Twenty-five Years of the Mellon Mays Fellowship Program at Dartmouth

Twenty-five Years of the Mellon Mays Fellowship Program at Dartmouth

(bright piano music) – I really love to teach. – I’m a sociologist, I
really appreciate academia and kind of knowledge production in and of itself. – I’ve been thinking a lot about teaching at the college level. – Academia can be really intimidating. – I love museums and I love the teaching that happens in museums. – And that professional
development has been really key. – It just opened so many doors for me. (upbeat piano music) – The Mellon Mays
Undergraduate Fellows program is a fabulous program across the country to bring undergraduates
from the Humanities and Social Sciences into understanding what professors do at
a place like Dartmouth. To get them interested in
the process of research and the activity of
intellectual engagement so that they might consider going into the professoriate themselves. – It’s really kind of an
all immersive experience about what scholarship looks like, what it could look like, what are the transformative capacities that being someone in the academy can really have. – I hadn’t necessarily had the exposure to people who were career
academics in my life other than professors so
to be talking to people who had the same aspirations
or looking up to people who are ahead on that path was really, really inspiring, especially seeing other students of color in the academy. It’s wonderful. – I’m originally from Northern California. That is where my tribe’s located, the Yurok tribe. I see myself being in academia producing research that is important in my field in its own right but is also publicly accessible both for people in DC, but people from my own tribe. – Academia is sometimes a community of really privileged people who can choose to have the life of the mind for six years or more for some people, but having that financial support to also have a community of people who are going
through the same thing that you’re going through
and dealing with anxiety and dealing with the stresses of academia because for many of us in MMUF our families are not academics. – We have an incredible success rate in fact with first generation
students who are now in doctoral programs doing
cutting edge research and really changing the
landscape intellectually across their fields. – Mellon Mays is key for
that developing that pipeline that we need to diversify
and strengthen the faculty at Dartmouth and at every
institution in the US. – After Dartmouth I intend
to go to Northwestern. I’ve been excepted to the African American Studies PhD program and I’m excited, I’m excited. (bright piano music)

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