and say hey I noticed this does anybody else see and
you’ll know this certain things are only in certain countries or maybe didn’t
roll out to you yet or maybe it’s an old feature that people just haven’t been
paying attention to you know all kinds of things that’s that conversation this
is the great thing about having a Facebook group when you have the right
people in the group because that’s all we talk about
you just geek out about social media I’m mad you missed the link sync text yeah I
know I’m mr. Toad’s he said the link didn’t
work and I’m like I know I did it right oh yeah but I typed it wrong
so because I’ve already and then normally ask you three questions like
what kind of device do you use I don’t even remember the other two questions
it’s very it’s very non intrusive enough well I guess they take a look at your
account they must be actually not using an AI or
a bot to prove people they’re literally looking at your account I guess to see
okay well does this person even know enough about Twitter to you know because
if you don’t even know about Twitter how you really gonna test a prototype you
know this is just my opinion I am a Joe in my humble opinion that’s how they’re
deciding who gets in there or not and maybe it is about and it’s just they
gotta turned off for the weekend I don’t know cuz I just heard about it we’re not
from listening to the podcast and there’s a lot of stuff in that podcast
that you guys I think will definitely benefit from and this is only the first
episode so this is why I say definitely subscribe because even if this is like
what Twitter is not my thing okay he’s in with the folks so he’s
gonna be bringing on good guests he started with Twitter in fact Matt did
the first and I do believe the only ever Twitter takeover you know how people do
takeovers on Instagram you see that especially you know brands will go out
and get an influencer to take over their account especially if there’s a
conference coming on or something like that or something that they’re trying to
promote and they want this person to introduce it instead of themselves right
Twitter never does that hey you probably missed it you probably
missed it because really I don’t know how diligently you follow Twitter but
it’s only because I follow Matt that I know that he did a takeover of Twitter’s
Twitter account okay so oh and that reminds me of something really fun that
I’ll tell you guys before we end the stream today that happened on Instagram
but it was Twitter’s Instagram account I don’t know if any of you heard this but
I’m going to go over here and just do a screen share and wow they’re being much
more active now wow I don’t even know we’re gonna be
able to find it but Twitter is being really funny and really snarky over one
Instagram so oh they’ve got 21 post so it’s not going to be too hard for me to
find this one oh this was it oh they turned it into one of those big oh geez
I hope I can still get to see it they turned it into one of those where you
have to see all the tweets together so I’ll see what
Instagram is literally just screenshots of tweets and I think Twitter should
call them out so this girl Mia me I a a made this tweet and so Twitter decided
to take a screenshot of it and post it just to be super duper ironic and this
happened back on August 8th so this is just starting this just started going on
in the last month because today September da so a month ago but then
they turned it into one of these you know where you can’t see it unless you
look at their whole account so I thought that that was super super funny when I
heard that and I like that Twitter is you know and all if you notice on their
Instagram here all of their tweets are screenshot I mean all of their Instagram
posts are screen screenshots of poke of tweets and here this person said isn’t
Twitter dead people who like screenshots of tweets on Instagram oh yeah so
they’re just being super snarky and you know it’s all branded for them because
they’re talking about tweets and there’s probably a lot more fun stuff in fact
I’m gonna follow them they have right now six hundred and thirty thousand
followers they’re following absolutely no one so we’ll see where this goes and
I’m gonna actually try to go out my way to watch and now they’re not doing
stories or anything like that over there yet yet but I just think it’s fun to follow along with the you know and
people do screenshot tweets a lot even on stories I see people screenshot and
tweets and actually what I really see cuz I don’t follow of people that do
that too much but I’m seeing people that I follow who are we sharing somebody
else’s it’s the grab but it’ll be a screenshot of a tweet
okay it took me forever to say that but anyway guys
so there’s your updates let’s just do a quick recap anchors latest updates are
to their audiogram or transcribed video feature it looks a lot more on brand for
anchor and you can go in in any segment that you’ve recorded that is under one
minute you can create these fun audiograms
and I’ve talked about today how to use audiograms more effectively and I’ve
also mentioned a couple of other places where you can get audio grams and then
also speaking of anchor our good friend Matt navara who is a total geek and
always brings us all the breaking news on social media has started a podcast
called geek out with Matt Navarra and he his first interview was with Sara hater
from Twitter and also he has a co-host on that podcast which is Martin SFP
Bryant I hope I got that right and you can not only subscribe to that podcast
on anchor but I also gave you a special link where you can subscribe it to
wherever you listen to podcast and he talked with Sarah and she gave us a
couple of pro tips on how to use the Twitter mobile app which I shared in
today’s live stream and I want to thank each and every one of you for coming out
to the stream and just want to remind you that there are tons of tutorials
here on this channel that are focused on teaching you how to use podcasting live
streaming and social media so be sure to check out one
of these other videos here and I will see you in the next video thank you so
much and have a great day bye for now

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