Tucker: Giuliani, Bloomberg dramatically lowered NYC crime

Tucker: Giuliani, Bloomberg dramatically lowered NYC crime

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  1. I lived in Long Island ny went this dude was the governor and yes I remember clearly that stop & frisk Newyork was safe ,how stupid this demon rats are apologizing for saving life’s back then they sale their mother if that could get them votes pathetic

  2. They should agree on a percentage per population. If x amount of murders exceed the limit, stop and frisk is enacted until it gets below the number and then suspended. There’s has to be some common sense rather than going after the 2nd amendment. Who do these a-holes think they are? God?

  3. Bloomberg just looking for Black and Latinos votes. Stop and Frisk worked and don’t need to apologized for it to get votes. We, New Yorkers, know it worked.

  4. Bloomberg was a great Mayor. Bloomberg cleaned the streets, reduced traffic, kept crime down.
    The city today still feels the benefits of Bloomberg’s tenure.

  5. Stop and Frisk caused mass incarceration…. but it saved lives….
    Perhaps the evidence is clear, those incarcerated may have been the criminals? Their racial demographic amongst those incarcerated is more than likely linked to socioeconomic conditions. The whites incarcerated under the same policy were also from similar socioeconomic status. Maybe, just maybe, its not about race but about living conditions?

  6. Sucker Carlson having another hissy fit again over something no one cares about.

    President Individual One is being impeached and he is looking away faster than Gym Jordan in a shower.

  7. I would be MORE than happy, if I was stopped and "patted" down , knowing the law , and the safety of My Country was held at standards which made it safer.
    Only if i was not innocent would I be offended. But Hey, thats just me a white woman with privilege.

  8. Grovelling abjectly for the black votes makes me sick. How could we trust someone who is ashamed of being what he is? Will he apologise to China for Trump putting tariffs on their goods? Will he apologise to north Korea for hurtig their feelings? This man is not running for the presidency. He is buying it outright. Beware of this man. If elected suppression of free speech and censorship will be even more rife than today.

  9. I respect Bloomberg for apologizing because although the policy was effective it was misused for racial profiling. He is not apologizing for the crimes that was stop but the way the system effected the community when innocent people feeling harassed. This man not being black or brown wouldn't understand. It's also a shame for people not effectively living in the community effected to pass judgement.

  10. Interestedly he bought his 3 term as NY mayor and now he appears to be a cowardly sellout as I ponder how he accounts this as integrity, credibility & trustworthy.

  11. For AOC everything is about race. Okay let's talk about her race to be re elected. She should be voted out for being an idiot, race baiting, inciting mass hysteria over junk science. Bigotry and her lies. Please NY vote her out. Please. Save our country from her lunacy.

  12. I would have to say that the number of murders that took place in New York on September 11, 2001 would make 2001 the year with the highest number of murders.  Other than that, great show.

  13. The same hypocrites supporting that old decrepit creep Giuliani for "lowering crime" are the same ones in other articles saying their rights are being violated and Dems want to "take their guns".

    You think Giuliani as mayor a didn't have the cops infringing on everyone's rights ? You weren't even allowed to have a pocket knife to defend yourself when he was mayor, let alone a gun license.

    You sound clueless acting like it's only a democrat thing.

  14. Amazing that most Leftist "liberals" from outside the inner city claimed Stop and Frisk was racist, while most of the Officers doing Stop and Frisk in those predominantly "Black & Latino" districts were people of color who grew up in those districts. Mind boggling SJW's. Mind boggling.

  15. These titles are hilarious on fox of course he brought down crime when hes part of it no one is getting busted thanks to ghouliani

  16. Anyone who fails to see;
    The putrid company of their candidate of choice in the Democrat primaries…

    The despicable true colors of Bloomberg to still thumb nose at Trump ?!?! …

    Seek help now! ! !

  17. Bloomberg helped Hillary steal billions by killing there leader. REMEMBER. WE CAME WE SAW HE DIED. THAT IS WHAT HE'S ABOUT 11/11

  18. Imagine having a certain skin colour and being stopped 1/2 times a day for a search and strip all the while all your trying to is to live an honest life. That's what they're are talking about. And that has a big impact on your life since your gonna feel like a criminal, doesnt matter if you are or not.

  19. Tucker, please "STOP" trying to sell us on "STOP-N-FRISK," I usually agree with you, but not on this issue, no matter how much you and other's try to justify this policy, it was "Un-Constitutional!!!" Guns taking off the streets, were in no comparison to those who had their "Constitutional Right's Violated" including myself, this is probably the first time, I gave your show a thumbs down. I am also a gun shot victim and still "Do Not" agree with "STOP-N-FRISK." I love our "Constitution" too much to compromise its legitimacy.

  20. Bloomberg is a commie dictator, who approved violating American citizens 4th amendment rights.
    But I digress because he has
    no chance of winning the nomination.

  21. How did trumps other lawyer currently in prison get the taxi medallion business? Hmmmm? Just cause crime goes disappears… doesn’t mean it’s gone.

