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  1. PRESIDENT Trump must kick those corrupt Dems in the you know what's as they like to think they can play hard ball !which they have for many years by bullying cowardly Reps .

  2. 2:30… I needed a good laugh. Thanks for showing that sub-moronic Crybaby "News" Network airhead trying to pretend she actually understands the script she's performing. I bet she help conceive the truly idiotic title for the script.

  3. I have no idea why anybody would watch CNN, MSNBC, NBC etc. Do they watch just because it's on TV? We have the internet now. Why do you still watch TV? They no longer control all information and we better not let them control that either.

  4. Amazing, funny and scary, all at the same time. We need to flush the toilet that is the Federal Government. With the help of President Trump and Attorney General Barr, perhaps some of these turds will be removed.

  5. Democrats: Investigated the conspiracy 'Russian Collusion' in Trump presidential election 2016.

    Trump: Use Uno card, investigate the investigators.

  6. No matter who they investigate or already investigated. Not one ever was held accountable and was sent to jail.
    So I would say it is not worth the money if there is no justice.

  7. Every time i hear this man all i can think is 'is he really this stupid, or is he just pretending???' What happen to one of the greatest countries in the history of the world!

  8. Saudi Arabi being sued because Obama tried blackmailing them right before he left and his filthy fingerprints ARE ALL OVER THIS STORY. KERRY OBAMA NEED TO BE CHARGED WITH THE LOGAN ACT. LOCK THEM UP..

  9. Mccabe is the chosen Patsy to take the heat for comey hillary and the rest. I told him along time ago. Those who lead int9 captivity will be taken into captivity.

  10. I'm done with all this bull. Watching Tucker 10/3/19 and I finally noticed his red string cabal bracelet. If you're clueless on cabalism, research. Every last person in the media is full of manure to their eyeballs. Tucker and even Hannity say what we want to hear. In the end, they're all the same, just packaged differently for us conservatives. So I'm done listening to anyone in main stream media. ALL are puppets to the evil powers that rule this world. Find God, this world is not going to be around forever.

  11. the Js hate nationalism and patriotism. They hate the idea of America First. They hate traditional America. That is why even though they constitute only 2% of the population, they are most of the movers and shakers on the Left, and almost all of the people railing against Trump in the media and in congress.

    Wake up. It is 2% of the population. Let that sink in.

  12. When do shed light on the fraudulent document Obama presented to run for president. Two different forensic labs exposed it and people walking past. Fox news and Judicial watch basically scratched the surface and no one is arrested on charges of treason.

  13. I recall those days in the past when Democrats thought the CIA, FBI were dangerous to democracy. That was true until the Democrats got their people into the CIA and FBI. Now it’s don’t ask, won’t tell.

  14. Comey & McCabe – "We've written books, what is there to investigate"???

    George W. Bush – "The planes hit the buildings, the buildings came down, what's to investigate?

  15. Didn’t that investigation actually find that trump had obstructed justice but could not be indicted? Not sure how that absolves him. And investigate Biden AND trump, how is that not the only option? How do you people go back and forth and still not have any idea what objective morality is? Both parties are pathetic.

  16. Oh, wait till you see the Video of BIDEN'S BILLION DOLLAR,
    It has a smell of Clinton.
    1 min and 45 seconds to MIDNIGHT FOLKS !
    You can thank Pelosi, Schiff, Obama ,Clinton and Biden.

  17. Man to cop: Hey cop, you broke the law. Cop to Man: No, I investigated and found I did not. Yeah, that doesn't need further review.

  18. If they did nothing wrong then they would be happy for an investigation. It would make Trump look bad when he came up empty.
    But no. They throw fits like my two year old when I've caught him doing something he is not supposed to.

  19. The real problem is Barr and Durham STILL haven't indicted anyone. 8Chan went down. Q disappeared two months ago. You can't blame uninformed voters for the DOJ seemingly doing nothing all this time.

