Tulsi Gabbard slams Hillary’s Russian asset claim in new ad

Tulsi Gabbard slams Hillary’s Russian asset claim in new ad

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  1. Tulsi , stay positive , no sniveling and your good , this is good for you and TRUMP… Principal and policy are foremost , your party is mentally ill , you need your own party… 🇺🇸💯🚒

  2. the Hillary vs Tulsi feud is the biggest hoax since the Mueller's report!!! Hillary and Tulsi are trying to peel off the Independent and women voters!!! They are the best of friends and this is well orchestrated!!! They know they can't peel off Trump supporters so now they are trying to divert and split the Independents and women voters from Trump!!! Tulsi is a veteran and holds a gun. This may be appealing to some Independents but if she wins, she will quickly turn against guns and veterans. She will become a " warmonger just like Hillary. I am not falling for this scam!!! Trump 2020!!!!

  3. Tulsi Gabbard Declares War on Hillary Clinton and Democrat Party Establishment. Likely a set up for a 3rd party candidate to try to take votes from Trump. Think logical. Hillary is corrupt.

  4. It's called the "broken re-run" that ALL Hillary isis part of, so quit giving the broken re-run TV time & have her go find a new country to corrupt even worse then they have the USofA!!

  5. Hillary's "Hit & Hide" won't work these days. She has single handily destroyed the Democrat Party.
    Hillary is as two faced as they get. She has no shame. She thinks the public is stupid…no more stupid.

  6. Hillary is helping Gabbard by running her mouth…..lol. she is supposed to be helping Warren cause no way can bernie get the nomination he isnt a real democrat.

  7. Whatever happened to Slick Willie and hildabeast so sick they were dying all of a sudden they're alive and well running around don't make promises you can't keep

  8. Hildabeast talks Russia so much. It's clear she is projecting her own alliance to Russia. Hildabeast IS a Russian asset.

  9. Hillary is an inspiration to young girls everywhere. She led the way and demonstrated that if you work really hard at an elite school, get admitted to a top university and finish at the top of your class at Yale Law School, then you can marry a really powerful man and ride his coattails all of the way eventually to become a secretary.

  10. Shame on crooked Hillary and lying Barack Obama and Susan Rice: Benghazi Docs Confirm Clinton Cover-Up; Docs Reveal Steele-State Dept. Officials Relationship; State Dept's Anti-Trump Coup Used Tax Dollars.
    Time to have a full investigation of this corruption.

  11. We now have a Democrat who understands the lies and accusations the Republicans have had to put up with for years.

  12. Interesting, Tusi supported Bernie, she support socialism. There's no such thing as a democrat, it's all socialism. I voted for Trump. This Texan was never vote blue.

  13. What a strange comment from the former Secretary of State Clinton! Why did she make such a comment about a Democrat in the House of Representatives that is currently in 11th place among the Democrats with a RCP average of 0.8%, less than 1.0%? Does Secretary of State Clinton have information about Stein and Gabbard? Is it to deflect the 38 people cited for violations in the Clinton email probe? Russia, did get information from those unprotected email, and how stupid was that? Maybe, Bill has said, "Gabbard," like he said, "Ivanka," at the Inauguration of President Trump, when Hillary turned and just stared at the former President in disbelief? The Clinton's…man, they never disappoint for a good show…very strange!

  14. What I think Hillary is doing is that, she is looking for a way to defeat Trump by at least pushing the public to have sympathy for a woman that its being "attacked", she is trying to divert attention to Tulsi Gabbard and somehow get Trump tripped on Miss Gabbard and later on get Trump destroyed. I don't trust Hillary a bit and we all know she wants to defeat Trump somehow and anything she says needs to be scrutinized on her real intentions. Something smells fishy here

  15. Why would anyone believe "The Butcher of Benghazi"? In my opinion, her track record is absolutely the most corrupt trail a politician ever left in his or her wake.

  16. She lost because bill did in the white house its always somebody fault go live under a rock bill and Hillary with you 20 millions you said yall was broke living in poverty I wish I had only 20 millions

  17. I'm so sorry to have heard about the upcoming suicide that happened to Ms. Tulsi Gabbard  on Halloween night, October 31, 2019 …


  19. Let's not forget it was Hilary who started the Obama birther question. The MSM pushed it as a Trump statement but it was her who first came up with it to dirty her opponent and Trump ran with it . I think  Hilary is hoping people forget the things she says.

  20. I hope Tulsi knows President Trump defended her while Tulsi is bad mouthing him. Not one democrat came to Tulsi's defense. Maybe Tulsi needs to wake up.

  21. Buttigieg is a real establishment puppet. He tows the CFR party line, just like the rest of the Democrat candidates. Funny, they all agree on Syria, almost like they’re reading from the same script

  22. Are you saying the "Gutsy Woman" can't face Tulsi Gabbard? Hillary and Chelsea have been going around promoting their new book called, of all things, "Gutsy Women". Another propaganda book out by the most cowardly woman on earth. She smears a Major in the National Guard, who served in Iraq, who is also a sitting congresswoman, and then she gets her minions in the MSM to cover for her. What a despicable person! She has humiliated her daughter and grandchildren, and gave people yet another reason to HATE her.