  22. What demographic of people were the victims at that time?, were they all white? How may black lives were possibly saved? How many innocent people ,searched/frisked, were arrested? (like scanning you now to go on a plane.) No weapons , on your way. What's wrong with that?

  23. I love how all the woke activists from the Ivy League, with their Wakanda hairstyles, have elected themselves to speak on behalf of poor black and Hispanic people (the main victims of violent crime), and about neighborhoods they've never been to.

  24. Truely stunning, how someone can publicly lied that he was wrong for doing the right thing just for votes. A hypocrite is love by people these days.

  25. I am sick and tired of how all democrats have to repeat the same things to satiety. The platform is every bit as much of a religion as the religions they look past or dislike.

  26. Stop and frisk. If you're breaking the law by carrying something illegal and you are stopped and frisked and you are thrown in jail because you're breaking the law by carrying something illegal that is your goddamn fault. If you are looking and acting guilty you had better be stopped and frisked. That was the best thing that happened to you New York City in the history of New York City. You pathetic Democrats all need to seek psychiatric help!

  27. Lets face it, half of 'America' is F___ked up and liberal, the other half have some sembalence of common sense, and are likely conservative. Lets castigate those coastal elites and those socialist/communist/facist goofballs.

  28. Rudy scratched a long line of backs at SDNY. Search him, thoroughly; he's got reams of markers in his pocket. He has corruption in his DNA, just like Trump dopes. God Almighty, sheep don't know they're being herded, but people should.

  29. Guiliani didn't do a very good Job in Ukraine… Seriously Tucker .. i honestly feel for you .. i understand you have to play the FOX Line .. but there comes a time when the FOX line will make FOX complicit in Trumps Crime

  30. Does the left have any creativity left in their brains??? Always the same thing…Racism! It's old!!! Bloomberg apologized? I do not agree with his gun policies but don't give in. Also, give credit to Guliani. They both did an amazing thing!!

  31. Pretty stunning American Idiot statement here Anybody who allows a 9/11 in their country or city are not exactly CRIME fighters

  32. ….'this is a racist policy that put predominantly black and latinos in prison'……WELL, IF THEY DIDN'T CARRY GUNS/DRUGS = THERE'D HAVE BEEN NO PROBLEM!!!

  33. There are no more legit politicians, only puppets. Who better to teach an up and coming potential candidate then AOC. The gone wild chosen one of the democratic party. What they don't realize is Trump does not and will not play their game, EVER! HE DOESN'T NEED MONEY BY USING POLITICAL BRIBES. IF BY THE CHOOSING OF GOD HE LOSES RE-ELECTION, HE STILL WALKS AWAY A RICH MAN WHO LOVES THIS COUNTRY… AND WE, THE CITIZENS, WILL NEVER TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT AGAIN AS WE DO NOW.

  34. Bloomberg is an idiot, he tried to tell us how much soda we can have and how much salt on our food lmao, what a douchebag.

  35. Yep, gouliani had zero tolerance for crooks in 90's NY, now he's trump's new crime partner/fixer, running intimidation and smear campaign against career vets, diplomats and public servants, his 2 henchmen arrested, bout to testify, should be more fun…funny how everyone who attaches themselves to the toxic trump train go down in flames…

  36. This is verification and absolute proof that these left wing minority "leaders" couldn't care less about the people they claim to represent. They don't care if they're getting shot and killed. That means nothing to them.
    And here's good old CNN and MSNBC giving credence to their evil messages.
    It's sickening.

  37. He doesent have spine!
    President Trump wouldn't never start apology tour's, NEVER!
    That's why President Trump should be the President as long as he live's! Let's change the constitution and after Trump change it back 👍🏻
    Let's roll!

  38. Tucker tell President Trump dont fall for the TRAP by going in front of the HOUSE. What are he trying to prove by getting to their level. The american people has your back dont give it away trying to prove you are a MAN to Nancy.

  39. WOW….The comments on this site are a bunch of Russian sympathizing, autocratic leaning, WHITE NATIONALIST loving people who need to actually read the Constitution. SHAME on this guy for leading the charge in the destruction of TRUE DEMOCRACY.

  40. DemoCRAP party = party of INVERTEBRATES (jelly fish?)
    But I didnt know even vertebrates needed to lose their spine to join them!

  41. Has Bloomberg started wearing a frock and demanding to be pro-nouned as "we" yet? As for "Incarcerate black and brown people"? No luv. People carrying illegal guns. You DUMBARSE.

  42. 4:53 "What's the reasoning here?"

    It's called the 4th amendment. Stop and frisk saved lives, yes. But it did so by undermining the Constitution. The Left has plenty of weak spots, Tucker. Disingenuously pretending you don't know about the 4th amendment just makes you look weak.

  43. Stop and Frisk is unconstitutional. But saying that, it has to exist in a State and City that also denies the ability for the law abiding to open or conceal carry firearms for their personal protection.

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