  20. Have you seen President Trump lately? Look how stressed out the President is getting these days! He's absolutely ranting and raving. Mad as hell at Adam Schiff. So WHY is he putting himself through this pressure? He's been ranting for days now, and he looks seriously pissed off. It's obvious he considers impeachment a serious threat. As he should!

    So why is he putting himself through this stress? For the truth is; he REALLY could prove his innocence! Easily! Simply! Absolutely. While destroying the Democrats, making them look Inept! Stupid. Liars.Snow flakes and the rest. He'd guarantee his re-election! A total landslide. . For he's either completely stupid to suffer this misery! Or….he's a total Liar!
    So how can he do this? Think about it!

    The main Democrat critiques are:1) Ukraine phone call.2) The secret conversation with Putin. 3) His Tax returns!

    Any innocent man, suffering this torment and misery, would have thrown up his hands in exasperation and released all the 'relevant' evidence! Proving his total innocence beyond doubt. And, storming through his Rally's a superhero President, while guaranteeing his re-election Period! But he won't do it. Why? Instead, he's calling it a ''Coup'' and insinuating ''Civil War'' if he's impeached! That's 1000's of American deaths! Both sides! He'll encourage all his supporters to take to the streets etc and get armed, while he and the rest of his WH ''Good Fellas''( Hannity. Gorka. Barr. Guiliani. Miller etc) will be tucked away in a bunker, and shitting in a gold toilet.

    There's no way, he'd persuade enough supporters to take up arms, for they wouldn't have the power of Truth in their hearts. Truth is the powerhouse in any fight! Now, he could stop your deaths, in an instant by proving his innocence easily. But he's not doing it. Don't get suckered! Surely you can find a better cause to die for, than a LIAR! What happened to Truth and Honour and America the beautiful. You truly are the home of the brave. Follow this man to civil war, and you'll be the ''Home of the stupid.'' And he'd have Made American Graves Again.

    Look I'm English from the UK with no place in your politics. But I love America with a passion and see where your bravery will take you. Don't do it. God bless the USA x

  21. How many american tax returns would it take to pay off the rusian colusion delusion for say just 4 years. One term.


  23. McCabe you are actually making a frigan huge fool out of yourself you Hillary and Comey…can’t wait to see you all in jail..CANT WAIT FOR YOU IDIOT FAKE NEWS IDIOTS TO HAVE TO REPORT THE REAL TRUTH WHEN IT IS FINALLY ALL OUT IN THE OPEN…

  24. Hillary supporters should form their own country and government. Not on American soil thow. Maybe an island somewhere. Say skull island. Sounds good.

  25. Omg at the stupidity of the main Street mocking bird corrupt lieing media says Barr shouldn't be overstating the Russia probe in which they have been doing for 2 years!!!! Exactly how dumb do you expect the American people to be !!!!!!!!

  26. This is the most brazen coup attempt since 1963. However, it’s not 1963…and this crime against the Republic will not go unanswered. All participators will be held accountable, including those in the Neo-Marxist “media”. They should study up on manual labor.

  27. You think they are angry now, wait until the investigation is complete and indictments start going out. Things are going to get wild!

  28. IF the republicans win both houses for President Trump, CLOSE DOWN THE CIA PHIL MUDD and the CIA brotherhood! You threaten RUDY you threaten America.

  29. Yes. We know Trump has gotten hundreds of millions of dollars from Saudis and Russians. We know that Putin and the leader of Saudi Arabia can stop that flow in a minute. They can make it clear money to Trump must stop right now and it will stop. So how much money from Russia and Saudi has gone into Trump’s pockets since he became President? We need an investigation to find out. And what has Trump done to keep Putin and MBS happy?

  30. Millions and millions of working Americans and American business owners need to stop paying taxes and stop cooperating with the IRS and as many citizens as possible need to deprive the government of as much money as possible that’s the only thing they will respond to money is the only thing that keeps them powerful if enough people do it they can’t get us all

  31. The fact is the Democrats have DESTROYED EVIDENCE. The Democrats have lied about everything and nothing is being done about the cover ups and scandals from the Obama years? Just as someone acting as a fly on the wall in the Obama administration private meetings.

