Tucker: Media praises ‘the Adam Schiff show’

Tucker: Media praises ‘the Adam Schiff show’

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  1. This is just pushing lifelong Democrats to voting for trump. It's a sad spectacle that shows they spent the last 3 years doing nothing for their constituents.

  2. …Cast out the scorner, and the contention shall go out: yea, strife and reproach shall cease. Proverbs ch 22 vs10…..KJV… ???????…

  3. Why this focus?…because this is the essence of legerdemain. Look over there and marvel at my cleverness all the while forgetting that you are being deceived, not entertained.

  4. where is the truth in trump testifying…oh wait it didn't happen Dept of state didn't testify either…but hillary did for 11 hours prove it and step up or step off

  5. Demoncraps, thank you for making yourselves look like idiots.
    You have fallen into your own nets, and now the Tea Party will take your place.

  6. Amazing. Tucker brings up all Trumps failures during his time in office, and then says these are the reasons people will vote for him again. Let me state some facts that were verified during these hearings. Trump withheld aid from a Nato ally that was under attack by Russia. Trump removed a highly respected ambassador because she got in the way of a criminal act. Trump undercut the State Department in order to extort a foreign power in hoping to fix an election. Trump continues to endorse a conspiracy theory that has been proven 100% false by every intelligence agency in the world, including our own. I wish I could say that I find it amusing that Tucker Carlson fails to state that all these facts have been verified. I do not. Tucker, and his like, always fail to mention the facts. They would rather obfuscate and misdirect. The truth is the truth is the truth. They seem to forget that all this is being exposed and no matter how they try to blow smoke, it becomes clearer every day. Our President is a two bit huckster and is totally owned by Putin and the Russian oligarchs he owes so much money to. Trump and his inner circle are looking at serious prison time after he is voted out of office. The Senate will absolutely not vote to impeach, and, I am happy about that. It just ensures that the whole lot of them will be voted out in one years time. The American citizen sees through the charade that Fox News and the other Right Wing lie spinners are putting on. Give it a rest Tucker and put your obviously false indignation away. There is only one word to describe you, and those that eat your horshshit daily. Pathetic.

  7. They won't be after Devin Nunes gets done with them? He's taken CNN and The Daily Beast to Federal Court come Monday December 2- 2019!!!

  8. Trump is jury tampering and all Senators who are now meeting with Trump must have their vote disqualified at the impeachment trial.

  9. Well, let's see. Schiff has a disgusting UNDER-BITE. Bulging BUG EYES. Stupid weird goofy lips. Dopey cheeks. Adam Schiff is one UGLY HIDEOUS LOOKING MONSTROUS OGRE…if there ever was one. And it's a match set. He's definitely ugly on the outside. He's just as ugly (if not uglier) on the inside….

  10. Adam Schiff is an idiot! How people can take him seriously and vote for him is beyond reason! Should be booted out and sent packing.

  11. Dear President Putin, as the President of both Russia and the United States, would you inform your “broken English speaking” puppet (Trump), Republicans and their minions to start speaking the NEW language of the land, Russian (effective January 20, 2017)? Also, can you do the few remaining intelligent minds of the US a favor, and kindly select a president that base a baseline IQ of 70 or above? We’ve concluded that Donald J. Trump is the 45th smartest “Shadow” President in American history! So, going forward we kindly request someone that can form a proper sentence, that of which, would suffice. Many thanks!

  12. Wait- I’m a tucker fan. But the issue is about a constitutional ability for a president to bribe another country with aide with fighting a political opponent. That was a bit lazy tucker- but it’s still minute crap. Especially compare to the obstruction of justice against presidential candidate Hilary Clinton

  13. I believe I know how they are using all the hollywood people, the dems are all taking "ACTING LESSONS" from them !!! lol!!! It's not helping them a bit !!! Still convincing the gullible left, though !!! lol

  14. Adam Schiff never fight to defend Americans against Banksters, Warmongers, Lobbies… How many Americans died instead of Zionists for their Greater Israel now canceled ? How many ?

  15. If you ever wondered why things didn't get done in the government if you ever wonder why things are so f*** up look no further than Adam Swift.

  16. Tucker, love ya man. But you gotta stop giving the democrats good advice. What are you trying to do? You gotta let them keep on making fools of them selves. Expose their corruption sure but don't tell them how to correct it.

  17. Hmmm! Seems the masses aren't as dumb as the corporate propaganda machine thought they are. Now comes the propaganda lectures on how stupid the masses are for not believing the globalist masters bs.

  18. Adam Schiff is a hero, and is honest, unlike FOX who ignores the facts tries to discredit those who aim to remove the disgraceful corrupt Donald Trump from office…which is currently the only way we can make America great again!

  19. Why even quote poll numbers? Whether or not the public is buying this malarkey (which we are not) shouldn't matter. The facts are the facts. There is no there there.

  20. With Nunes getting up and spouting rhetoric every single time, and we Jim Jordan not even asking one question, and Schiff asking witness’s questions, who are the real story tellers, hmm?

  21. the democrats could have walked this one. end the wars, do the medicine pricing at least fake that they cared about the borders or national sovereignty. if they had done the work and got out in front of him on these things instead of obstruct and complain they could have grabbed the headlines and the credit. the last 4 years have been one long wasted opportunity

  22. Scary Schiff needs to retire go home and so does Nancy “nervous Nancy Darth” Pelosi go home both of you both of you don’t belong in public service CNN doesn’t even know what an IED is you are all jokes bad jokes at that

  23. Here's a new line for you, Adam: "You're wrong! and you're an A$$H0le". Here's another one; "America is better than what you've done here". And then, there's my favorite; "You're fired!!!"

  24. CNN and MSNBC..are NOT the media! THEY ARE DEMOCRAT'S POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS! How funny it's all FAILING with the PUBLIC!
    I am now POSITIVE President trump is innocent…and MY CANDIDATE FOR 2020!

  25. For years, every week or two the Democrats would announce a new bombshell that was the beginning of the end for Trump. The Mueller report bombed. That seems to be the only play they know. They just change the charges from time to time. They are suffering from "the little boy who cried wolf" syndrome.

  26. I will wager that if Schiff was tested that it would for sure read positive on dope and I think this is partly why he is so "bold" because his so called courage is chemically induced as one can expect.

  27. You guys are really idiots. This clown Tucker and all his Fox new cohorts are on an island telling you gullible people not to trust your lying eyes. Takes your blinders off and use your common sense.

  28. Trump will be impeached, not because they have evidence he has done anything wrong, but because the Democrats are too far down the rabbit hole to admit they have nothing, it would ruin them ahead of 2020, if they had a chance in the first place.

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