  23. Aloha Tulsi, I dont think anyone with a lick of sense, believes that "farting cow". The Clinton's, Obama's, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, etc, are a den of vipers. Please never forget that, "we the people…" are who politicians are working for. WE voted the president into office. He is doing a great job. Look at his track record. The american public isnt as dumb as politicians think. No more lies and false accusations. Find points you guys can agree upon. Then work together to get things done. I think that if you want a snowball's chance in hell, you'll somehow look at what has been done by Congress in the last two years. The answer is nothing. THE DEMOCRATS HAVE BEEN SO OBSESSED WITHE IMPEACHMENT, THAT THEY ARE NOT DOING THE JOB THAT THEY PROMISED US THEY WOULD DO. And have tried at every chance to undermine what the president tries to do. Why did Pelosi and Schiff fly to Jordan and meet with their top people? They broke the law, just to undermine trump. That's exactly the kind of actions people are sick and tired of. Please dont be like that. I voted for you the last election instead of crazy mazy, and Brian schotts. Those two are real trained idiots. Focus on the issues that need your attention. Not impeachment of the president. By focusing on impeachment, you are saying that my opinion doesn't matter. You are supposed to represent us. So, represent. We voted him into office. He is doing a phenomenal job. Think of what clinton said about you, then think about what the president has had to endure for almost three years. And he is still getting things done. The Clinton's are crap. Everything that comes out of her mouth is crap.

  24. Hillary Clinton even looks cartoonishly evil. Also, it's funny how they swept the long relationship between the Clintons and Jeffrey Epstein and his "enterprises" under the rug.


  26. It is all show. HRC planned it all to make the unpopular popular. It will not work. No one loves America Like Trump NO ONE. Democrats will never win another election. Democrat party is dead.

    BLAME your Enemy for DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING! THIS WAY, when the truth spoken by your enemy is a "repeat," everyone will discredit them, as mockers & liars.

  28. What is urgently needed is someone who can build an underground movement against the Clinton Caliphate within the Democratic Party. Tulsi Gabbard can be that movement builder. Tulsi is the real deal and the Caliphate leaders know it. That's the reason why they fear her.

  29. Hillary the dead corpse of Christmas past, the vile wicked witch of the west spewing vomiting evil wicked lies,against a patriot who is telling the truth about the warmongers


  31. Here is my observation ( I am not American). US is presently living in a Trump era. Back in the days white supremacists were rolling under a mask, using anonymous internet avatar and profile so on. But now we've seen them out in the open shouting Nazism. We all know the majority who voted for Trump, and he WON! USA is now KKKx1000. Don't you think genuine candidates like Tulsi and Yang with a real purpose and solution are just decoration to the so called "American Democracy"? By the way her name is not Tolsi, it's Tulsi – 'U'

  32. Hillary is a Russian asset herself. It is true that Hillary is dumb and also a great liar. By commenting on Tulsi or Pres Trump, she is slowly giving notification of the creeping sense of dread of a comeback to test the water. Her ambition was and still is to become the first woman President. Unfortunately for her, God forbids. Pres Trump is still God's choice.

    Jill Stein was seen in a restaurant sitting on the same round table with Vladimir Putin and a few others after the 2016 US campaign. I think that video was shot by Project Veritas. Putin admires the brilliant mind of Pres Trump.

    God is in control of history. Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall on the basis of Jesus. The Bible tells us that God establishes leaders, and God removes them (Daniel 2:21). God uses human choice to fulfill His master plan for the universe. God’s sovereign control over the events of human history and His prophetic foreknowledge of future events are clearly manifested in the pages of the ancient Scriptures (the Bible).

    Daniel 2:21 ~ 21 “It is He (=God) who changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and establishes kings. He gives wisdom to the wise And [greater] knowledge to those who have understanding!

  33. It was fun watching the spin from the DNC. They would just change the subject to Russian bots. Yeah there are differences. Gabbard is different.

  34. Who does she thinks she is? Just because she used to give head to a former president doesn't mean she can say whatever pops in her head.

  35. I’m so sick with Hillary Clinton. She is lier. she corrupts. she is dividing Americans ppl. She is destroying social life.

  36. Hilary is a woman scorned. She is gonna make sure that no woman will ever be president. Her anger has spilled into the party itself ensuring that no democrate will be president as long as she is alive and able.

  37. How is it nobody supports Tulsi gabbard but hundreds and thousands of people come to her defense on the internet? I've always wondered where those people were.

  38. She sounds just like Trump now
    Now she's making the same claim that the Democrats will frame you and accuse you with that 30-year old line…
    You're a Russian operative
    and its the Truth! Those Democrats are the most anti-American SOB's on the planet they're worse than Putin

  39. Tulsi fears no one and takes no prisoners-if your going to cross her be very prepared for a a good old fashioned scrap or like Hillary you will have to do a "no show".

  40. What is really interesting is that the “left” media are not immediately jumping on Tulsi, a female minority war veteran and Aloha Hawaii congresswoman

  41. Tulsi is cute… zzzzz Hillary is a criminal…zzzzz WOMEN ARE NOT LEADERS! Trump 2020… what happened to men behaving like the Duke or Eastwood… man the fuk up men… peace

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