    BO:So let me get this right Hillary I'm getting 75 million for a book deal?
    HC: Between 60 and 75 million Yes, Barack just grant everyone immunity and turn the other eye for all of us.
    BO: That's a pretty sweet deal how much do I have to give the guy making up our truth?
    HC: You only have to pay my foundation 10 million. Thanks Barack, when I'm president we'll get you as much as I've made.

  32. So good to have a president who so actively keeps himself mired in controversy, whether it's tweeting at individual people all day and night or constantly changing his "negotiating style". Ya, that's what we all want our president to do. In other words, Keep America Unstable and Divided. Good thing FOX CNN and MSNBC all pitch in so willingly to help!

  33. ….and all the king's horses and all the king's men and all the king's mouth breathing paid propagandists apologists and shills could not put humpty trumpty back together again….

  34. If they have done nothing wrong why do they have a problem with an investigation? We endured almost three years of the Mueller thing that really did prove to be "baseless" so they have no reason to complain. Its called quid pro quo.

  35. Ok, Tucker . I agree investigations are needed. We have to find out the truth.

    Good point Tucker.
    How come impeachment investigations aren't needed, to find out the truth?
    Are you cherry picking?

  36. I don't care that he is a liar and a spoiled brat slob narcissist, with no shame, l will continue to support the pig.

  37. No, McCabe, it's not a mystery. We just need to have an investigation first, before putting you and your friends in jail, unfortunately.

  38. Good honest reporting. Hard to find these days. What has happened to Alex Jones. Have the Dems silenced him up

  39. The WHISTLEBLOWERS banner behind O'Donnell on MSNBC is the "journalist" that the song Dirty Laundry was meant for. 🎵🎶Could a been an actor but I wound up hear, I just have to look good I don't have to be clear me and no I'm not flaming queer and what if I were what of it? 🎵🎶

  40. Well we already have evidence and it is verified evidence that Ukraine was interfering in the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton but even you Tucker are not talking about that.
    Ukraine even admitted they used the media websites to push the false Trump/Collusion investigation and that they knew the Russia collusion was a hoax.

  41. The mainstream media is happily reporting only opinion pieces. I thought the responsibility of a reporter is to report the facts and let the consumer make up their minds on how it is.

  42. I love Tucker's work and integrity. The elite left, on the other hand, are not simply rabidly partisan, they are evil in their dealings.

  43. Democrats investigate every facet of Trump's life based on lies or no evidence at all, and try to impeach him months before an election year, and the media calls them heroes of democracy and justice.
    Trump's attorney general Barr dares to investigate democrat corruption based on solid evidence of wrongdoing, and the media calls him a political hack just trying to investigate democrats for political gain.
    The hypocrisy of the media and democrats is staggering. Let's just hope most of the country doesn't fall for this garbage in 2020.

  44. McCabe and Comey are crooks, but the Left only listens to the Media , which has made them Heroes ! the Media is nothing more then the Deep State !

  45. Its interesting that as one set of investigations that could focus on very central members of the Democratic elite gets underway, there is some more mudslinging by Hilary abput Russian influence on a relatively marginal (but interesting) democrat. Mud slinging or smoke blowing?

  46. AG Barr is a fraud, nothing will come of this. This is a sideshow distraction. Barr will treat this in the same manner he did "investigating" Epstein.
    …and speaking of Epstein, Barr's "nothing to see here" press conference confirms his devotion to the globalist agenda. Barr's not there to investigate Washington's pedophile elite, he's there to protect them. Barr represented a conflict of interest because of his Father's (Donald Barr) linkage to Epstein. Barr is a complete fraud, a Bilderberg soldier, nothing more…investigate the orgins of Russian collusion?…surely you jest. Barr is a complete bootlicking stooge

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