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  1. Tucker and all the Bernie supporting against Warren republicans just want to prove their long-term "fakenews" cnn theory, not their love of bernie obviously!

  2. I think tucker wants an election, where we don't chose the lesser evil, but the best republican vs the best democrat. We may disagree in ideology, but we just want the bestfor the people.

  3. What pisses me off about corporate Democrats, is that they want to declare Trump's election illegal and unfair, whereas in reality Hillary's nomination was illegal and unfair. In other words, they are accusing the Republicans of doing the exact same thing they did themselves.

  4. I'm an ardent old time leftist. The Corbyn platform is pretty much where I stand. But I have to say, Tucker is spot on here.

  5. Win or lose the nominee should be Bernie. Bernie vs Trump, may the best man win… No more witch hunts of either candidate.

  6. That's all she does is lie. I find it hilarious that CNN is so bored of bashing Trump that they are starting in on their precious liberal candidates. Just wait, there's more to come because every white man on that stage and in the running will somehow be a very bad man and the people should vote for a woman. One's a complete liar and a dummy and the other one is just a dummy.

  7. The fact that Sanders has not fired or addressed the Project Veritas video leaks of his staff making threats to police and riots is very concerning.

  8. this video is weird because on the one hand it reinforces the idea that Bernie cannot win the nomination, or that he won’t, and plus it has the added benefit of giving negative views of someone who is perceived as having a better chance at winning.
    It’s almost as if the premise is “Bernie is the best democratic candidate, which is why you shouldn’t vote for a Democrat”

  9. He calls Democrats 'the most miserable people you know' while Trump spends 90% of his time complaining, acting like a victim and bullying everyone! 😂

    Your comment can't be take seriously! 😂

  10. Not a fox person got issues with the station but i give Tucker some credit on this. I do not fully agree but for the most part you got it right.

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